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Found 1 result

  1. As I read thru the discussions on the forum about the proposed plan to increase the fire duration on four ships, there are a couple points that I think need to be brought up for further discussion. The proposed nerf will increase the fire duration on Kronstadt, Stalingrad as well as unreleased ships Azuma and Alaska. The first issue I think we as players need to consider is that this nerf will be applied to two premium ships post release. This action will set a precedent and that is not a good thing, I will explain with an example: Let's take a popular released premium ship, say the Massachusetts. Imagine now if it is stated that the Massachusetts is over performing in it's tier and needs to be balanced. The proposed balance will be reducing the secondary range to more in line with the Alabama, which is a similar sister-class premium ship. This action would cause a huge uproar but is implemented anyway. The Massachusetts owners then purchase the Alabama since it is a same class premium ship and has the better stats now. It is then announced that the Alabama is over performing when compared to the sister class ship Massachusetts and will be having it's armor layout made closer to the Massachusetts. Do you see how nerfing released premium ships is a really bad idea? Next discussion are a couple of the counter arguments that keep being brought up. One of them is that these ships are free xp ships and not premium ships so it's ok to nerf them after release. You need to tell that to the ships themselves because their names in port are colored just like a premium, I can switch commanders on them like a premium, and they have perma-camo and bonuses just like a premium. If it looks like a duck, quack quack and all. I keep reading replies of: It''s free xp so it's not like you paid money for it. Now, true, some players have accrued the required free xp and steel to purchase the ships, but I bet a bigger amount of players converted at least some free xp to get the Kronstadt before it is pulled from the tech tree permanently. That would mean they did pay for it, indirectly or not. Plus even if you didn't pay for Stalingrad with money, I'm sure those players that earned the steel in clan battles value their time and the steel that they earned just as much. Now on to the topic that the End User License Agreement says that WGing can change anything at anytime. Yes, we all have to agree to this to play the game and yes that is what it basically states: any content can change at any time and we as players can go suck an egg if we don't like it. I will point out that If the EULA is followed according to how it is written, I don't think many players will be sticking around. Well, unless maybe they are one of those people that like walking into doors and spilling hot coffee on yourself. A few may stay for the abuse. I know I wouldn't put up with that for very long. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: Do I know WG or what? Now nerfs for premiums are a thing.