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Found 1 result

  1. Well that time is almost upon us and the new 2020 model Moskva will soon be here, for me though as I'm desperate for cash I am having a FIRE SALE of the old model equipment. Every thing must go by tonight so put your offers in, HURRY HURRY last chance for some great deals before its over. First up MAM1 used in 4 random battles and a number of Coop's, Virtually brand new still has the " Made In Siberian GULAG " sticker on, all offers considered. Look at this beauty The SRM1 ( Russian Model ) 12 K range, can see through anything including islands, great for use against DD's that have to get within 8 k to fire torps. The ASM1 this beauty will work wonders for you had it fitted to my Moskva for a short time, laser guided hits on Capitalist ships, on any other ship pray for RNG. My SGM1 had this baby installed on my ship worked like a charm, works wonders when trying to avoid islands, no self respecting Russian paper ship would be without one, make me a offer. CSM1 Now we are coming to the top of the line equipment, this is a must for one of The Motherlands finest makes cloaking devices redundant, install this on one of the top Russian ships and just sail right up to some Imperialist ship without a care in the world . MBM3 Yes the crème de la crème in weapon technology for your Russian ship with this on your glorious Russian ship you can even out range some tier 8 Battleships, yes with this you can rule the waves. I'm also giving a special offer, a chance of a life time if one person buys all this equipment I'm offering to throw in my Moskva's bow ( rest of ship not included in deal ) that's right her glorious impenetrable bow with that 50 ml bow plating. Yes just take a good look at that bow barely a scratch on her from battles and why would it, that 50 ml bow plating certainly does its job, yes buy the lot and then you get this wonderful piece of Russian ingenuity to put on any Russian ship including such greats as Varyag and Mikoyan completely compatible. Yes with end of the 2019 Moskva model ship fast approaching and the new 2020 model heading our way, I'm cash strapped and desperately need to refinance, so make me a offer and reap the rewards for these great tools of war. HURRY HURRY all offers must be in and finalised before 8 pm Australian time, don't miss out on a chance of a life time to put these barely used fully operational upgrades on another fabulous paper ship from the Motherland.