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Found 11 results

  1. Malarkey_

    Merch shop for NA

    So when is NA going to get a merch shop? We cannot even order from the EU cause it won't ship to us.
  2. I am extremely let down by the fact that my account that was on steam with 515 hours, with the Azure Lane commanders unlocked and my VI and Battleship Texas that I got are now just in the ether. I transferred my account to the EU to play with friends and when I come back from winter break and play a few matches my account cannot be accessed. I have been working with EU support now going on 2 weeks trying to fix this issue. Now, I just want my account back on steam with everything I had. is this possible or not?
  3. So i was just browsing on premium shop and saw Massachusetts in really cheap price and i didn't noticed i was on eu untill i tried to logged in so i kept that tab open and went back to na to see if it's really that cheap well its not so any idea why there is drastic difference between ship prices on servers? while that server switch on is going on i might change to EU lol. Thanks
  4. Imagine an invisible Yammy MIn 24 of the EU stream.. New camos New mode the more you stay and fight the more you earn... If you fail to leave you loss %80 of your gathered stuff Return of Halloween event of 2017, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5takkC5EA_A
  5. My friend who lives in Germany wants to play WoWS with me, who lives in the USA. He downloaded both EU and NA launchers, with separate accounts in each server; however, when he tries to launch the NA launcher, it tells him he needs to download EU, or something of the sort. What should he do in order to play on the NA servers?
  6. I just recently downloaded the game but didn't realize I downloaded the Asia server. :/ I don't know how to change it to NA on Mac, and I've been looking all day on how to change it but I'm not tech savvy, so I'd appreciate any help. I've tried downloading the NA server version, but still stuck on Asia, so I assume some files weren't removed.
  7. Have I missed a Promo Code for NA? EU received a Promo Code today that gave them the following:- 1 x Anniversary Container -> 10 x Camos – 30 x Signals – 1 x Anniversary Collectable.and an Anniversary Flag. Lets hope WG-NA have 1 for us soon.
  8. I play on the NA server, download the NA client and play the game - 37 GB filled. I elect to help out on the Public Test server, I have to download another client - 36 GB filled. But I play carriers and want to see what that is going to be like before they come out, yup, another 36 GB (give or take, I deleted it after I thought they were done-done after Round 2). Now I have a tenth of my hard drive filled with ONE game. (This is after I deleted all the update files too.) Please, find a way to run the different instances of your one game with different datasets and help save on valuable hard-drive real-estate. Also, not all of us live in the city where we can get real download speeds. Downloading a full server-client for me takes a day or more (especially if your servers are busy).
  9. I run the steam version of WoWS on the NA server. I had a friend attempt to join the game but in their haste they started their account on the EU server. As it is new, we don't care about losing any ships associated with the EU account, but even after we uninstall and reinstall, the steam version will autoload the EU server and username automatically, bypassing any login screen. We would like to be able to use a steam version but just create a new username (same email address) on the NA server. I imagine there is a way to do a "clean install" where it prompts us to login or create a new account and choose servers again, but it is escaping me as to how this is done. I also imagine there is a cookie or file created in the game folder that contains the autologin info; and if we can delete that it will allow us to set it up right without uninstall ING. I remember an error after an update where the login screen came up on its own. I'm hoping someone out there has accounts on different servers and may know how best to resolve this. We don't necessarily need to ever switch back and forth, just need to make the move once. WoWS support continues to confuse this issue for a want to take an account from one server to another. We don't care about the EU account at all. We just want to log into the NA server and a team's autologin prevents this.
  10. Happy 9th of July everyone! But wait, why 9th? isn't independence day one the 9th? 9th of July is Independence day in Argentina (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentine_Declaration_of_Independence). Thought i would make a small mention to this "maybe" unknown fact for foreign people, google even has a mention to this fact if you visit google.com. I was a little disappointed to see no mention of this important date at all being it at forums, in-game or twitter(may have missed something, in that case let me know). A suggestion for WG, even a small mention to the fact would have been a nice present to the argentine community. Considering what a big issue it was made of the 4th of July and with a good reason(the game and the company are localized there), please dont forget that other countries are part of the server. I am not asking for a big event and a ton of mission just a small mention here and there would have been quite pleasant.Maybe things like articles, twitter menssages, or missions. Also i am sure there are people like me who like to learn bits about history even from other countries. You can extend this issue to all south and central american countries (maybe even Mexico and Canada). I am making these considerations because i want the game to get better and grow. I am an old time player(playing since the beta) and i have seen the game improve and i want to keep people engaged and interested in the game. Would like to ask WG if they agree with my point here about making the game a little more diverse (can be even small things) and you guys if you consider WG could add articles/missions/messages about other american countries(speaking for NA) or can manage this issue another way(or even if its not even a thing for you to consider). Also please vote on the poll PS: Would have been pretty cool if we could have had the Nueve de Julio(Boise) released for today, but i do get that its on the middle of testing, and i prefer to wait more to have a more balanced ship. Also please forgive me for any mistakes you see, me not english kek.