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Found 41 results

  1. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/164 We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. The changes will be applied to the "Airstrike" and other parameters of Dutch cruisers. General changes of the "Airstrike" of researchable cruisers: Increased the bombs drop zone; Reduced the time bombs fall; Increased the number of bombs dropped by each plane; Reduced the planes' flight height. Dutch cruiser De Ryuter, Tier IV: Main battery reload time increased from 8.5 to 9 s. Dutch cruiser Kijkduin, Tier VI: Main battery reload time increased from 7 to 8.5 s. Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 60 to 80 s; Maximum bomb damage reduced from 5800 to 5100; Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 33 to 29%. Dutch cruiser Eendracht, Tier VII: Main battery reload time increased from 7 to 8.5 s; "Airstrike" reload time increased from 60 to 80 s. Dutch cruiser Haarlem, Tier VIII: "Airstrike" reload time increased from 80 to 100 s. Dutch cruiser Johan de Witt, Tier IX: Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 80 to 100 s; Maximum bomb damage reduced from 7400 to 6100; Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 42 to 35%. Dutch cruiser Gouden Leeuw, Tier X: Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 80 to 120 s; The number of "Airstrike" charges reduced from 3 to 2; Maximum bomb damage reduced from 8500 to 6800; Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 48 to 39%. Dutch cruiser De 7 Provinciën, Tier VIII: Main battery reload time increased from 6 to 7.5 s. Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 60 to 80 s; Number of planes in the "Airstrike" squadron reduced from 12 to 6; Reduced the number of bombs dropped by each plane; The number of "Airstrike" charges increased from 1 to 3; Reduced the time bombs fall; Reduced the bombs drop zone The changes will make "Airstrike" more comfortable to use. Now the armament will make dealing damage more consistent, but at the same time the damage from each Airstrike activation will become lower. Well, it's definitely an improvement, though not sure how it will end up being. The penetration remains untouched, so is the ability to stack flights. What concerns me most are the nerfs to main battery to be honest. Because if the ships turn out to just be airstrike delivery systems, aside from the airstrike mechanic they will be pretty uninspiring. One dimensional gameplay loses its attraction fast.
  2. As I've stated before the post was taken over by people trying to drive the conversation any where else but on the post's actual topic, and were trying to make sure no one would talk about the issue. So I'm reposting it here, and letting the anti-cv crew go nuts in the other topic, which if the mods could please delete that one instead of this one I would be grateful. testing on the PTS with the new rocket planes. This was done by a different tester, I didn't assist in this test by any stretch of the imagination. CV Prep Time Attack Delay Lexinton HVAR 3.0s 4.0s Lexington TinyTims 3.0s 6.0s Midway HVAR 3.0s 4.0s Midway TinyTims 3.0s 6.0s Shokaku 2.0s 4.0s Hakuryu 2.0s 4.0s Implacable 3.0s 3.0s Audacious 3.0s 3.0s Parseval 2.5s 2.0s Richthofen 2.5s 1.5s As you can see from this list, this shows that rocket attacks that are being tested on the PTS are increasing the attack setup time needed for CV rocket planes from 1.5 to 6 sec on top of the 2.5-3sec that is currently there for no other reason then apparently we hurt DD's. That ship class would be the only ship class that would benefit from this as it's the hardest ship class to maintain sight and contact with while setting up a attack run. As it stands now with the 3 second setup we typically will lose contact with our targeted DD and have to guess how he's reacted to being spotted, usually we are able to get a strike or two off. depending on surrounding AAA fire. Now with this setup our attack runs will have to look something like this with the added timer. find target. Click to start the setup for attack 3 sec prep starts after that 4.5 sec attack window ( better have guessed and aimed right while keeping the tightest reticle as you can as to where that DD went in that time period.) then you have to wait ANOTHER 1.5 sec (for KM) to 6 sec (for US CV's) before your rockets leave the rails. You have to do this while maneuvering, the planes flying ahead avoiding AAA, because they don't just stop to keep your target in the reticle. All the while depending on the AAA environment your having planes fall out of the sky. All the while some charming folks here with "but muh unicum stats" will be saying it's fine etc, etc. This is not equivalent to turret rotation this is attack. Turret rotation would be the planes getting to the target. This would be like a Atlanta having a firing chain like this. click to fire. 3 sec prep, you now have 4.5 sec to aim and fire, if you do not fire in that time you have to wait 5 seconds before you can fire again. once you've clicked to fire you now have to wait a additional 4 seconds before your guns will shoot. reload time, rinse repeat. Now if you think this is fine applied to your favorite ships on top of what you have to do now to fire. Then please support this addition to cv's and Your ships as well. Everyone deserves this kind of special attention. I mean it's only fair right?
  3. Ah all for the sake of balance, another patch yet another nerf bat come down on CV's. 9 seconds, so basically just tell CV"s to never hunt DD"s again. So what brilliant reasoning was used for this spreadsheet. I'll be nice, how about all other ships have to share the nerfs they have placed onto CV's for their attack abilities. You have 9 seconds from the time you pull the trigger till your shells leave your guns or leave your tubes. Every time you attack someone else your guns get hurt and degraded your effective range and accuracy. You only get 60 shells or 2 loads of torps, you only get back what you hit with. Or we could just go with, every nerf a cv gets, gets shared to every other ship in the game, ya know because of fairness. testing on the PTS with the new rocket planes. This was done by a different tester, I didn't assist in this test by any stretch of the imagination. CV Prep Time Attack Delay Lexinton HVAR 3.0s 4.0s Lexington TinyTims 3.0s 6.0s Midway HVAR 3.0s 4.0s Midway TinyTims 3.0s 6.0s Shokaku 2.0s 4.0s Hakuryu 2.0s 4.0s Implacable 3.0s 3.0s Audacious 3.0s 3.0s Parseval 2.5s 2.0s Richthofen 2.5s 1.5s
  4. *Ahem* Top of the tier HP pool (65,000) Distributed armour scheme means shells wont pen most angles, HE likes to shatter without damage. Like Gneisenau it has bow armour so it can't be [easily] overmatched. Top of the tier firepower (9x16" guns, only matched by premiums) -> Penetrates so hard it can citadel a KGV from 13km at 30 degrees. Good AA Good speed and concealment (for T7). Obligatory statement of: Wargaming has yet again created a Russian ship that never existed but outperforms all tried and tested real world veterans. Only downside: 1.5 sigma and 17km range. However it doesn't matter much when you get full pens and cits on every hit. What should change? Don't include stupid designs everyone except Russians and fake Gopniks hate. For real though: Lower hp to 50,000 to compensate for the armour and firepower. Lower AA to something more comparable to KGV and up detection to ~16km (it's a big ship ~43,000 tonnes). Either reduce the above belt 100mm or remove the fore and aft armour (although that's messing with "historical design"). In return: Up range to 18 or 19km and Sigma to 1.6. Basically the ship would become guns and speed in exchange for slightly below par survivability. Right now it can fairly easily 1v1 any BB in T7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra notes: Sinop is actually one of the more well designed and completed Russian ships. Perhaps with a refit and other such improvements you could justify such a design in T8 instead. However considering the fact that it exists freely fighting other ships constrained to a 35,000 tonne treaty makes little sense. It would be like having Iowa in T8, you probably wouldn't complain much until you now have to fight it out with a factually superior design. Basically make it like a "T7 Slava" or a very well modernized super dreadnought.
  5. KarlGalster


    btw the thunderer won't stop being OP until the conceal and HE are nerfed
  6. Anyone else feel robbed of an actually good ship and possible contender to the Alaska when War Gaming took away Agir's 11.5km Secondary Range and gave it worse Accuracy Secondary Accuracy and a useless 8km max range (with Sec Build Skills Enabled)? Siegfried is a good ship, but no where near as useful as Alaska with its only 6 guns, wish WG would give Siegfried 8 guns (Bismarck Layout) and Agir his 11.5km Sec Range seeing as Alaska gets Stupid Pen Angles and Arguably Better Armor, Agir has nothing now the secondary build option has been taken away, and what for? its not like Agir was ever "overperforming." as a Whale in WOWS who since july has spent over $2000 on this game (im ashamed to admit it) i will be Boycotting World Of Warships Prem Shop/Armory and everything in it until Agir gets his WIP Secondary Range added back or Alaska's Pen Angles Get Nerfed. Im Sick of German Ships getting Nerfed and Neutered For No Reason While USA and USSR Get Overpowered Ships with Broken Gimmicks. Better Check Ya Selves WeeGee.

    Cruzador weimar

    VII WEIMAR: O alcance da bateria principal foi reduzido de 15,4 para 13,3 km. Faixa de detecção por mar reduzida de 13,8 para 13,1 km. Outros intervalos de detectabilidade foram reduzidos em conformidade. qual o proposito disso ? mais uma vez um navio que teria grande potencial de destaque perde seu principal poder range de tiro. deixe o navio com o projeto original , ele já não tem recuperação de vida poxa. qual vai ser o proposito desse navio ser jogado igual o flint caça DD ? WG para de fazer essas mudanças deixe o navio confortável. os cruzadores ja perdem pos não tem a habilidade de -15 de recuperam em incêndio , inundação e a outra esqueci.
  8. ST 0.9.12, balance changes and changes to test ships, removal of Somers. - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com) IV HŌSHŌ: The number of torpedo bombers in a squadron lowered from 6 to 5; The size of an attacking torpedo bomber flight lowered from 2 to 1; The number of torpedo bombers on the deck lowered from 9 to 8; Torpedo bombers restoration time increased from 59 to 71 s; Maximum torpedo damage increased from 5,400 to 5,800. IV LANGLEY: Maximum torpedo damage lowered from 4,233 to 3,500; The chance to cause flooding on torpedo hit reduced from 33% to 30%. ----------------------------------- I guess this is one way to push the seal clubbers out of T4 CV?
  9. rafael_azuaje

    Why Big for Hizen??

    Why the big nerf for Hizen?? Why? I am very disappointed with the various nerf applied to the HIZEN. and it is not compensated by something good, but everything is negative making it something poor, decadent, almost garbage. It's a shame it could have been much better, but I always see that the Japanese branch is severely punished. IMG_1225.mp4 I hope that one day the Hizen can have its original values as it was first presented. HP original 80700 - Nerf 75900 main battery nerf main turrent nerf detectability nerf Reload Main GUNS nerf total 5 Nerf’s
  10. I just want to say after doing a lot of testing that German BBs are not fun to play at all -- not even in Co-op. I am really stunned that WG (or World of Tanks, I guess I should say) thought a major nerf of a particular play style would bring in more players instead of driving more away from this utterly boring and stagnant gameplay. German secondaries are ruined, and if you go with no buffs to them at all, then French secondary guns (unbuffed) are actually stronger. DD players are being torped from behind because cruisers are too afraid to go forward against 15,000 k damage per shell sniper ships. Gosh, what a mess. Note to WG: as far as ribbons are concerned, you'll need to bring it down by 50% or more, unless you want directives and orders just by-passed. Think I'll take a break from any kind of grind until WG comes to its senses and realizes that their secret nerfs and commander skill downgrade have handed the entire game to a few island hugging sniper players who could care less about naval maneuvers while they sit and click every 30 seconds. Enjoy your money grab while you can.
  11. DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE; ONE WE ARE GLAD WE DON'T LIVE IN. A complete analysis on the sinking of the Bismarck(British Version) We are rather unclear about the events during and after the sinking of the Bismarck. This is the best explanation we can offer. At around that day the Bismarck sank or something, the royal navy dispatched HMS Rodney and HMS Ark Royal. Now this was probably a good decision, as Ark Royal was probably one of the most emotionally secure ships in the entire RN and wouldn't fall for Bismarck's confidence-undermining techniques. Rodney's attitude was, on the other hand, slightly troubling... but it was all a ruse to get Bismarck off guard. (Or so claims meta-academic epidemiology) Anyways, the Bismarck's rudder was hit earlier by velociraptors. After that, the captain of the Ark Royal decided to send torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck once and for all. On 8:14 (BTW 60% of the statistics in here are made up) in the morning, the torpedo rocs lifted off and began attacking the Bismarck. For some reason, the resilient gruyere the torpedo protection was made of was actually swiss, and the torpedoes easily blowed a hole in the side of the Bismarck. The ship capsized, and yet the Admiral was nowhere to be seen. Later, both Admiral Lutjens and the ship Bismarck were rescued onto the HMS Rodney, then transferred to the Ark Royal. The two ships apparently shared a piece of gruyere cheese armor and quickly build a relationship, then transferred back to England after the sinking of the Ark Royal. Epilogue: Ark Royal and Bismarck Are on an unknown area of the British Titan colonies under the witness protection program, in a scandal involving the HMS Prince of Turtles (Hey we couldn't come up with better names so don't judge)'s Phaser mounts, which were later discovered on a french battlecruiser. War almost erupted, until France threatened to activate Vacuum Decay if Britain declared war.
  12. I have played a couple of games to test the new commander skills and I noticed a big difference in my gameplay, the game has turned more "complex" for CVs, for example: Cruiser AA buff went from 10%+ to a maximum 65%+ (Adrenaline Rush), 55% more than before, playing as lower tier is a hell specially when ships are grouped They changed Concealment Expert skill to Stealthy that implies a penalty of 50% aircraft return time, the issue is your planes now will stay 50% more time under AA fire when them are gaining height till scape from AA to fly to your ship, that means you will lose all your returning planes before them reach your CV this nerf is that evident that devs added a secret penalty to Torpedo Armament Engineer undeclared in the skill info lol, you can prove it seeing the torp planes stats when you select that skill Torpedo Armament Engineer, Stealthy, Improved Engine Boost are direct nerfs They removed useful stuff like airplane additional speed from Adrenaline Rush and that -10% detection radius to your planes from Concealment Expert My Opinion: CV is the most hatred class because people do not lend themselves to understand it, people hate their nature role as DDs, cruiser and BBs have their own, but ignore the "reach" cvs really have in the gameplay, them are not really that overpower as they think, dealing Attacks take minimum a minute at least with the possibilty to miss and lose all your "bullets" giving a feeling of "running out of ammo" unless you were Kaga, you can only focus one target once People hate you if you play good or bad, if you did good, enemy team report you, if you don't, your team do, you can't literally or hardly have karma if you're main CV, your teammates blame to you for the entire team mistakes, they ask you do multiple task at same time, giving AA, spotting, dealing dmg, dening capture, giving vision as you were RTS while you're helping one flank, the other get mad, the dumbest players are who more complain to CVs the ones who don't dodge, fight alone away, bad positioning, etc Is not fair this class is getting nerfed constantly for those kind of players for no having common sense, a Yamato can oneshoot you 26km away if you give him broadside, you need to put attention to your map and around for comming threats like planes, "you can't complain you're a CV lmbo" ridiculing one of my big reasons why I play and like the game They don't only affect the gameplay of my favorite CV Shokaku, they did to an entire class, I hardly enjoyed those games (Sorry for my grammar errors)

    Kremlin Stealth Nerfed?

    I have a bit of a question to ask, and I'm well aware this might make me look like a bit of an idiot. But I have been away from the game for quite a while and couldn't help but notice when I played Kremlin the shells seemed to travel a bit slower than what I was used too. Don't get me wrong it doesn't make the ship unplayable I just found it a bit odd considering at one stage Kremlin had one of if not the highest shell velocities in game. And well this raises the question, was Kremlin stealth nerfed? Because I don't remember hearing anything about this and I do check the news quite often even when I am on a long break. I double checked with a now retired super-tester who had screenshots of the Kremlin's stats from a while back and he said to me that the shell velocity used to be 900m/s well after it was released. If it is true that Kremlin was stealth nerfed, I want to ask what brought about this change? Because I feel like her guns were the best attribute of the ship and it was more the armor that people were complaining about. The high shell velocity, decent range and high turret traverse speed made this ship perfect for getting up close and personal if you needed to or were forced into that situation by an aggressive enemy player. Either way, I just ask this out of curiosity.
  14. Hola, quiero habla sobre las monturas antiaéreas y batería secundaria del acorazado ruso Kremlin, me atrevo a decir que es el único barco que al terminar una partida, es el que termina con toda su batería secundaria y AA destruidas, tengo ese barco y ya que es moda que algunos acorazados de otras naciones usan solo HE y más cruceros con el IEHE, van 10 minutos de la partida y mi barco ya tiene al 50% de capacidad en AA y batería secundaria, y eso que le tengo el módulo de más supervivencia, Le destruyen muy fácil, demaciado fácil las monturas AA y batería secundaria, y ¿No es el más blindado? Tengo el Montana y ha recibido igual o más daño potencial que el Kremlin y los porcentajes de AA y batería secundaria nunca han llegado tan bajas, ya he tenido partidas con el Kremlin dónde a mitad del juego me he quedado con 0% de AA y batería secundaria, está de moda los CV y a mitad de partida sin tener con que contrarrestar los ataques aéreos, es muy feo, Tenía foto pero se me borró.. alguien que me diga si también les pasa, Debería mejorar esa parte porque muchos barcos, acorazados también, usan HE Espero sus opiniones y ojalá desarrolladores estudien el tema
  15. The grind in WoWS is too disappointing to continue. The nerf to the previously "special" aircraft carriers to allow for a more-special KM aircraft carrier line is a primary example of why no one should grind/play this game. When I started WoWS (played off-&-on for 1.5 years), I chose the USN CV line for the special rocket planes. I was down to USN CVs or IJN DDs as my ideal ship to play. I did my research, and chose the USN CV line for the special planes/rocket planes. Skip ahead a year of grinding off-&-on (with Premium, and without), and here I am about to push MIDWAY out of drydock, and I'm pumped about it. LEXINGTON was a challenge, but good preparation for the MIDWAY. The rockets, the Tiny Tims, were tough to master, but I spent a lot of time at it, and I got better. Tiny Tims with the previous reticle (one that was lengthwise down the line of attack of the rocket plane) had a big punch, but was very difficult to pull off. If you missed, it was bad. If you got lucky, and you made the proper prediction about the target ship's turn, the outcome was fun! Then, WoWS rolls out the GERMAN AIRCRAFT CARRIER EVENT. Probably a big issue for WoWS - lots of money and time developing something that didn't exist and probably has low player interest. To salvage this, WoWS decides that KM CVs should have special rocket planes (and DBs). These rocket planes have armor penetration to make them special. The problem: they are not good when attack a low-armor ship beam-on (attacking 90 degrees to the length of the ship), due to over-penetration. This is a significant problem: CVs have a primary role of hunting DDs. What can WoWS do so that the new KM CVs don't always over-penetrate on the DDs? Hmmm... the answer... get the DDs to always avoid taking rocket planes in the beam. Get the DDs to always turn away from rocket planes. Now, for DD players, this is a challenge. Some rocket planes do the most damage when attacking down the length of the target ship, and other rocket planes do the most damage when attacking across the beam of the target ship. The solution for WoWS is to nerf the targeting reticle so that all rocket planes have the same targeting reticle. This removes what once made USN CVs special. The reasoning from WoWS for the change is to make it easier for DD players to know what to do when attacked by rocket planes. By making this change to the targeting reticle, all DD drivers know to avoid taking rockets in the beam. (That is, unless it's a KM CV. Those are the special rockets that a DD wants to take in the beam/broadside.) The solution for WoWS is to nerf the previously special USN rocket planes - To eliminate what it was that made the USN CV line worth that grind!!! (What is it WoWS? You change the targeting reticle to simplify tactics for DDs, or to make KM CVs special?) TL;DR. The USN CV line is/was special because of the Tiny Tims & reticle combo. WoWS is in a difficult spot.... how to make money on fantasy KM CVs when USN CVs are good. Nerf. Nerf the rocket targeting reticle on those previously "special" ships, and make the new ship line "special." It is this bait-and-switch, on a game that needs you to pay to grind, is exactly why people should play any thing else. (Regretfully, downloaded STEAM last night. Going to download BATTLE.NET tonight.) Be warned... you'll pay and grind to get that prize you're after only to have it radically altered. Take a look at what happened to SAIPAN in this game. When submarines are introduced, the game will shatter from this form of absurdity.
  16. Please stop subtracting the benefits of the legendary modules and ships after players earn them. It is pure deception to change the value of items after the transaction is complete without compensation. It is understandable if an occasional mistake is made and fair value is addressed, however, this has gotten out of hand. There have been dozens of instances where ships and other items are changed to less value in the name of balance without so much as an acknowledgement of the inherent loss to the players. There are no consequences for WG when this occurs and as a result it has reached abusive levels. If you must make these changes offer fair value in compensation and stop ignoring your mistakes hurt the player base.
  17. I just ran Aegis twice this morning and instead of finishing at the top of the team with my usual 4-6 kills 200K damage with assistant, I was ranked 5th under the CV! This is about a 30% reduction in base exp from what the same performance was worth during that last Aegis mission week (after the previous nerf). Did i miss the text in the patch notes that said they were nerfing operations again and changing how base exp was being awarded? The same performance would have gotten me at least 1400 BXP a few weeks ago and the silver nerf was massive, least a 50% reduction. FYI this is with full base/perm economy flags. At this point, a loss in random would have netted me more rewards that a 5 star, top damage, and no deaths Op.
  18. Announcement! Italian Battleships! Yes, they are finally here! A whole new line of ships representing the Nation of Pasta Primavera! Italian battleships fire a unique kind of shell: Semi-armor piercing (SAP). This type of shell has a much greater chance of penetrating armor than a normal HE shell, but not quite as good as a true AP shell. However, the new SAP shells come with a 75% chance of starting a fire! Also, while Italian battleships are not as heavily armored as their contemporaries, they have a top speed of 38 knots, making them quite hard to hit while moving and allowing them to outrun most other battleships. We are proud to introduce Tier V Spaghetti, Tier VI Spaghetti and Meatballs, Tier VII Alfredo, and Tier VIII Alfredo con Pollo. Stay Tuned for More! GAME BALANCE CHANGES BATTLESHIPS AP shells are more skill-demanding for successful use than HE shells, but their efficiency is higher, if used correctly. The updated battleships constitute a relatively novel class in the game since they were almost exclusively used for shore bombardment and sea escort, and most players have been using them to delete other ships such as cruisers in a single salvo. Consequently, the overall damage dealt by this type of armament has become too high. We, therefore, decided to systematically lower the maximum damage of AP shells, but without lowering their penetration. All battleship AP shell damage will be lowered by 30%. We will watch independent performance of the ships and take additional action if needed.
  19. I think and believe that yes, because to tell the truth, the minotaur is becoming increasingly difficult to keep alive throughout a battle, because even if it has smoke, there are already too many ships with Radar of 10 and 12 km, and as well We know the minotaur can be devastated by almost any cruise ship or battleship, and some destroyers can also destroy you extremely quickly with Ap, an example of this would be the rag, so these are my reasons why the mino needs an urgent buff !!. In addition to saying that the Minotaur is almost impossible to use with its radar, you would have to be very lucky or not shoot
  20. I have heard rumors that WG is planning a nerf on the smoke's duration, where the timer will be accelerated each time you fire a shot from inside the smoke. Is this true? If true, when do you think WG is going to implement it? I just spend a lot on a smoke cruiser and I for one certainly hope it is not true.
  21. HeavenlyWind_


    Dear WarGaming, STOP NERFING THE GERMAN SHIPS!! Thank you.
  22. HeavenlyWind_

    Nerf the Kremlin

    Just had a game in my Yoshino where I unloaded roughly 50x HE shells on a Kremlin and not once did I set it on fire. For at least 35x of those shots, the Kremlin was borderline broadside. I've also had past issues when trying to damage it. You fire at it broadside and for some screwed up reason, you still ricochet with 0 dmg. In that same game, I also fired HE on a bow-tanking Kurfürst and set it ablaze maybe 5 shells in. Yeah.
  23. Am I the only one scratching my head about the Henri IV acceleration NERF? Like, who was complaining about this? Why was this necessary? The ship isn't exactly outperforming other classes and its speed is the only thing keeping it attractive to the niche' playerbase that mains in it. In a meta where fires and fire damage and HE spamming paper boats are out of control, why did the Henri get nerf'd? If anything needs to be Nerf'd its the Smolensk, Kremlin, and the fire mechanic in general. Hosho is a little stupid still as well because there is no AA at tier 3/4 to defend against it yet...let's Nerf Henri....because reasons....?
  24. All I got to say is, if a torp ship or a Hakuyru did what the this BB final battle results did... The forums would be asking for Torp/CV torp nerfs tonight... Instead, its a BB with OP brainless secondaries... So its ok...
  25. I'm honestly getting genuinely sick of playing World of Warships because of just how insanity fire is at tier ten. If I put forth the time to get to tier ten my reward shouldn't be getting buried in HE. Fix your game, Wargaming.