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Found 12 results

  1. 0ldRichard

    The Immortal Memory

    Happy Trafalgar Day to all the UK and Commonwealth players here. Raise a glass to the immortal memory, pop your Jingles commander into your favorite ship, and have fun.
  2. Watch if you want! It's a new format so I can give more constant content to my viewers, hopefully you enjoy! Nelson is one of my favorites.. the super heal comes in clutch and combined with her front 3 guns!
  3. When Nelson was announced to be on the chopping block, I had 250k fxp now after a period of serious grinding through Big Hunt bundles, coal containers, and playing, I am at 317,393k fxp. I am guessing by the end of next month or two I can get Nelson. Is there an timeframe/ date of when Nelson being removed ?
  4. Koogus

    Nelson question

    Hear Nelson is getting removed in 3 months and I'm wondering how much doubloons it would cost to get her by buying all the fxp? I dont have the time to go all out and try and grind for all the fxp so I might just use doubloons to get it all instead (if its not too expensive)
  5. anonym_PS6817KZGfrj

    NELSON in 2021?

    So WG is going to remove NELSON in 0.10.5. Tomorrow 0.10.2 is going to be released, and we've got about 3 months to collect FXP for NELSON. As for new or relatively new player, would that still worth the trouble of spending 375,000 FXP in 2021 to get NELSON? Or would that amount of FXP be rather used on something else? (e.g. keep saving for AGIR or another 1,000,000 FXP ship, or using for quick hull upgrades of new tech tree ships, etc.) Thoughts?
  6. skull_122_steel

    Free XP question

    So I grinded Operation Aegis a lot and know I have 120k free XP, I plan on saving it for a freemium but my question is should I be slightly impatient and get the nelson or should I save 1mil FXP to get one of the tier IX ones
  7. _wilhelmina_

    Giant Perler Bead HMS Nelson

    Section 1 half done.
  8. Plesiosaurus123

    HMS Nelson credit earning

    I cant find anything on the topic so ill just post here. I know its not a Missouri or anything, but does nelson have a higher credit earning multiplier than other premiums in its tier range?
  9. So I just got the Nelson about a week ago and have been playing in between grinding my Kitkaze and Ognevoi. and man this ship is fun! been averaging around 80k dmg per match! anyways, I was wondering though. Will we be getting Nelson's sister ship Rodney? I'd love to have 2 of these ships! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  10. So after recent spectacular Free XP windfalls, I find myself in the following interesting position: 1) Iron Duke - 33,303 XP with all modules researched. XP to go: 16,697. 2) Nelson - 358,979 Free XP accumulated. XP to go: 17,021. They are neck and neck. I know that if I simply ground the Iron Duke, I would reach the XP goal first. However, I have five Spring Sky camos left, as well as numerous Equal Speed Charlie London, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra and Papa Papa flags, on a 200% First Win weekend, and that changes things. I also have more than enough Stars and Stripes, Victory Salute, Storm Wind and Frosty Fir Tree camos to get me through; all of these specifically boost both XP and Free XP, and I have read and re-read @Edgecase's FXP-maximising guide. I have 27 This Is Your day camos as well, and although they do not boost XP, I can load XP-boosting flags on for that and hope for the currently very high First Win Bonus to produce results. I'll post my working later, perhaps, but I'm doing the sums now and even without a first-win bonus the potential results are looking pretty good. If I play well enough, should run out of Spring Sky and get into both the Nelson and the Queen Elizabeth at about the same time. If the math stacks up right, I may even get into the Nelson first. It's a neat coincidence, because I'll have a premium British battleship just in time to retrain the Iron Duke's captain (currently at ten skill points with one unused, 10,541 out of 69,000). Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Which ship do you think will be ready first? And how many games do you think this Seal-Potato will need?
  11. Bullpies322

    Battleship help

    I was playing my Nelson today and I don't know how to improve but I felt that the cruisers sitting broadside in front of me were safer than I was. I fired what looked like good shots but I only end up doing about 7k dmg per salvo. I aim at the waterline and hope for the best. It is so frustrating because I know if I was in those cruisers I would have been obliterated. I feel like this happens more often than not in my other battleships too. I ended up doing 35k dmg before they burned me down. I don't know what to do.