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Found 1 result

  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Incomparable I think this would be a good fit at tier 10 as a fast glass cannon and that the armor alone would make it balanced enough for the tier without being overpowered due to the 3x2 508mm gun load out. Obviously as a battleship class this would be good, but it would need to have accuracy of Graf Spee to work well and not have superheal or super he shells. Good Ap shells and average he shells would be good for this ship. The anti aircraft systems would need to be very good of course. I am thinking base charges of damage Control party, 3 normal repair party charges, defensive as 2 charges or hydro 2 charges, and 2 charges of speed boost at +10-15% speed. This would be a coal ship ideally at the price of 400,000- to 500,000 coal and not an exclusive steel ship. The higher coal price would be to offset less experienced players getting their hands on this ships while keeping somewhat exclusive without being behind a steel wall. I would like Wargaming to Head in this direction rather than steel gating more ships. Thank you for all of your opinions they are all helpful in showing those from Wargaming how the playerbase feels on this topic. All are welcome here. discuss