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Found 1 result

  1. tm63au

    From The DEVS Blog 10 .6 Patch

    With early positive feed back from the new fantastic idea for the Dutch cruiser line of calling in land based parachute bombs The DEV department are already pushing forward more new game play ideas for the WOWS communities benefit. Early testing will begin with HMAS Perth which will be given a consumable that gives the ship boxing Kangaroos. The idea will be that if Perth can get to 5000 KM of a enemy ship the player can use the consumable, 10 kangaroos will leap on to the enemy ship and attack the bridge there by knocking out the steering out for 30 seconds. We are also going to ad this new flag which gives you a bonus of 5 kangaroos for the consumable and adding a further 5 seconds to the steering time of the enemy ship. If this proves to be a great success we plan other improvements to the game . Some other ideas The DEV team have in mind USN ships - SEA EAGLES that will fly and attack AA Gun crews and there by disabling AA guns. VMF ships - BEARS will be release into the waters and swim to enemy ships and plant limpet mines with timers on there hulls which will cause flooding damage for a certain amount of time. WE at WG feel confident that together with new Dutch National flavour and our testing of the Australian National flavour will lead to even more unique consumables.