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Found 1 result

  1. hammer_1

    Teir X CV play

    How many of you play tier X CVs since the update? I play tier 8 and below because the AA is unrealistically high at tier X and my tier 8 planes lose a squadron to attack with 3 planes. I am constantly getting up tiered to X with predictable results and un-satisfying game play. The planes do not survive a second attack on one or two ships grouped and no pilot would have survived WW2 with those losses! In reality planes made multiple passes on the Mushashi even without having any ammo left to attack during the Battle of the Phillipines during the close of WW2. ('Last stand of the Tin Can Sailors') In reality the CV had obsoleted the BB by the middle of the Pacific war and should be able to do more damage than any late war BB per battle. Airplanes and submarines sank the tonnage, it's not what you want to hear and I do want ships to be the main focus of WOW, but the tier X AA needs serious nerffing. Or are there equal numbers of tier X CV players still, even though I never see them at tier 8, and I am often drafted into tier 10?