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Found 13 results

  1. This guide aims to maximize your xp and free xp from Narai. Why do Narai? Narai gives some of the most consistent xp and free xp in the game. With practice, you regularly receive 1,600+ base xp per game. By stacking on xp and free xp flags, you will receive 10,000+ xp and free xp per game, making Narai a very good method for leveling your tier 7 tech tree ships and amassing free xp. It's a good alternative to use your xp flags in randoms, ranked, or clan wars. Operation Basics Players spawn in the NW corner of the map and fight their way to the enclosed base in the SE corner. The main objectives are: Safeguard your transport ships Sink the enemy transport ships Sink aircraft carrier King Clear the base of enemy forces, or safely land troops from your transport ships You and your team of 6 other players will need to complete all of these tasks to maximize your xp. At the same time, you need to do as much damage as you can. General Strategies by Ship Class Battleships Your advantage is your high alpha damage. You want to sail ahead of the convoy of transports and position yourself to take advantage of enemy broadsides. Except for slowpokes like Colorado, battleships can sail to the 10 line to sink aircraft carrier King. However, your main priority is to maximize damage to enemy cruisers and battleships and clear the enemy base. Cruisers Your advantage is your high DPM. Prioritize using AP on broadside enemies and then HE on destroyers and everything else. Cruisers excel at completing the secondary objectives of sinking the enemy transport ships and aircraft carrier. However, since you'll be far from the healing of your convoy you'll need to ration your hp and avoid taking unnecessary damage. Destroyers Destroyers are weaker than cruisers but can still be very effective. Use AP on broadside enemy cruisers, torpedoes on battleships, and HE for everything else. Due to your low hp pool, avoid pitched battles with enemy cruisers unless you can kite, use island cover, or smoke. Use the healing that your convoy provides when you do get low. Gunboat DDs can help sink enemy transports, but your main damage contribution will come from clearing the enemy base. For everyone Since most ships spawn in the same location and sail in predictable patterns, practice will allow you to position yourself accordingly. The key to maximizing damage (and thus xp) for all ship classes is to maximize your citadel hits with AP. Step-by-Step Battle You spawn in the NW corner. If you're on the north flank as I am in the image above, immediately sail closer to the islands to your south. A trio of ships will spawn at the red circle and sail parallel to your convoy. Cruisers and destroyers should load AP to kill enemy cruiser Duguay-Trouin, then switch to HE and sink enemy destroyer Clemson. Battleships should unload AP on broadside enemy battleship Wyoming. It's not advised for battleships to target Duguay-Trouin since she sinks quickly and your long reload means that you deal more damage by attacking Wyoming. Continue sailing SE towards square D4. Three more enemy ships spawn as you approach square D4. Destroyers and cruisers should use AP on broadside enemy cruiser Emerald (A) as she sails out from behind the island. If Emerald isn't deleted early she can deal heavy damage to destroyers; however, destroyers should avoid using smoke here if possible because it may be needed in the next stage. After sinking Emerald, switch to HE for a destroyer that spawns at C and sails north. If you have hydro, turn it on because there is some danger to taking torps from both Emerald and the destroyer. Battleships should keep on AP and sink Iron Duke at B. If your reload is shorter than average, you may also choose to help with broadside Emerald or the nearby fort. Next are a trio of light cruisers, followed by battleship Missouri. Dallas is the closest spawn at A. For battleships and cruisers at square C4 she presents broadside and should be prioritized using AP. Cruiser Emile Bertin at B also presents broadside as she turns behind the small island on her path. Cruiser Emerald spawns at C and sails north. Destroyers should smoke up here and help sink the cruisers. Battleship Missouri (D) takes the same path as Emile Bertin. Cruisers should be wary of taking damage from her. Battleships should position around C6 to take advantage of Missouri's broadside. Destroyers and battleships with torps can also ambush Missouri as she turns behind the island at F6. At this point ships take different paths depending on their role. Zone A is sinking the fleeing enemy transport ships before they reach the safe zone at square J1. Cruisers can complete this role. Gunboat DDs may also choose this role, although they will have a difficult time destroying the fort in this zone and will need to avoid taking damage. Zone B is sinking enemy aircraft carrier King. She is escorted by a destroyer and cruiser. Cruisers and faster battleships (not Colorado) can complete this role. Battleships will need to be especially careful to avoid torpedoes if choosing this role. Destroyers will find it difficult to sink all 3 ships without support. Zone C is the main base. This zone has the greatest number of enemies. It is recommended that battleships and destroyers head directly here to maximize your damage and xp. Both Zone A and B need at least one competent player to clear. Avoid heading to a zone if 2 players are already sailing in towards that zone; you'll do more damage at the base (or in an unclaimed zone) compared to fighting over the limited pool of damage at these secondary objectives. If choosing Zone A (transports), players should already start sailing in this direction after Iron Duke sinks at step 2. Sink enemy destroyer Nicholas at A and use hydro to avoid her torps. Note that you'll be broadside to Missouri during this time and be wary of her AP that can deal heavy damage to a cruiser. Clear the group of enemy transports and communications ships that spawn at A and B. Avoid going too far into the SW corner as after you sink the transports you'll want to sail into the main base from the south. If choosing Zone B (carrier), players should start sailing along the C line as the trio of cruisers spawn in step 3. After dealing with broadside Missouri (marked with the red circle), players can sail to square D9 to catch King and her escorts moving up the 10 line. Be cautious as both the destroyer and cruiser will fire their torpedoes. After sinking the carrier turn south and make your way into the main base. [Note: As of update 10.1, cruiser Phoenix usually sails into the main base instead of following the CV.] Everyone else should sail directly to Zone C. Initially, there is a destroyer and a cruiser at square G7. Destroyers should hang back and avoid a 1-on-1 fight with the Dallas. Battleships should be careful to avoid taking torps from the Campbeltown. Additionally, as of update 10.1, cruiser Phoenix will usually sail up to square F8 instead of following the carrier and will also exit the base to attack your transports. Cruisers and destroyers should take route A. After clearing the first wave of enemy warships as they peek past the island at square H9, park your ship at J9 and sink the broadside Atlanta and Shchors as they spawn, then use your torpedoes on the Colorado. Battleships should take route B. Prioritize cruisers and broadside battleships. While ships take some time to respond to you after they initially spawn, you will need to angle to avoid taking too much damage as you press forward. Results At the end of the game, you should regularly do more than 200,000 damage and achieve dozens of citadels. Expect 1,600+ base xp on a regular basis. Additional Tips Enemy ships should be prioritized over forts. But if you have nothing else to shoot, AP from both battleships and cruisers do a lot more damage to them than HE. Destroyer AP can't pen forts, so you're stuck with HE.
  2. Sovereigndawg

    Is Strasbourg Signal Worthy In Narai?

    The answer is YES! I wish I mounted a credit camo instead of the stock one. 30% more credits would have put me in the make at least a million credit club with it. I didn't do quite as well the first battle with her, but well enough to warrant massive signal and camo mounting.
  3. Hukom

    On Raptor and Narai

    The Narai bug can result to losing a star. However, the Raptor Rescue bug (like that CV ramming an island on its own accord) often results to losing the entire operation. So why is Narai being pulled out? It is not totally broken like Raptor. In fact, it should be Raptor that needs to be pulled out.
  4. Narai throws some curves these days, Boise play, with a great random team. Lead transport pulls a fast one on us. I have to ask, @Femennenly @Hapa_Fodder is this stuff going on in Operations intentional? WG never says anything about it and I haven't heard of changes being made, yet things are a changin. 20200205_112913_PASC597-Nueve-de-Julio-1951_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  5. If I am going to do a "grind" I'd rather grind my 9 T7 cruisers thru Narai every day. I looked at my totals today for earned credits, free XP and elite commander xp after going thru the op with all 9 ships and this is a much more pleasant, and rewarding grind that the PR event. One day totals are: Credits: 7,513,872 Free XP: 95,770 Elite Commander XP: 355,048 Of course I have premium time, been flying every premium flag I have, plus the New Year Streamer cammo as well, to get these numbers but, by the end of the Narai week I will have 1 10 point captain to 19 points and another to 16 points, plus, I will have added enough free XP to have more than 1.5 million banked for Hayate when she is released. So much more rewarding...
  6. Op Narai is one of my favorite operations yet I don't think I've seen anyone get torpedoman in Narai. Usually, ships don't live long enough for the torpedoes to reach or you have to suicide yolo to make them count. Today, with the stars aligned and in Z-39 of all ships, I scored a torpedoman achievement. Very fun game with this DD. Anyone else seen torpedoman achieved in Narai? Plenty of them are earned in Aegis but not so much the other ops from my experience.
  7. Given that I basically wasted 750k free exp on the Missouri, I can't ever get her to work like everyone else seems to be able to do as far as printing credits. This is despite loading her up with credit flags and credit paint which ends up becoming utterly wasted in randoms. I find it ironic no one ever posts about Narai. Seriously, if you know what targets to shoot at, you can farm hellacious credits at tier 7 where ship repair/resupply costs are negligible. 1.5mil is my new current personal record for credits earned in a single Narai match. And heck, that's not even my highest damage MATCH of Narai either. Just my best target selection one in a Lolanta! To with the Crapssouri. If I'm needing credits, I just go to Narai for a week. Anyone else farmed credits in tier 7 ops, especially Narai? If so, what's the most you've ever earned and does it compare at all to the amount of work you have to put in to get the same with a Missouri? Narai is repeatable easy-mode with almost guaranteed wins. Randoms? Pfffft! Not likely.
  8. Operation Narai has been out for a while now and I thought I would give some tips on how to better your chances of getting 5 stars in this operation. I would like to say that operation Narai is harder than Raptor Rescue and it can drive you crazy sometimes. But don't despair, if it is played right the way, getting 5 stars is a lot easier than a player would think. These observations and tips are from replays I have watched and from my own experience. First: Like Raptor Rescue, get a good ship. A good ship is crucial in this operation. Let me first talk about the ships that are not good for the operation. Destroyers are not helpful for this operation because they are easy targets for the enemies. There is one exception though. I was watching a replay and one of the ships that was doing an amazing jobs was the Leningrad. It is a destroyer, but its specifications makes it play like a cruiser. You can watch the replay on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDKsCQNTK3o#action=share. It has great commentary by Lord Zath and a guest speaker(the owner of the Leningrad). In addition, Colorado and New Orleans(read more) are not good ships for the operation. Colorado's problem is its speed which is a certain downside for Narai. The ships that have to be used in Narai should be nimble. Also, New Orleans is a good speed ship but its reload time and the fact it has cruiser armor makes it not the best choice for operation Narai. The exception is that if you the team has ships like the Helena and Atlanta, there is no problem if a player picked the New Orleans.This is not to say that lightly armored ships are not good for the operation. For example, Helena and Atlanta are perfect for this operation since they are speedy and have a lot of firepower. Personally, the best ship I have used for this operation is the Gneisenau. It is fast, powerful and stealthy. Its reload is not that bad and its guns are powerful against enemy vessels. One has to also note that Gneisenau's armor is powerful even though it is considered like a heavy cruiser/battleship. It also has torpedoes which is a real plus in the operation. Of course, we can talk all day about about which is the best ship for this operation, but all this talk means nothing if you do not have a well balanced team and that leads me to my next point. Second: Get a good team. Randomized teams have a potential to become a disaster in the game. You don't know what skills your teammates have and you don't have any say on what ships you teammates should have. When a player joins a division, the division commander can efficiently choose what ships his crew should have or to check whether ships his or her teammates have chosen are reliable for the operation. It also gives chance for the division commander to let an aircraft carrier to join the team, which is very crucial in this operation. Without the carrier, Narai becomes harder due to the number of enemy forces. Personally, I have lost many times due to having bad teammates. I usually ended up being the last one surviving and then losing at the end. Speaking about getting a good team, a division encourages teamwork since you know who is on your team. And teamwork should be the prioritized target in this game because without it, the operation will be a total bust. Third: Protect the support and transport ships. Support ships create the floating laboratory and transport ships bring in the assault troops. Support ships are very important since they help a player's ship stay alive. They are especially vital during the last part of the operation during the landing of the assault troopers. This is due to the number of enemy ships that spawn in the landing area of the assault troops. Likewise, transport ships have to be defended from enemy fire since they are the ones that bring in the assault troops. If they get destroyed, the mission will not be successful. I believe the first priority for the allies is to protect the transport ships and then the support vessels. Players must also realize that they must protect transport ships with their own ships. In other words, if a torpedoes are coming your way and the transport ships are the obvious target, you must get in front if the torpedoes so they will not hit the transport ships. This usually works well with battleships and not with light cruisers or destroyers. Fourth: Make a plan ahead of time. Without a plan, this operation will be a disaster. I have seen players do whatever they want in the operation and then got destroyed in the end. In the above video, Lord Zath has described a great plan to enable players to be effective in the best way possible. One of the best ways to mess up in this operation is to scatter all over the map. Stay close to the convoy. This is not to say that you should stay very close to the transport and support ships. If you do that, you will probably get destroyed because of the slow progression of your ship. One note that all players have to stay alert for: the Missouri. This ship will appear one time in the game and it will try without warning to ram into one of the ally ships. Of course, that is not always the case, but most times I have played this mission, that was the case. So, this is the ship that should always be destroyed before it reaches the convoy. The hardest part of Narai is near the end when you approach the enemy zone. This is where the ships spawn in great numbers and the ally team must be ready for this. If the team has lost half its ships, it will be very difficult to fight the enemy vessels near the end of the operation. It will also be very hard to complete the operation if the support ships get destroyed as the floating workshop will become extinct. As a result, players will not have the chance to repair their ships and that will greatly minimize the chance to succeed in this mission. What's also important in this mission is to destroy King(the enemy carrier). He can escape unnoticed if the whole team is focused on the rest of the enemy ships. It is true that destroying King isn't crucial for the operation, but you will not get the 5 stars if King is not destroyed. As I mentioned before, having a carrier on the team is crucial in this operation. It reduces the stress from the overwhelming amount of enemy forces that spawn near the end of the mission which results in an easier mission. The carrier is also a great tool to get rid of King. I hope these tips are helpful for everyone. I would also like to mention that Narai is a great operation to grind free xp and regular xp. I have heard from several people made huge amounts of free xp from playing Narai in just one day(one person mentioned 300,000 free xp). Many thanks to Lord Zath for checking my article
  9. Almirante_Carvalho

    Operações reformuladas

    Essas operações que estão sendo reformuladas pra quem ja fez e ja recebeu 1 dia de premio vai receber de não já que elas foram reformuladas ? Alguém poderia me dar um retorno sobre minha duvida. Até porque não vejo necessidade de faz-la de novo só pra receber bandeiras ou camuflagens.
  10. Almirante_Carvalho

    Operações reformuladas

    Essas operações que estão sendo reformuladas pra quem ja fez e ja recebeu 1 dia de premio vai receber de noo ja que elas foram reformuladas ? alguem poderia me dar um retorno sobre minha duvida. Até porque não vejo necessidade de faz-la de novo só pra receber bandeiras ou camuflagens.
  11. Taichunger

    Narai, a teamwork way

    The upgraded Narai still retains much of the fun of the old Narai. Everything happens much faster, however, and it is no longer a shooting gallery. Our Operations division did this the other day with a string of five stars. Here is one good basic way to do this. In this operation a CV is less productive than a BB, so we generally run 3 BBs, 3 high DPM cruisers, and 1 DD, all driven by people who know what they are doing. The DD is captained by our fearless leader, @Lightninger, who has numerous youtube videos of how to run a DD in operations. The best BBs, we have found are Hood (super tanky, the guns are murderous when they hit, and the secondaries are surprisingly productive), Scharnhorst (obvious), and KGV (good damage resistance, HE fire chance like a bot, and 25 second reload). Basic plan is like this: 1. two ships, cruisers, must go through the islands and kill the Lexington that comes up the 10 line to escape off the map (purple). Two ships are necessary, because the Lex is protected by a Phoenix or Omaha and a DD, which WILL torp you and then go kill transports if it is not killed (ditto for that cruiser). The CV and the escorts must be killed, all three ships. One cruiser can go IF the DD comes over to help. You can do this with cruiser/BB, or BB and the DD (see below). 2. The DD has one major assignment: torp the Missouri. After that it can break off to help kill the Lex -- becoming the second ship committed to the Lex -- or hit the harbor. 3. 1 BB (yellow line) roars right down the center as fast as possible. The best BB for this and probably for this Op is the KGV. You can also go through the islands. 4. 1 high DPM cruiser, Helena or Atlanta, runs to the side harbor and kills all the transports (gray line). If you kill them all on your own you collect an achievement, Shark among Shrimps. 5. The other ships stay with the transports. Re (3) above: you might wonder how on earth a battleship could glide unmolested up the middle/through the islands, but that's what happens. If you switch between AP and HE, you can kill everything along the way before it bothers you. The Missouri's target priorities are DDs followed by cruisers followed by BBs. As long as other food is present it will ignore battleships (as it is doing in the image above, ignoring me), which means that you can put some damage on it as you pass by at point-blank range OR... ...as soon as you reach the Missouri the Lex in the harbor becomes visible. You can usually put 3 or 4 salvos into it from your front guns before it disappears into the wall of smoke the DD makes for it. If not for the smoke it would be killable by this BB. I have yet to cit it with KGV guns, though I have put 2-3 cits on the Ranger with KGV when it appears. The trick to getting safely in the harbor is to load HE when the CV disappears, as it is doing in the image above. There's a Dallas waiting by the entrance, but there is also a Campbelltown that will torp you as you enter the harbor (not visible in this image). So when you reach this point, slow to a stop (I am eating CV torps in that image because I slowed to avoid Campbelltown torps) so you can avoid torps from the DD, then enter the harbor and blap the DD with HE. If things go well someone on the other side will finish it. Good luck!
  12. Saludos, Puesto que mi tiempo es limitado tratare de ser breve, pero lo mas entendible posible. Estaba yo jugando la operacion narai en el Public test con el ranger (CV usa t7) y luego de 2-3 ataques con los bombarderos se me bugeo la interfaz de juego .-Me aparecia el cursor en el modo de bombardeo al seleccionar los aviones, lo que no me permitia moverlos por el mapa ni realizar ataques manuales. Para lograr desplazarlos me veia obligado a presionar alt+click para llevarlos a cualquier parte del mapa. .- el bug no afecto a los cazas ni a los torpederos. .-no podia desplazar el barco en modo automatico (cuando fijas rutas en el mapa), solo podia hacerlo de modo manual (WASD). Pd: saque una captura pero no se ve el cursor del mouse
  13. Place your thoughts and questions on Narai here. My question is, has anyone made it on Narai? 5 tries 5 fails here. Raptor Rescue 2 tries 1 fail, 1 five star. I do like the changes. Helena is a beast in Narai however. I didn't try any other ships in it, seemed like a waste of time. It's either too hard right now or possibly, no one has a clue what to do yet.