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Found 2 results

  1. After update 0.8.0, CVs got a period of glory. Lower tiers were a different story, but Hakuryu and Midway were absolutely amazing. Some called them overpowered, but it did require some skill. Aiming properly, baiting DCP to set up perma floods, not suiciding your planes, the list goes on. But WG was so worried about what the top 1% of CV players like Gaishu could do that they screwed over the average players. This so called "hotfix" that is 0.8.1 just broke them, especially Hakuryu. Now ships have more power and groups of ships are basically invulnerable. A T8 CV with stock planes in a tier 10 battle is the most torturous thing in the whole game. The 4 drop version of the J5N Tenrai on Hakuryu has been ruined, you have to start attack runs from 8km away and they fly at flak level and get shredded quickly. The torpedoes are slow and don't reliably set up perma floods. And then they nerfed Midway. Hakuryu and the lower tier CVs need to be buffed and made great again. The global changes they have made to flooding and the F key and AA have hindered CVs enough, at least keep them at the full power they were before. Only the expert CV players get impressive numbers in them (250k+) consistently anymore. It is truly sad, and I am glad that many people are finally speaking up about it. Anyone who can make suggestions and feedback to WG, please do. We need to stop this pointless nerfing and restore CVs to their power. 0.8.0 Hakuryu is still the funnest ship I have ever played. Whiny players and their DDs and complaints about weak AA and unlimited planes when they never even played CVs really irritate me. Hopefully WG will get the message. So, let's try our best to make CVs great again!
  2. WG based on your recent PSA about balancing premiums I request that the YueYang nerf be reverted immediately. I realize the YueYang is not a premium but the balancing logic should extend to silver ships. Since balancing based on a ship being OP is something you are not willing to do for premiums I guess balance in general balance is not critical. In this case the T9 is more powerful and enjoyable than the T10 YueYang, does that count for anything?