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Found 5 results

  1. I don't have too much to say it is the navel training centre 1.2 the part left behind when NTC released v0.7 with only research bureau imagine you have to reset the line and spend 750 doubloon each time you go up a tier good luck and have fun I would praise the new system making premium player's life way easier than f2p player at a minimum 375% you just need 1 cap for your Stalingrad, Moskva, Slava and Neutrostranamy You save 525 doubloon each time switching among premium DD/CL/CB/BB/CV , and further divide baby whales and f2p hardliners
  2. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    My thoughts on NTC

    So here we are with NTC Mk2 by wargaming and I have to admit I'm not super thrilled. My main issue with NTC is that supposedly the main idea is to get less players at tier 10 and even out the matchmaking. However in my opinion this is just a disguise for players to spend loads of money. Think about it, you may use your free xp to regrind up to tier 10 and once you run out perhaps half way to getting yourself an Ohio the temptation to spend money to free xp the rest of the way will get worse and worse. Believe it or not this isn't my main issue with the NTC, my main issue is they already had a system that worked before. Anybody remember the ARP ship missions? For those that don't you had to grind ships of a specific tier to complete a mission to get a free ARP reskin of a Japanese ship. I liked this system! It would get me playing lower tiers and in the process reward me with a free ship. So why we can't do something similar to this is a confusing question to me and my only conclusion is for Wargaming to get players to spend money and exhaust their resources. I just wish we would get some world war 1 missions and events that reward us with a unique dreadnought or ww1 crusier. Make a unique map or something similar and I assure you people will play low tier ships and won't complain about it.
  3. admiralsexybeast

    About The NTC Reward Ships

    So, I must admit that I don't really keep up with WOWs news all that well. Basically, my understanding of the NTC is that we can choose to erase progress on a number of tech trees we've already finished and in return for regrinding them, we can get rewards, of which tier 10 premium BB USS Ohio is my main focus. My question is; if I so desired, would I be able to just re-research the tech trees I erase with my free xp and still be able to get the reward ship? I really don't see why I wouldn't be able to because that means I still technically redid the required amount of tech trees, but Im not sure if it works that way? I guess I'm just at the point now where I'm getting bored with the Tier 10 BBs that I have and am willing to throw some money at the game to get something new right away. I just want a new Tier 10 BB that is going to give me good, consistent gun performance "which is why I've been waiting patiently for over a month now for the Slava to be released," but I guess that's not happening anytime soon. Also, I figure this way, I could enjoy playing something that's not common for a little bit before I start seeing several Ohio's per team per battle.
  4. Wows_Nightly_News

    So how long before...

    We start seeing NTC related names in the game? What do you think the best ones will be?
  5. https://medium.com/@devblogwows/naval-training-center-6ae94ee5b34a The link above is for the Naval Training Center in case you have no clue what is happening right now. WarGaming this is a problem I'll be honest I'm not completely opposed to the core idea of it, however, they've done everything wrong. The biggest problem the game will face if this is released as it is now will be matchmaking. Because someone who has reground the entire line 1-2 times will have a significant advantage over their contemporaries. For example, right now Conqueror has 82,900HP and can heal 40% of that which is 33,160HP, however, a Conqueror that has been reground will have 95,335HP and be able to heal 38,134HP. In total, the Conqueror that has been reground will have a total Hit Point count of 247,871 and the Conqueror will have 215,540, that is a difference of 32,331 hit points. So WG would need to add subsections for the queue, ships that have been ground more than once against other ships that have been ground more than once. This will drive queue times through the roof and we can all agree that waiting 5+ minutes for a match is ridiculous and no one wants to wait that long for a game. If they're going to implement this into the game then changes need to be made. I personally think that they could be used to change the flavour of a line, for example, the British line is known for it's absurdly good HE. However, I don't like the HE spam that British ships have and prefer AP to it. By grinding the British line more than once you could improve the British ships AP pen, AP ricochet angles(from 60 ° to 67 °) and AP damage. But in order to get those buffs to your AP, you'd sacrifice your HE fire chance, HE pen and HE damage. Or say for whatever reason you wanted to improve your secondaries, you'd sacrifice your main battery accuracy and vice versa. Improvements to AA could mean a reduction in torpedo protection. Improvements in reload speed would reduce main battery accuracy or a really long reload could mean amazing accuracy. Point is for every upgrade you have to sacrifice something else, this could allow players to change the play style of a line while still keeping them relatively well balanced. It could be a lot of fun to change the playstyle of a GK from a close in brawler to that of a long-range accurate sniper. Or change the play style of British HE spam to that of AP spam. I think that this Naval Training Center right now is the most absurdly stupid, foolish, ill-advised, senseless, short-sighted, ludicrous, laughable, witless, brain deficient, imbecilic, unthinking, nonsensical thing World of Warships has ever done... to this point in time... prepare for that record to be broken by the Soviet nuclear weapon launching submarines. If you want people to start playing low tiers again how about you fix MM and make low tier more enjoyable to play. This isn't rocket science, give us enjoyable low tier games and guess what? We'll freaking play low tiers!