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  1. Apparently the new update, apart from reducing Midway's reserves to 166 planes, also buffs Hakuryu's strike loadout from 2-3-3 to 3-3-2. Midway may have needed a nerf in some areas (let's not pretend Midway's 2-2-2 with tier 10 fighters wasn't more powerful than Hakuryuu) or Hakuryu a buff, but I'd say this goes too far. Midway's hanger reduction already put Midway, who fields slower and more fragile fighters and bombers against Hakuryu, at a disadvantage that even USN fighter squadron numbers and strafing power cannot compensate for. Some players have suggested a return to tier 10 planes, but no mention of that has been made in the dev blogs so far. The final straw is this new Hakuryu buff, so that now not only does Hakuryuu have more and better bombers than Midway (dive bombers aside, but RNGsus is always at work there more for the USN than IJN) but now she also wields complete fighter superiority over Midway, with more squadrons, more planes, and better planes. This is, of course, not to mention Hakuryu's 4-2-2 loadout, which already Midway has trouble (if not being completely incapable of countering thanks to her singular loadout) countering, and which 3-3-2 Hakuryu completely obsoletes anyways. Now, I don't think Midway, even if she got tier 10 planes now, is capable of competing against Hakuryu. As a player (some say a madman) who has grinded up the USN CV all the way to Essex from the dark days before the USN CV rework and when strafing out and all those other mechanics were still being implemented, I ask WG, why? Why do you so hate the tech-tree USN CVs and their captains? Why make it so that the only CVs that can compete in the middle and upper tiers are premiums? Why make all USN CV players question the existence of the grind, suffer the pain of Rangers fighting Saipans and Kagas, Lexingtons fighting Enterprise, Shokaku, and Graf Zeppelin, Essex being constantly outnumbered and outmaneuvered by Taiho, only to find the pinnacle of suffering and anger at the very end of the line? Is it all the kantai players and weebs that whine and moan every time their waifu's defeat and death gets mentioned, or is it members of the CV-mafia elite that play nothing but IJN and protest every time they come across actual competition from a USN CV? Ahem...I did promise a eulogy, and here it is (based upon blood on the risers): He was just a rookie Midway and he surely shook with fright,He checked all his upgrades and his premium consumables;He had to sit and listen to that awful queuing noise,"You ain't gonna sail no more!"(CHORUS)Gory, gory, what a hell of a line to grind,Gory, gory, what a hell of a line to grind,Gory, gory, what a hell of a line to grind,He ain't gonna sail no more!"Is everything balanced?" asked Wargaming from their a**,The captain trembled out a "No," and then they matched him up;He entered into the freezing blue, his planes flying away,And he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)He scrolled around, he moused around, he waited for the gap,For the fighters, cruisers, defensive AA ships all to move outHe saw his target unaware and set his manual dropAnd he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)And suddenly came red fighters, swinging back aroundGrober Kurfurst's AA was already opening upHakuryu set the strafing run and his fighters charged right inAnd he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)The ships he'd sailed and loved and sang kept floating through his mind,He thought about his Enterprise, the one he'd left in port;He thought about the Saipans, and their tier 9 bombers,And he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)The fighters was already lost, locked in a vain dogfight,The teammates swore and screamed with rage, they right clicked and reported,For it had been expected that a USN CV would fail,And he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)Group 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 destroyed was all that he could hear;The enemy CV and his AA-spec div-mates all said "git gud"He stopped there, watching all his planes slowly rearm and load,And he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)(slowly, solemnly; about half the speed of the other verses)There were wrecks upon the oceans, there were curses all in chat,Twenty three reports were hanging out from his place in port,His mouse right-clicked on Midway and moved over to "sell"And he ain't gonna sail no more.(CHORUS)