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Found 9 results

  1. Base XP in Naval battles eliminates all PVE players after the first level. This is discouraging and makes people play less then they would if another option was available. WG knows that more battles means more sales on camos, flags etc... So why not include Scenarios in the Naval Battle options (even if only for the Base XP rounds) ? It does not cost WG anything but increases the battle count and therefore the likelihood of generating extra sales! Any opinions on that ?
  2. WOW is really screwing up. I downloaded WOW to my newly acquired desktop. Am in Florida so I presume it is the North American Server to which I am connected. So far so good. Game plays as per normal. But when I checked out menu items like Inventory, Naval Battles, Armory, the text is either all in Cyrillic or half English and half Cyrillic. Has this happened to anyone else? I submitted a ticket and of course got the standard idiot reply: Check and Repair. 3x I did a C&R and nothing changed. Any IT wizards out there who can explain what happened? Am thinking about uninstalling and then trying again. One year ago I joined WOW and never had issues like these.
  3. Every week we have this same issue where players go in and play and don't realize that naval battles are started, but they have to go in and turn their naval battles count "enabled" again. Please allow us to check a box to keep it to the on setting all the time if we want. Can't be that hard to add it and it would prevent a good bit of frustration. Thanks.
  4. I'm encountering a small bug in Naval battles this weekend (9/18/20-9/19/20) that I've never encountered before. Setting the scene: on my third Naval battle fought on 9/18/20 I was using a French DD (Aigle) and trying to get the "30 Main Battery hits" ribbon/recognition. Did so. Left the game, went back to port, and then selected a different ship and went back into the Naval Battle screen to see what level I'd be fighting for. Funny thing, though -- according to the game, I was still fighting (In battle now) my French DD for the 30 main battery hits! Huh; ok. So I figure the game needed some time to update. So I left Naval battles, went and played a quick co-op game, and returned to Naval battles again. And... I was still registered as fighting my French DD for the 30 main battery hits. Ok. So it's night, I'm tired; I figure the game needs more time to update, and I turn in. Next morning (Saturday, 9/19), eight hours later, I pop into WoWs and Naval battles again. And I'm STILL registered as fighting my French DD for the 30 main battery hits. So now I figure maybe I need to _force_ the game to recognize the French battle is done, so I load up the Furutaka, play a Naval battle (lose), and.... I'm STILL registered as fighting my French DD for the 30 main battery hits. So next I load up my French DD (Aigle) and play it a second time in Naval battles -- and get 54 main battery hits. And afterwards the game registers me as still in the battle with my French DD, but now trying to get 75 main battery hits! So I finish off my remaining 10 Naval battles, and... I'm STILL registered as fighting my French DD, but for the 75 main battery hits. I ask some of my clan-mates -- they too see me actively fighting the battle (and thus denying them the chance to earn more Stars in the French DD line? None of them tried to enter that specific battle though...) So now it's Sunday, 9/20/20, about 9PM or so, and I took this screenshot: This screenshot is from 9/20/2020, it shows me STILL in the French DD Naval battle for the 75 hits Star, yet if you look down at the bottom of the screen, I'm also listed as having finished 10/10 attempts (and actually I've had to complete 11 games due to the extra "30 hits" attempt). So the game lists me as having completed all 10 of my attempts, yet also lists me as being "In battle now." I've been continuously "In battle now" with my French DD for over 48 hours! My concerns with this minor bug are 2-fold: #1. Suppose a teammate wanted to get the next Star in that specific line -- would my being "In battle now" block him/her from making the attempt? (I'm new to the game and don't want to tick-off my clan-mates.) #2. Suppose, in re-playing that same Naval battle, that I had LOST instead of won. Would the attempt now be listed as a "failure", even though I had succeeded the first time I played it, but the game would not register the previous win, only the more recent loss? FYI, I started playing in late March 2020, so I don't know if this is a known/previously reported bug or not. I use no Mods whatsoever. Hope you get a chance to look into this, Wargaming. Thanks. Zoot21
  5. whysopetty

    Server Crash

    Anyone else Client crashed? My self and two other clan mates in our last match all crashed from a server side issue. When rebooted our ships show available but the naval battles screen shows us in battle. So far looks like that game is a wash. Whole match was laggy with noted desync issues as well as my carrier player stating his planes were "stalling" One clan member also had to force restart the client to log back in. Anything to be reported back from WG?
  6. I know there is no tree for the Pan-Asian cruisers and Italian battleships, however why exclude those premium ships from the Naval Battles format? My thought is if you got them, play them. I play premiums for other nations in Naval Battles format. Why exclude these premiums? Does premiums make that much of a difference for the naval battles format?
  7. It's been established that 'NAVAL BATTLE' XP is derived from the amount earned on a 'Standard' account. I don't know if it's been established whether the "average" XP for a player profile is derived without adding the bonus from a "Premium' account. Seems likely to me it is the latter. Can someone in the know confirm? The context here is helping members gauge specific ships for specific bars based on history/summary of each ship on the PROFILE/SUMMARY pages. Thx.
  8. Hey WG support, .. first - hope you have a great time here in germany at this years Gamescon in cologne! Came across a problem I guess regarding Naval Battles and the new french cruiser - the Colbert. Just won a naval battle in it - our french cruiser Naval Nattle log was empty before - no victories in that yet and - after the victory in the colbert it is still empty. Expected at least to get the 300 point bar done but nothing happened - neither the 300 bar was completed nor the battle was subtracted from my available naval battle attempts. Is the Colbert too new ? Does not seem to be counted in Naval Battles .. Cheers, Illgrim
  9. With the anticipated influx of everyone into PvE this weekend for Naval Battles, perhaps we can collectively plead with WoWs to get rid of the mercy rule in Co-Op so we can kill every ship in every battle and get as much damage as possible. Battles ending with one or two enemy ships left when their score drops to zero is unnecessary, frustrating, and TOXIC TO FUN.