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Found 2 results

  1. DeletedUser

    Naval Battle in a Bottle

    A friend of mine knew that I loved playing WoWS, so he submitted this gem of a video to me: I am pretty sure that the cruiser depicted is that of the Deutschland-class "Panzerschiffs" which we all can recognize as what the Admiral Graf Spee is in WoWS….but I am not sure what class the destroyer is.....maybe someone in the comments can point out what it is? Anywho…..ENJOY!
  2. My question is based on the way naval battle is worked out. First of all when looking at history we have only 20 battles with results when we should have 21. Secondly all battles from the first one to the last one start at 1496 then plus the green number. When the green numbers are calculated they total 1496 so this could not have been the case of us having 1496 in the first naval battle as we would not have got that score. Also wondered about how the rank's are worked out, as when we got our highest in stars we ranked up from Sea dogs to Veterans and have been in this one since even though we have had wins. So can someone help me understand how its all worked out techically because as far as the news article is concerned, it does not explain.