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Found 4 results

  1. My question is based on the way naval battle is worked out. First of all when looking at history we have only 20 battles with results when we should have 21. Secondly all battles from the first one to the last one start at 1496 then plus the green number. When the green numbers are calculated they total 1496 so this could not have been the case of us having 1496 in the first naval battle as we would not have got that score. Also wondered about how the rank's are worked out, as when we got our highest in stars we ranked up from Sea dogs to Veterans and have been in this one since even though we have had wins. So can someone help me understand how its all worked out techically because as far as the news article is concerned, it does not explain.
  2. Move the Qualification/Preparedness rounds to the weekends and the Battle rounds to the weekdays such as Thursday and Friday. To many of the Naval Battle rounds are ruined by the weekend player practices. Just give those who want to do well for their clans a chance to perform better in the naval battles. To me adjusting the schedule will help the processing for naval battles.
  3. Asking for help from other players who can consistently get 1500+ base XP in T8-10 IJN and USN dds. I reread the Economy section of the WIki (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Ship_Experience_.28XP.29), specifically the "Earning Credits and Experience" section. I also Reviewed LittleWhiteMouse's post of December, 2017 In the WOWs world that we now live in, radar cruisers and CVs have significantly changed the way that we play destroyers.Trying to apply these rules is confusing the heck out of me. For example: 1) "Thus, 10,000 damage done to a destroyer is worth more than 10,000 damage done to a battleship". Does that mean that I should target the red dds first? Where does that leave the torp IJN boats like the Shima and Yugumo? 2) "You earn more for damaging a higher tiered ship than you would a lower tiered ship". Does that mean that I should be playing the Benson, Kagero, and Akizuki in T10 battles? I have to play defensive when that happens and I don't tend to do as well. 3) "Sinking enemy ships is important and awarded accordingly". I get that, but it seems that once I hurt a cruiser or BB with torps, the rest of the team comes up and pours on the fire. 4) "The more Base Capture and Base Defense points you earn, the better". With both CVs and radar cruisers in a game, trying to capture a base (at least in the first 5 minutes of a game) is suicide most of the time. As soon as you cross that circle and the red team notices, planes and radar come out. 5) "Spotting a ship which gets damaged by your allies gives the following:DD receives approximately 40% of the reward for full HP damage to a spotted ship" I can point it, out, put markers in the mini-map, practically stand on my head, but I get ignored a lot of the time. When push comes to shove, and we need the star because it's close, I tend to roll out my highest captains and biggest hitters (Gearing and Shimakaze). Maybe that's not the right strategy for Naval Battles? Looking for any and all advice from the WOWs Community.
  4. Why should you consider joining KAG? Well, simply put, we are the funnest and most active clan you can ever hope to join! We are a Typhoon League, competitive organization. Currently ranked 5th in Naval Battles on the NA server and 16th globally!!😱 We have multiple divisions running every night and weekend, and sync drop into Random Battles. We have had up to 28 members on Discord all gaming with and against each other. We have even got 9 of us in the same game! We encourage and help train our members to improve and have a huge pool of experience and resources you can learn from. We also run mock Clan Battles in training rooms to test and fine tune our strategies. If you want to take your game experience to the next level then KAG is the best clan to do it! Some requirements are: 50% Win rate, 45,000 avg damage, and a desire to learn. Be active on Discord and participate in clan events. If you would like to join or learn more just message @Ivan_Namirettov. I look forward to meeting you!