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Found 8 results

  1. [WATCH] "We Have The Watch" Calling all NA Commanders [WATCH] is recruiting its founding fleet! Get in on the ground floor and help build a cohesive, competitive, clan-battles focused organization! About the clan The clan has just begun recruiting line officers. You are not walking into a mess that needs to be cleaned up. The best way to clean up a mess is to not create one in the first place! Quality players will be welcome, those who need more work will need to do that work outside this clan. Full stop. Qualifications Have a 45% win ratio in Random Battles. You must have played at least 100 Random Battles. About the name "We Have The Watch" is a variation on the United States Navy recruiting slogan, "We've Got The Watch", which was chosen in a 2015 Navy Times poll as "Most Popular" by Sailors, Marines and their families. It is one of only a two modern US Navy recruiting slogans, of which I am aware, that emphasized duty over adventure and excitement. (The other being, "To get to you, they'd have to go through us; America's Navy." ) [WATCH]'s namesake is a version used more commonly in recent years, often as a both a promise and farewell, from one Sailor or Marine to another who has passed away or been lost in the line of duty. The corrected slogan also appeared as a banner at the HQ in the final season of The Last Ship and was spoken aloud by USS Nathan James crew members, as mentioned on Reddit. About other clans They're bigger - they have better base perks - their commanders have better stats and nicer ships than ours And you will be a cog in a machine - get in on the [WATCH] founding fleet and help STEER THE SHIP TO APPLY: PM me here or in-game - or find me on Discord <---click, duh
  2. Overlord of the Seas is a new clan created by me new members would greatly be appreciated and depending on name stats could provide officer positions. there is no preference to skill level we just want to have fun. Please come and join Commander Scottdragon
  3. BladeStorm03

    Clan Recruitment for AL-EU

    Azur Lane - Eagle Union is now recruiting members if we get more than enough we will start to make other groups biased on the Factions in the game Azur Lane the link is below is for the server https://discord.gg/Gg726Cw
  4. Active NA server clan SASSY BUNNETTS (ACEY) looking for new members. We have no preference as to how skilled you're, we just want to be able to have fun, play some divisions and compete with other clans in things such as the naval battles. We are currently a clan of 3 active players, and we play both co-op and randoms so captains of all abilities and levels welcome. No mic requirements, if you want to join and just play on your own that is also fine, any oil contribution is greatly appreciated. Mainly, we just want to have fun and help each other progress without feeling pressured into over achieving. o7
  5. jtyellin

    Looking for a clan to join

    Hey guys, Looking for a new clan to join have over 5k games and is almost on everyday. Send me a message if you are interested in me. I have discord my name ^#6552 to chat.

    [H_F]HELL_FIRE recruiting members

    [H_F]HELL_FIRE We are a new clan in wow Asian server looking for new players to join our ranks and have fun, we are fun loving clan as well as serious about the game at the same time, for now we are recruiting from tier 3 to tier 6 players. Due to player number limitation we are limited to just random battle for now but hopping to expand our reach to clan battles soon We are active all day of the week except Sundays from 4:30 am GMT to 11:30 am GMT on an average This is our discord server https://discord.gg/bvkyjrF link, we will invite you in game clan after you join discord #WE WILL LOVE TO HAVE YOU ON OUR SIDE CAPTAIN
  7. Hey all, LLF is open to all who wish to benefit from the new clan system bonuses. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, there is only three of us currently, but we have collected enough resources to make things work with the new system. My goal with this clan is just as I stated, to make it as big as possible for everyone to benefit from the system. All are welcome into the fleet, whether you're a new player or an old veteran. Here is currently all the bonuses we have available at the moment and hope that once more people join we can push it to the max. Dry Dock: 2 out of 6 -5% cost post-battle service for tier 1-8 ships _____________________________________________ Shipbuilding Yard: 2 out of 6 -10% cost to research of ships tier 1-8 _____________________________________________ Research Center: 2 out of 6 +2% to XP per battle on tier 1-8 _____________________________________________ Design Bureau: 2 out of 6 +10% to free XP per battle on tier 1-8 _____________________________________________ Academy: 2 out of 6 +4% to commander XP per battle _____________________________________________ Coal Port: 1 out of 3 +5% to coal that you receive _____________________________________________ Rostral Column: 1 out of 1 _____________________________________________ Buildings not made yet (mainly need more people) Officers' Club: 0 out of 4 Steel Port: 0 out of 3 I just have five simple rules 1. Be respectful to others, we're all human (I hope). 2. Try not to get politics and religion involved. 3. Be helpful to new players to the game. 4. Try to keep topics PG13 or least make an attempt at it. 5. Have fun and benefit from the clan. I will do what I can to make sure all requests are accepted in the timely fashion. I would like to thank all for taking their time to look at this and even joining thank you in advance. o7 USS Tennessee gonna get what she wants......you
  8. anonym_TmZKTZlF0AG8

    Searching for a clan

    Hey Guys, I am relatively new to World of Warships and I am not interested in any other game. I have been scrolling thru the clan recruitment list and I am not sure how to find my playing style. i am still new but gaining exp fast and I am working my way up to level X ship, I currently at writing this post I am 20 000 short of my first Level VIII earned, I own a couple of VIII in which I purchased. I have had 28 warships so far, I sell them once I have progressed two levels up. I think that I am too new to get into an active clan but I am tired of getting slammed into and losing playing with people(bots maybe) that do not understand the basics of the game. I would like to find a clan that likes team-play and respect others, I have discord and I built my own server controlled fully operational studio with both Audio and video computers. I play on a 5 screen custom built AMD MSI 970 Gaming motherboard AMD FX-8320 Eight-core 64-bit 16GB RAM, MSI Radeon RX480 ARMOR 8G OC and it is set-up perfectly and is blistering fast on a dual nic SSHS Business internet connections. I am proud of my studio on a budget. I like to have fun, but play to win! I chat while I play and would like to find some friends to battle with. I am really having fun with the HMS FIJI.