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Found 13 results

  1. ESTAMOS RECRUTANDO CFN Somos desconhecidos, para 90% da população Brasileira. Somos diferentes somos escolhidos! Temos a disciplina cadenciada com a batida do coração! Somos forjados a ferro, fogo, sangue e lágrimas. É preciso ser especial e ter coragem moral para ser um guerreiro Fuzileiro Naval. Me orgulho em dizer: ADSUMU! Fui forjado no Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais do Brasil - Sou um homem do mar, um maluco que aprendeu ser superior ao tempo! "Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais agora e sempre" ADSUMUS!
  2. Bienvenidos al Clan Academia Naval Combatiente Latino Americano (ANCLA), el clan se dedica a enseñar a jugar a sus miembros, pero manteniendo la competitividad. El Clan es dirigido por: CG_Stropper (Mi persona) _R_E_X_ y otros miembros nos dedicaremos a enseñar a jugar a los miembros. No hay requisitos para entrar, la ÚNICA regla que hay es: -Si no tienes actividad en 14 días (no te conectas) seras automáticamente expulsado de el Clan Escuela. -Tienes que entrar al server de discord y se activo en este mismo. Link de discord -> https://discord.gg/rWvdtD3, en caso de que se caiga el link, avisarnos para renovarlo. Gracias. (Información adicional -> Grupo de Facebook de World Of Warship Latino América [ no necesitas ser miembro del clan para pertenecer al grupo de Facebook, es un ambiente para todos los jugadores de World Of Warship que estén en Facebook]) (propia pagina web con guías detalladas y demás, serán echas por todos los contribuyentes, tales como Nessa, Felix, Rex, etc..., las cuales estarán disponibles en la pagina web que se planea hacer) Buena Suerte y Mares Justos les desea [ANCLA] Academia Naval Combatiente Latino Americanas
  3. Defiance: Tears of the Moon

    Once, the ocean used to be a vast place where one was free to sail where he or she pleased. The ocean didn't belong to anymore. It was another world apart from land. However a naval group known as the "Hydra Fleet" claimed that the ocean belonged only to the strongest naval fleet in history. Hydra controlled the ocean... Sailors and captains no longer had the rights to sail as they pleased. They were restricted to certain places only in their local areas. Military ships weren't allowed in any port apart from Hydra's own military ports. The ocean itself felt like one massive cage... The only way to escape from the cage is to slay the Hydra... "You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. You must sail cross the vast blue sea."
  4. BIENVENIDOS A LA ACADEMIA NAVAL DE WORLD OF WARSHIP LATINOAMERICA. Hace mucho tiempo, aproximadamente 6 meses, un grupo de jugadores se acercó a mí con el fin de que los ayudará con sus proyectos individuales, en secreto.... todo ese tiempo trabajamos en esas cosas y hoy por hoy, anuncio a la comunidad este proyecto. Junto a estos chicos que se integraron a mi grupo de trabajo. ¿En qué consiste este proyecto? Esa vez que hable con HQ (administración) me pidieron que motivará a la comunidad a crear contenidos, no solo limitarme a crear contenidos para el world of warship, sino entablar las cimientos para grandes ambiciones y desde entonces me dedique a ellos, sé que he estado un poco ausente.... pero ahora saben el motivo. ¿Que contiene este proyecto? No, es un evento.... que espera que quienes participen tengan una recompensa al final, tampoco se premia al más participativo, esto es algo que nace de los jugadores, que quieren compartir e integrar sus trabajos en una mega historia, que merece ser contada. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Actualmente un jugador (Fenixchile96) creo un comic con la temática de la (academia naval)-> http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/123943-proyecto-wows-nt-naval-academy/ el cual los invito a leer, es de su completa autoría. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Otro jugador, maneja un canal de Twich (zproxy) -> https://www.twitch.tv/latamworldofwarship y sumado a al canal de Wows Lat.AM -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCchnD2jtcgdfJciV099VIhg el cual dirijo personalmente, subiremos simultáneamente lecciones para enseñarles a jugar el World of warship. En 3 modalidades, Novatos, Avanzados y expertos. Así mismo, otros jugadores (incluyendo a zproxy y mi persona) serán quienes impartirán estas lecciones, jugadores de todos lados de Latinoamérica les explicaran todos lo que necesitan saber, en la academia naval... todos miembros de mi equipo.Hay más sorpresas debajo del colchón, pero no serán reveladas aun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Si quieres participar, tan solo ponte en contacto con nosotros a través del grupo de facebook de World of warship Lat.Am -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/Wows.Lat.Am/ o tambien puedes escribirme un mensaje privado aca en foros. ---------------------------------------- Atte: Rex Leviathan Shadow Nhitering Comunity Contributor Lat.AM Almirante en jefe Director del proyecto "Academia naval".
  5. Wargaming's done it again, check out their new Naval Legends video.
  6. http://www.fischer-tropsch.org/primary_documents/gvt_reports/USNAVY/USNTMJ%20Reports/USNTMJ_toc.htm Was looking for something else not even IJN related and found this. Thought I'd share. Used part of the doc for a title because..... well read the TAGS!
  7. Naval Memes!

    The title says it all! This thread will be fully dedicated to naval memes. Russian navy memes, U.S navy memes or even a naval meme from a country that's not even in game. (Animes ones could also be posted). Note: Naval memes only...
  8. Link to original EU thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/29296-mod-wyverns-historical-skin-workshop/ Hello, if you're familiar with another game - War Thunder and use the live site there you might recognise me from my skinning work there. In this thread I'll be sharing the skins I make with you guys, I'll try to keep them all updated as fast as possible! I plan on doing as many historical skins as I can, I hope you like them! Individual skins will be inside the spoilers in order to save space, just looks nicer. Primarily based on the EU server I decided that I would share my work with you guys as well, I will try to keep this thread as up-to-date as possible for you guys! To download simply click the download image below the preview picture which will take you to a direct puush download in a new tab. I have included installation instructions inside the zip file. If you like my work that much feel free to follow this topic (button at the very top right) and you will be notified whenever I post something new or update a mod instantly! All Premium ship skins come with a camouflages file that disables the visual effect of all camouflages ingame. The actual bonuses are still active, the camouflage is just invisible. It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. If you wish to add any of my skins/mods to a modpack, mod website or whatever please ask me here first if that is ok and if I say no for whatever reason please respect that. For more of my WoWS mods visit my subreddit here - https://www.reddit.com/r/WyvernsWoWSMods/ Shōkaku-class Aircraft Carrier: Kuma-class Cruiser: Hull A: Hull B: Wickes-class Destroyer: Town-class Destroyer: Dresden-class Cruiser: Hull A: Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship:
  9. Hi all, I am looking for a Clan mainly based for WoWS. I am part of a clan for WoT, but all of them seem to focus WoT as their main game, and rarely if not at all play WoWS. If any recruiter is on, feel free to send me a message in game, since I will be on as of the time I post this or message me through the forum. I mainly play Cruisers and plan on working towards BBs. Thanks, Kyogre
  10. ​With four designs created and what looks to be more on the horizon, I decided to create a central hub/topic page where I can better keep track of projects past, present, and future. In addition, this will give me an ideal place with which to allow fellow forum members a place to voice their ideas and concerns as well as let them vote on polls for new designs. This page shall henceforth be known as the: THE WARSHIP DESIGN BUREAU Current / Past Projects Future Frigate >>LINK<< Future Destroyer >>LINK<< Future Cruiser >>LINK<< Future Battleship >>LINK<< Design Studies Carrier Design Study >>LINK<< Modernizing the Iowa Class Design Study >>LINK<< Modern Battlecruiser Design >>LINK<< Assault Carrier Study >>LINK<< Renders The H-44 Model >>LINK<< Tutorials Lesson One: A Basic Hull >>LINK<< Future Project List H-44 Class Battleship Model Modernized H-44 Class Battleship Arizona Class Battleship (New Design) to destroy said H-44 Improved Future Frigate Improved Future Destroyer Possible Submarine Design CURRENT PROJECT INFO My current project involves a brand new assault carrier design. I am currently researching various assault carriers and comparing several hull designs and potential set-ups. More Information should be posted soon. Currently, it looks like a Trimaran hull might make the most ideal shape. *Please Note* While basic at the moment, I will continue to improve this thread and develop it into a more polished, refined topic. Until then, bear with me. Community Question to Ponder Features of a super Battleship of US design incorporating all new technologies in use by the end of World War 2.
  11. Thus far I have introduced frigates for anti-submarine, destroyers to provide anti-air, and even cruisers for anti-surface warfare. That would generally be enough to equip most navies. However, what if a navy needs to bring in some heavy firepower? What if they need to make a statement? What if taking out land targets is not enough and one would want to simply level the whole damn area? Well, I gave thought to the matter and decided to design a ship to perform all of those things. And what ship would perform those roles as well as a Battleship? So, for my fourth design, I'm bringing in the big guns and debuting a modern battleship ready to take command of the seas. So without further delay, let me introduce my newest topic: FUTURE FLEET PROJECT: THE BATTLESHIP What we Have now: (Or more appropriately what we had) Iowa Class The only thing close to a modern battleship were the four ships of the Iowa class. Having served into the early 1990s, the Iowa class ships operated for a long time. Perhaps even more remarkable was that they served as well as they did despite the changing technology of the times. Attempts were made to modernized the ships to bring them up to spec, but such efforts can only continue for so long. Despite their age and technological issues, the Iowa class enjoyed one of the best, if not the best, service lives among battleships. Beyond the anti-surface role, they proved themselves while escorting carriers using their immense firepower. They used their heavy cannons to provide unparalleled firepower when striking land targets. Indeed, during World War II, Japanese civilians reported that shelling by battleships was more terrifying that air attack due to the lack of warning and the unrelenting destruction that followed. This trend continued during the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and even Iraq. Where ever the battleships sailed, they effectively controlled the surrounding area. Their big guns could be called in at a moments notice and their ability to cause destruction was enjoyed by allies and feared by enemies. In Iraq, the threat of heavy firepower caused Iraqi soldiers to immediately throw down their arms and surrender when they heard the targeting drone overhead. Despite this enormous potential, the Iowa class battleships were retired in the 1990s. IN regards to future needs for firepower, the Navy had two ships maintained in case they needed to be reactivated. However, in 2006, the last battleship was finally removed from this agreement and the Navy found itself without a battleship. What the Problem is The retirement of the Iowas and the aftermath is what is puzzling. Despite the excellent performance of these ships and the vital role they provided throughout their service lives, nothing rose up to take their place in the naval gunfire role. Despite the many calls for improvements to gunfire support, arguments from opposing factions generally over rid any attempts. The carrier crowd claimed aircraft can fulfill the role better, the air force claimed that friendly nations would allow aircraft to operate on their turf, eliminating the need for naval support, even the navy believed that naval gunfire was unneeded for landings when the trend went to long range, high speed landings. This would eliminate the need for gunfire support as units would launch outside the range of enemy fire. (Such a thought led to the mess pictured above) However, improvements made to anti-ship missiles and cannons increased the engagement range and made it impossible for forces to launch outside of them. Once again, we find ourselves at that point where we have to engage in a slug fest with the enemy to effectively land units. Outside of landings, the need for effective on-call firepower remains as important as ever and current methods won't cut it. Several attempts have been made to try and fix this problem including more heavily armed destroyers. (Good Idea, but not further pursued) (Good Idea, wrong direction entirely) While the idea of increasing firepower is a step in the right direction, the concept of using current ships is wrong. Current ships like the Zumwalt design are hampered by the fact that they are designed to perform too many roles. The navy appears to have forgotten the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none." What is needed for the future is a warship that is designed from the keep up to provide heavy firepower. Everything else is second tier. What the navy needs is a heavily armed and armored warship. Something that can take punishment and dish it out ten-fold. Rather than an elegant boxer with a glass jaw, a bruiser who loves a good slug-fest is needed. Such a ship might be bloodied in such a fight, but the opponents can't take solace in that fact because they will in all likely hood be annihilated. (A ship that can sail through here, slinging shells with one hand while also flipping off the people on shore with the other) Simply put, the need is for a warship that exists only for one purpose: to rain destruction down upon people in similar to that of Mel Gibson on his wife. What I did to create such a ship I started by designing a new battleship from the ground up that would function in the modern world and for a considerable period in the future. I utilized all of the features of the best battleships and took lessons from the Iowa class as they were perhaps the greatest battleships service-wise. Starting with the hull, I took the Iowa class hull and modified it, essentially turning it into a new design. Length, draft, and beam are all similar, but the width of the hull has been extended forward, eliminating the poor hull volume of the Iowa class. This feature would also serve to increase sea-worthiness as well as increase survivablilty due to more buoyancy. From this hull, I added a large superstructure. While I strove to keep the ship stealthier, I took care not to impact the performance in any way. Stealthiness takes second stage to firepower. The large superstructure is designed to accommodate the latest in radar systems. Not only the latest, but also carry multiple systems of varying types. This will ensure that the ship can easily track any target. The superstructure was also enlarged in order to allow the ship to carry a large command center. This will enable the ship to function as an effective flagship for fleets and as a command ship for landing operations. Firepower 12"/55 Mark 9 Main firepower is provided by six 12"/55 cannons in two three-gun turrets. This Mark 9 model is a complete overhaul of the older 12"/50 found on the Alaska class. Improvements include longer barrel for improved velocity as well as a barrel lining in improve barrel life. Shell loading and handling is completely automated, bringing the rate of fire up to 5-6 shots per minute per barrel. In addition, the shells will also be of a newer generation in order to take advantage of all current technology. This will include improved Armor piercing and high explosive shells. Extended range shells will also be included. The option to take the 12" cannon over the previous 16" guns of the Iowa class was a subject of intense research. Though lacking in overall power, the 12" guns allow for a faster rate of fire and are cheaper to operate. They also are more easily converted to automated handling systems than the larger, bulkier 16" guns. Simply put, the 12" guns do 90% of what the 16" guns do for 60% of the price and effort. Mark 57 PVLS A healthy compliment of missile tubes are also carried on this warship. 192 cells to be exact. Though they can carry a variety of missiles, the most common will likely be the tomahawk cruise missile to compliment the cannons in the shore bombardment role. The tubes will also carry a number of anti-air missiles for protection. These will include the long range RIM-174 ERAM and the short range RIM-162 ESSM. Four RIM-161 ESSM missiles can be loaded into each cell, bringing the battleships total missile capacity up to a potential 768 missiles. OTO Melara 76mm Super Rapid Cannon The secondary Battery is made up up eight OTO Melara 76mm Rapid fire guns. These guns can fire at a rate of 120 rounds per minute per gun, engaging both air and surface targets. The larger round allows for an increased engagement range over current CIWs weaponry. When not in use, these weapons can be retracted into the hull to increase the overall stealthiness of the warship. RIM-116 Launchers Additional close range missile protection is provided by four RIM-116 launchers. These launchers are positioned at all sides of the ship, providing excellent all around firepower. The launcher can engage a variety of incoming anti-ship missiles out to 5.6 mi using its rolling airframe missiles.The system has thus far proven to be extremely effective in its intended role. Like the cannons, the RIM-116 launchers are retracted into the ship when not in use. 20mm Phalanx CIWs Emergency close range protection is provided in the form of six 20mm Phalanx cannons. These are the last line of defense for the battleship, providing protection against missiles and small craft. Future Weapons Currently, we find ourselves at a time when the next generation of naval weapons are upon us. As such, this ship is designed to easily accommodate the latest in technology such as rail guns and laser weaponry as soon as possible. Armor Like previous battleships, this design is intended to withstand punishment. Protection is provided by an improved version of an internal armored belt. The main belt is made up of armor up to 13" thick. Outside of this belt is a secondary layer of armor that provides a stand-off barrier. Between these layers is a void space that is honey-combed. This honey comb design increased structural strength over earlier internal belt designs. In addition, it solves the problem of water spilling into the void space, keeping damage contained within the affected cells while preserving the rest of the ship. (Armor Belt Illustration Red: Main Armor Belt. Blue: Honey-comb encompassed void-space. Green: Stand off secondary belt.) Deck armor is accommodated within a single thick layer of 7.5". Vital parts of the ship are further protected by armored boxes backed by Kevlar layers to act as spall liners. Finally, the conning tower is heavily protected by 17" of Kevlar back steel. During combat, all of the crew will operate this ship from the safety of this heavily protected citadel. Propulsion This Battleship will be the very first to utilized a nuclear propulsion. The reason for this is the need to provide enough juice to power all of the ships systems. This will be extremely important as rail guns and laser based weapons come into play. In addition, the nuclear power allows the ship to steam at high speeds for long periods, a nice feature for when the ship needs to be called into position to administer a dose of metal rain. The power plant will two B2B nuclear reactors. B2B standing for Battleship, 2nd Generation, Bechtal Marine Propulsion. These reactors will generate steam which will power turbines. The tubrines then generate electricity which is sent throughout the ship by way of an integrated power system (IPS). Four Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) each drive their own screw. This allows the ship to reach speeds up to 33 knots. Specifications Displacement: 40,000 tons standard / 52,000 tons maximum load Length: 880' Beam: 108' Draft: 35' Propulsion: 2x B2B Nuclear Reactors / 4 Electric Motors / 4 Screws Speed: 33 Knots Range: Unlimited Compliment War: 1,000 / Peace: 750 Armament: 6x 12"/55 cannons 8x 76mm OTO Melara RF guns 6x 20mm Phalanx CIWs 192x Mark 57 missile cells 4x RIM-116 Launchers (84 Missiles) Renders (Rough) (Rear) (Above) (Above Front) (Above) (Closeup of Secondary weapons) Thoughts Overall on Design Overall, this has been my favorite design. I think it is a solid design, that would definitely have its role in the current scheme of things. If anything, throwing a battleship into the pacific would definitely throw the naval higher ups of nations such as Russia and China into disarray as they scramble to provide a suitable response. The vessel would provide an excellent demonstration of naval power as well as function as an excellent fleet flagship or high power carrier escort. Of course, it would function most ably as a shore bombardment vessel. Both in on call strikes and as a powerful shock and awe weapon. I predict that as rail guns and lasers make their debut in naval warfare, we will see a decline in carrier power, setting the stage for other warships to rise again. Such weapons on board this vessel would make a monster, however even with current weapons this battleship would be a force to be reckoned with much like its forerunners. On the subject of names and number built, I would suggest four ships. Two for Atlantic and Pacific Fleet service. Or if need be, one ship could operate in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, while the other two can be forward deployed to Japan and Italy with their respective fleets. I would name the four ships: Arizona: to commemorate the Arizona lost at Pearl Harbor Montana: Only one of the lower 48 states to not have their own battleship Texas: Named for the First Battleship (Unfortunately, a sub has this name at the moment ) Maine: Named for the Second Battleship (Another sub has stolen the name x2) Feel Free to suggest new names for the 3rd and 4th Ships, anything works. Overall, I would name the class, the Dreadnought Class as a homage to the return to big gun warships and to the original HMS Dreadnought, a historical nod if you will. Notes from the Creator I hope you all enjoyed this series of design threads I posted. I know I am not a naval expert, so everything I design is based on history and opinion. Take it as you will. I originally set out to complete four new designs: Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship. Once I finished those, then I would leave for some other endeavor. However, responses to my threads have been overwhelmingly positive and many people have messaged me about future designs. Should people have any ideas about potential designs or other projects, feel free to message me or suggest it in the comments section. I would enjoy to collaborate on future projects. That being said, I hope you all enjoyed the topic and the series overall as much as I enjoyed creating them. Please comment below and let me know what you think? Until next time sailors
  12. I found a thread here that has some very helpful knowledge for those of us that are inexperienced in the world of ships! I've managed to compile all of the info of that thread here, and I'm also open to adding in more information here if you have some to provide! Provided by Quaffer: Provided by Rickstag: Provided by NargilFenris Provided by bumpkin: Provided by Kevik70: Thanks guys for your contributions! I'm of course open to adding more useful information here. I'd also like to compile more information about the different kinds of ships (frigates, cruisers etc..) and how you think they'll be played in World of Warships.
  13. PanzerDan's Naval Weekly

    Welcome Fans of Big Guns This is Panzerdan Naval Weekly. I'll be The Naval Chieftain til They find some one Better or They start paying me. Wink wink. This will be a weekly posting about different things naval related. Battles, tactics and Ships may and will be talked about. Enjoy Naval Doctrine was the governing idea behind a Nation's Navy strenght in the world. The United States and the Empire of Japan had long eyed each other as rivals in the pacific. Even more After the shocking outcome of the Russo-Japanese War. Japan had flex it's growing power in the Pacific.This would lay the groundwork for the Japan defeat. But that is a tale for another time. After the Crushing of Tzar Nicholas Grand fleet at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905 Japan was a 1st rate Naval power.Stepping on the world stage in grand fashion. Seeing the power of one crushing Victory. The japanese formulated "Kantai Kessen". This would bring Japan to power and Victory and the Jaws of Defeat So what is Kantai Kessen? "The Decisive Battle Doctrine (Kantai Kessen) was a Naval Docrine adopted by the IJN following the Russo Shino war. It called on the use of a strong Battleship force, which would destroy an invading fleet as it approached Japan after suffering losses through attrition as it penetrated Japanese perimeter defenses. The decisive victory of the Japanese fleet over the Czar Fleet at the Battle of Tsushima in the Russo-Japanese War had validated the doctrine in the eyes of the Naval general Staff, and future naval procurement and deployment was centered around refinements of the “decisive victory”, or kantai kessen doctrine. Opposition to this doctrine grew in the 1930s, foreseeing that the concept of the Line of battle between opposing battleships fleets had been rendered obsolete However, conservative supporters of kantai kessen, such as Admiral Nagano, dominated within the senior staff of the Japanese Navy and the kantai kessen concept remained the primary Japanese naval strategy into the 1940's" This would lead to Japan "Eight Eight Fleet". Started in 1910. "The first serious attempt to build an "Eight-Eight Fleet" came in 1910, when the Naval Staff proposed a building program of eight battleships and eight armored cruisers (by that time, they would inevitably become BattleCruisers). The Minster of the Navy cut back this request for political reasons, to seven battleships and three armored cruisers. The Cabinet eventually recommended one battleship and four battlecruisers, and the Diet authorized these ships in 1911. The battlecruisers became the Kongo class and the battleship was Fuso: all technologically advanced ships of admirable design. The 1913 program saw a further three battleships authorized, making a total of "four-four". These ships,Yamashrino, Ise and Hyuga, were Sister's or cousins of Fusō. In 1915, the Navy proposed another four battleships, to reach an "Eight-Four Fleet". This was rejected by the Diet. However, in 1916 the Diet agreed to an additional battleship and two battlecruisers. In 1917, in response to the U.S. Navy's plan to build an additional ten battleships and six battlecruisers, the Diet authorized a further three battleships; and in 1918 the Cabinet authorized another two battlecruisers. In total, the authorization existed for an "Eight-Eight Fleet". The new ships started were the two Nagatobattleships, the two Kaga battleships, and a total of four Amigri battlecruisers: all modern, capable ships carrying 16-inch guns. Only the two Nagato class ships were eventually completed in their intended role." Tune In week For Part 2