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Found 26 results

  1. Like many Country Music greats of the past, today we bid farewell to the OG Gambler himself... Mr. Kenny Rogers of Houston Texas. He joined the "ghost riders" in the sky gang along with the late great Johnny Cash... Rogers was 81... "During his six-decade, genre-hopping career, Rogers released 65 albums and sold more than 165 million records, making him one of the most successful recording artists of all time. A massive crossover star, he not only scored 24 No. 1 hits on the Billboard country chart, but more than 120 hits across various genre charts — including his 1978 signature story song "The Gambler,” which inspired five television movies and was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress. A Country Music Hall of Fame inductee in 2013, Rogers also won three Grammy Awards, 13 American Music Awards, six Country Music Association Awards, the CMA Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, and the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award." The country legend “passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by his family.”the country legend “passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by his family.” Mr. Kenny Rogers music will live one, a timeless treasure of a maestro of his craft. Rest In Peace Forever remembered for his contributions to the Arts. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kenny-rogers-dies-at-age-81-082302408.html
  2. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 3 full collection!

    Howdy sailors! So do to multiple unforseen events ( pay to rico event, trip to hospital, decorating, cooking, cleaning, in-laws coming over, christmas tree catching on fire, getting punched by a phyco shopper over a ham, crying in corner due to stress,) I haven't been able to post at all for the past week. Therefore... I've decided to just release the whole set this year in 1 post so you all can just get it all in 1 place. I hope you enjoy this year's collection because some of these songs are very rare and a few are unlisted to avoid the ban hammer! (curse you Youtube and your rules!!!) just click the spoiler to reveal the song! ALSO: I am not responsible if any said Eurobeat song below does not improve your overall dodging performance in battle. day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7 day 8 day 9 day 10 day 11 day 12 day 13 (X-mas bonus!) Hope you enjoyed the beats! please comment below on which was your favorite of the list Also, I'd like to wish you all a Merrry Christmas and a happy new year! and may you and your families/friends be safe and merry during the holiday season! until next time....... I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  3. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 3! 1/12

    Howdy sailors! It's that time of year again! yup, the time when I post 12 songs for you crazy people to make all the carriers and DDs look like fools! the first song of many Song: Crash Boom Burn Me Up! Artist: Fastway now that you have this song, go burn up some ships yourself why dontcha! Until Tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas! P.S. I'll try to post tomarrow's video around 5:00 pm central time. if you miss it just use the tags above and you should find it!
  4. Everytime I hear the horn music in WoWS, I am reminded of Theon Greyjoy from GoT, when he was assaulted into obsession in killing the guy with the horn. IMO the in game music is tiring now. I am expecting more marshal like music that hypes the game play, instead we get the suicide watch music from the Trento port. So the question I have is what music would you guys like to see in WoWS? like the GoT intro, "In Harms way", Königgrätzer marsch, etc. What will get you excited to hear in the game play? BTW, Designers table is good. It's like "I'm thinking" music.
  5. Halseys_Typhoon

    Propose Idea for Another Music Video

    I would like to propose to Wargaming an idea for another music video for WOWs. My idea would be for them to tell a short story of the USS Enterprise and the loss of her two sisters (the USS Hornet and the USS Yorktown) and how she has to carry the weight of the last carrier in the Pacific for the U.S. And I think Sabaton should make another return to do this music video if this idea is used.
  6. Some times the default music soundtrack for WOWS just doesn't cut it and you need something else to accompany the sounds of pixel naval combat. Unoriginal as it may be, I personally like to put Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries on repeat for some intense CV game play although Flight of the Bumblebee is a close second. I have yet to decide on go to songs for other classes although I will admit to trying to fire full broadsides in time to the 1812 Overture. Anyway what songs do other people play as their WOWS battle anthem?
  7. Hello, I want to play my own music in WoWs, and I put it in /res/userMusic. Yes the music is in .mp3 format, etc etc. It's still not working. I checked the box for "play your own music" and restarted. Still not working. Did they break music in WoWs?
  8. LordJackass

    WoT-G OST

    I know this is the warships forum but it still kind of counts as off topic since World of Tanks Generals no longer exists (and this community is a little friendlier than WoT's community in my opinion) But has anyone ever listened to the soundtrack from that card game when it first came out? I'm not talking about the lame "cover it up" soundtrack they threw in before it died, I'm talking about the old ones that were suspenseful and grabbing like the national themes and the combat music itself really. It was a small soundtrack but i loved it a lot. A shame they don't dig that up and publish it for download like WoT's 1.0 soundtracks. Maybe if someone from WG happens to spot this and knows a thing or two about it they could find the old tracks and throw em out there, i know I'm not alone in saying they were actually good to listen to. A year or so ago i found the American Theme on sound-cloud but the user took it down or deleted their account, i don't know, but it wasn't there anymore. I've saved some YouTube videos on game-play without commentary where they play the original music in it as well. If there's a miracle that the tracks are actually out there and someone knows what i'm actually talking about, i'd love to listen to them again :) Otherwise, does anyone remember them or know them at all?
  9. 1Sherman

    The Valentine's Day love song thread.

    I realize it's a little late, but better late than never. I'll start it off with some of my favourites. This song makes me cry every time I listen to it.
  10. Ever wondered about that song that travels the world, around 24 time zones, unite a bunch of strangers in harmony? I I found this informative video about the song it self. Who would've imagine, a song based on a tempo of 2/4 time, would have such a powerful feeling regardless of where you are. For hose of us with health problems consider this a huge achievement. Staying alive is a full time job all by itself. Happy New Year Everyone!
  11. Howdy sailors! So for all of you who were wondering why this wasn't uploaded yesterday. The reason was I had to do a ton of shopping and by the time I got home, I laid down and didn't wake up til 9:30 today! on the bright side I get to release today's episode on my father's Birthday. so that's nice. and for those who wanna know how old he is? .....hes old enough. (I'm afraid If I give his age out one of the girls here will steal him and be my mom!) anyways, today's song was actually 1 of the first Eurobeat songs I heard and actually got me into Eurobeat, so maybe for all you new comers to Eurobeat it'll have the same effect? song Euro-night artist: Euro-groove hope you enjoyed! whats that? what was the first Eurobeat song I listened too? well.......... Song: deja vu artist: Dave Rogers yeah........ that song gets around...... any who, if you liked it leave a comment and or a like. until next year's event (what you think I ran outta music?) I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  12. Howdy folks! It's day 10! despite what this next song suggests. I urge you to make sure both ways are clear before you start..... Song: Dancing on the Street Artist: David Dima Did the music make you dance? NO? well maybe these bonus codes will get you dancing! better hurry they expire soon! CCCODYDEC BRACEYOURSELVES WINTERISHERE Thats all for today! Leave a like please and maybe a comment. until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  13. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 8/12

    howdy sailors! its day 8! this song is dedicated to all the Big ships out there! Lookin at you Yammy! girl in the picture looks like an ex-GF of mine. she always liked makeup! and shoes lots of shoes. anyways, until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  14. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 9/12

    Howdy captains! its day nine! the air is getting cold and crisper and x-mas lights are popping up everywhere. Can You Feel it? Song: can you feel it Artist: Densha DE D game OST Gotta admit this one reminds me of some of the Old Osts from the gamecube/N64's wave race series. (comment below if you played either game and what was your favorite level?) anyways, until tomarrow I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  15. Howdy folks! day 7 people. is it lucky? song" crazy night artist: boys band I dunno about you, but i see a pair of jets prepping to launch from a CV from 0:00- 0:42 anyways, Until Tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas
  16. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 6/12

    howdy folks! day 6 and it looks like the X-mas season is starting to show up everywhere! Getting colder too! hopefully today's song will warm you up! Song: Manifold Love Artist: Hot blade Hope you like the song, please comment below Until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  17. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 5/12

    Howdy folks! It's day 5 on Eurobeat! IDK about you but I like rainy days, especially in the summer! Speaking of which.... Song: Rain Artist: Mistika Going to put an extra up just in case. original video got flagged and removed. What's your favorite type of weather? Hope you enjoyed the song and until tomarrow I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  18. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 4/12

    Howdy sailors! its day 4! Song" Speed op light artist: the snake That's all for today, until tomarrow I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  19. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 3/12

    howdy folks! day 3! now I don't know about you but i never got into Evongelion. (I'm more of a gundam fan TBH, far cooler robots too) HOWEVER! it did have a good opening song! and look what I found! Song: cruel angel's thesis Eurobeat remix artist: NA hope you enjoyed the song and I'll C'ya again tomarrow! hopefully a little earlier!
  20. Howdy Folks! its day 2 of Eurobeat! today's son'g is hands down 1 of, if not the best Eurobeat songs every made! its also great for DD players too! and no she's not saying sons of es! its "san-sa-pi-chi" which roughly translates "I'm going insane" Song name: Love is the chaos slave Artist: Yume Kamishiro (Remix) Also, I have a Code for you guys today! Type in HUMBLEGIVEAWAY so you can pick up a flag and 10 "humble camo"! with + 75% captain, EXP and Free EXP! Hope you all enjoyed the song and gift today. please leave a like, a comment or a funny meme below! Until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the sea!
  21. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 1/12

    Howdy folks! day 1 of the euro-madness!!! I actually sang this song at a karioki booth in Texas during a convention.(there's a male version too, way easier to sing at that pitch) luckily my friends were drunk and didn't laugh tooo much..... song name : Love the Beat! Artist: A-one tune into tomarrow for another song! (spoiler its one of the best songs for DDs!) like the song? leave a like or a meme! until then C'ya on the Seas!
  22. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2!

    Its almost Christmas time again and you know what that means? .....no not presents! 12 days of EUROBEAT!!!!!! That's right Folks, I got another list of songs garenteed to make you torpedo proof(results may vary by ship) All during the month of December! So if you or your friends struggle with dodging torpedoes. don't look to Lert or Flamu for complicated videos or guides! Just type in Bladed & Eurobeat in the forum search tags and you'll find not only this year's list but last years too! (that's 24 songs!) Grab your helmut, crank up the volume and grab some nog! its year 2 of Eurobeat! don't know what eurobeat is? here's a free sample! Hope you all have a happy holiday. and I'll Sea you tomarrow with the first song of the list!
  23. Essentially, I saw an article on a website I frequent for music news (you can see it here) and the idea behind it I thought was very intriguing; If you could put together the ultimate band, with anyone you want from any genre of music in it, alive or dead, who would you choose? The article has some very interesting choices, and since I know there's a lot of music fans on the forums, I thought I might try it out here. I'll start off. I'll be making two bands that fit two different musical styles that I very much enjoy. The first is a blues and hard rock band, and the other is a more down-to-earth, folk/soul band. My favourite band, the Eagles, very much inspired my picks; I like bands where multiple people can sing, and for the most part I picked people that, as far as I know, aren't known as domineering, perfectionist bullies like Glenn Frey or Don Henley. My picks are as follows. P.S. proper band names are optional. Group 1: Drums and vocals: Dave Grohl Bass and keyboards: John Paul Jones Guitars and vocals: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Walsh Lead singer: Steven Tyler Dave and Jones worked together briefly with the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, so they'll mesh fine. They're also both extremely versatile musicians who are capable of pulling off almost anything. Vaughan and Walsh would hit it off almost immediately with their blues backgrounds and the interplay between them would be nothing short of godly. As for Steven Tyler, well, he's Steven Tyler. What else can be said? The only real pitfall of this would be that Tyler wouldn't have a Joe Perry to work with and he's known as an *-hole, but Dave could be a mediator in this instance because he's known for being able to make friends with other classic rockers. Worst case scenario, I'd replace Tyler with Paul Rodgers or Ann Wilson. Group 2: Lead singer and acoustic guitars: Tom Petty Guitars and vocals: John Mayer and George Harrison Bass and vocals: Randy Meisner Drums: Bill Kreutzmann Keyboards and vocals: Steve Winwood When it comes to folk and roots, Petty has no real equals in my mind; Wildflowers is one of my favourite albums of all time. George is by far my favourite Beatle and he'd mesh fantastically with Petty since they were collaborators on several occasions, John Mayer is a criminally underrated guitarist (go look up "Covered In Rain" and "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" if you haven't already) who has a dirty, soulful voice that I think Winwood would enjoy, Bill brings some always-welcome Grateful Dead vibes (and has also worked with Mayer), and Randy and Winwood are/were amazing singers in their prime. The only real problem I can find is that I don't know too much about Mayer's habits offstage and songwriting-wise, which may lead to him being the odd one out, but I wouldn't be too concerned. Randy's bad experiences with bandleaders may cause tension, while Winwood's blue-eyed soul is a bit of a contrast to the vibe I'm going for (though "Can't Find My Way Home" fits it perfectly), but again I'm not too worried. Overall though, I think this would sound incredible. So what do you all think? I know this topic is a little off the beaten path, but if you think it's worthwhile then chime in: Who would comprise your dream band(s)? What improvements would you make to my picks? Feel free to post them so we can all have some fun with this.
  24. I don't know exactly when it happened, but recently there must have been a change from an update regarding the volume in the game. Roughly a few months ago I found myself having to fight with the the audio settings for the first time in years. The music at the battle results screen, explosions when my ship or a nearby ship is sunk, and torpedo hits are disproportionately loud compared to all other sounds. When I set the sound effects volume to just above zero, yet have all my other settings (other than in battle music) set much higher, the explosions, torp hits, and battle results music are still easily 4 to 5 times louder than even when firing main artillery. Despite fiddling with all possible setting combinations I no longer can find a balance that fixes this. Seasoned players have even come over to help get the settings straight and they, too, were mystified at the volume disparity and found no solution. In order to make sure my neighbors whose house is 30 feet away from mine (literally- they laugh and text me every time I blow up, take a torp hit, or a battle ends)I have to turn the sound so low I can't hear engine sounds, in-battle voice messages from my captain or other players, and ambient sounds. I've been using the same sound system for over 2 years and never once needed to adjust it until recently. I can only assume that a more recent update something was changed. Regardless of why, in the end it seems like it would be wise to add additional volume controls specifically for the battle results music, explosions, and torp hits just as there is for gunfire and voice announcements. Either that, or turn down all three volumes compared to the other sounds.