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Found 1 result

  1. There is nothing you can do to fight it except try to maneuver, or spec AA. You are getting unavoidably damaged by an opponent you can not retaliate against. The only other class that this happens against is DD's who have ability to shoot torps once every 1-2 minutes or ships hiding behind islands/smoke. Even then, you know where the ships are/direction and usually within 16km. With CV's, you rarely know where they are and they could be 35km+ from you. CVs can sail as fast if not sometimes faster than you. It just feels terrible to play against an invisible enemy that you can do nothing to. You can have a full AA Spec ship and 19pt captain, but you have no actual defense against the planes. At least with people shooting at you, you can dodge, get richochets, non pens, etc to stop damage. With CV's there is no torpedos that are dudes, or bounce. There are no bombs that ricochet, or shatter. There is no rockets that have massive dispersion like BB shells. Right now, it feels like you are playing 100% different game against carriers. All CVs do is promote camping and clustering. Clustering can be argued but camping is terrible for this game. People sitting behind what ever they can and running away to shoot at 20km when ever possible. They need to stay with that pack to be safe from AA and no cluster naturally pushes. So what you have is someone who tries to push (like this game should be played), they usually get deleted and you end up with potatoes in the back. You can't even send up an AA Cruiser to deflect CV planes because they can get dropped on regardless. There is already enough to worry about in this game with out the added stress of having to position around CV's. So now that I have dumped on your rework, let me give some fixes *I think* may work: Make a max range on planes of 18-28km depending on tier. Make Anti CV builds and modules viable for non AA spec ships. Make planes fly faster, but only have 1 pay load. Make spotting from planes work like radar where there is a delay in spotting. Make fighters not able to spot. Make fighter planes on ships actually useful against CV Planes. Make CVs visible for 20 seconds after launching planes, just like when you fire your guns. Make every 1000 pts of damage to the current plane set delay the next set of planes by x amount of seconds I like the idea of CV's but playing against invisible enemy sucks. It feels like an AA, plane dodging simulator. I hate that all of my ships are 100% AA build to try to counter 1 class that I see in 50% of my games. If CV's had a max range, it would force them to stay near the pack, just like everyone else. It would give players an opportunity to fight back against the CVs who are dropping on them relentlessly. In war CVs have to be escorted by other ships, why is it any different in this game? Edit: Fixed formatting and grammar.