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Found 1 result

  1. I had posted this in another thread but wanted to share and ask if anyone had received Doubloons if they already had Kaga, Saipan, Enterprise and Graf Zepplin. I had noticed other posters had this same issue. I have stayed away from the boxes and was almost completely out of flags and Camo that did anything useful so I bought 20 boxes. I already had Saipan and got the other three. So I have bought 60 boxes since and not a single CV or the Doubloon value. This seems to be the trend as nobody is reporting having received Doubloons instead of a second Kaga, Saipan, Enterprise or Graf Zepplin. I am very happy at getting all this Coal and Flags....Sci Fi camo not so much! Just do not do the math on these boxes or read into the advertisement about receiving the Doubloon value if you already own all of the CV's.