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Found 6 results

  1. We are a drama free mature group of players that enjoy getting the most out of the game and have fun doing it. We are recruiting experienced players like you to join us. Members of our clan play most days and participate in a variety of clan activities. We use Discord for communication in clan, division, scenarios and other battles in addition to sharing information about the game etc. I can help with Discord setup if needed. Participation is a must for our clan as is mutual respect and fair play. Clan Battles may not be your thing but there are many ways to add value and receive value as a member of a clan. If you are ready to get back into a clan or discover what being in a clan is all about please feel free to drop me a line. We still have a couple of slots open. Join now to cash in on clan related loot from Clan Battles and other events.
  2. It's been established that 'NAVAL BATTLE' XP is derived from the amount earned on a 'Standard' account. I don't know if it's been established whether the "average" XP for a player profile is derived without adding the bonus from a "Premium' account. Seems likely to me it is the latter. Can someone in the know confirm? The context here is helping members gauge specific ships for specific bars based on history/summary of each ship on the PROFILE/SUMMARY pages. Thx.
  3. 187 Murder Mayhem Clan is a competitive force of in World of Warships. We seek like minded individuals to play in a "Team" environment. If you would like to be considered for membership please read the attached Charter, charter.docx , to see if we may be a fit for you. Your stats must not be hidden for consideration into our group and use of Discord is about the only mandatory requirement along with "Teamwork". All are encouraged to apply including those already in a clan that may be seeking a new group to work with. We formed this clan with the pretense that all members voices will be heard and listened to. We are not a dictatorship and model our group similar to the pirate codes where all captains have a voice but as a group we are a force to be reckoned with. Come join us in our quest to wreak havoc on those who oppose us...Murder and Mayhem is the order of the day. No Sniveling! We are mostly an older group but anyone is welcome however we ask that you have some skin as we like to talk trash a bit to our opponents and each other. If you are high maintenance we may not be the clan for you. If you like having fun and staying competitive then you are in the right place. We seek those who are active players if this is not you please do not waste yours or our time. If you want to be part of a successful up and coming clan then you are in the right place. 187 is in the house... http://187mmc.iclanwebsites.com/ Discord channel - 187 MMC https://discord.gg/W5m7SkM
  4. This in my complaint about Naval battles. WOWS, settle on a set of parameters and stick to it. don't keep changing it every week or every couple of weeks. example: one week it is base experience. then after a couple of weeks it goes to earing ribbons. then back to base exp. the after a couple of more weeks it changes to earing damage. the changes to base exp again. yes there are only a certain number of ways to set the rules to get the stars. but pick one and stay with it. Personaly the only real fair version of earing stars . I have seem is the one that uses damage. it is fair to destroy cruisers battleships and carriers. SO , PLEASE pick A VERSION OF THE RULES FOR EARING STARS AND STICK TO IT. DONT KEEP CHANGING THE WAY WE HAVE TO EARN STARS TO WIN IN NAVAL BATTLES.
  5. Hey WG support, .. first - hope you have a great time here in germany at this years Gamescon in cologne! Came across a problem I guess regarding Naval Battles and the new french cruiser - the Colbert. Just won a naval battle in it - our french cruiser Naval Nattle log was empty before - no victories in that yet and - after the victory in the colbert it is still empty. Expected at least to get the 300 point bar done but nothing happened - neither the 300 bar was completed nor the battle was subtracted from my available naval battle attempts. Is the Colbert too new ? Does not seem to be counted in Naval Battles .. Cheers, Illgrim
  6. With the anticipated influx of everyone into PvE this weekend for Naval Battles, perhaps we can collectively plead with WoWs to get rid of the mercy rule in Co-Op so we can kill every ship in every battle and get as much damage as possible. Battles ending with one or two enemy ships left when their score drops to zero is unnecessary, frustrating, and TOXIC TO FUN.