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Found 1 result

  1. Since the recent and beautiful upgrade in graphics the Naval Base home port has a glitch in it. The train that runs through the dock areas comes around a corner before passing by the dry docks and into a building. On that corner the entire train now leaves the tracks in jerky movements instead of its former smooth travel. Small but something I see. Another item I've noted is the camelback steam switching engines in the yard. Unlike real trains they all bear the same locomotive number of 12. Very unrealistic. Another item I note is that they constantly move around but never hook up to a car and move it, as they would in real life. Just something that I noted with the first item mentioned (trains off tracks) occurring with recent graphic upgrade. You all do a beautiful job with the graphics and I really appreciate it so please do not take this a nit picking as I don't intend it to be. THANKS!