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Found 8 results

  1. I really wanted to wait and see if Pigeon was going to bring back rewards for visiting museum ships, but my groupon was running out. So I went to visit the USS Hornet yesterday and had a pretty interesting trip, including a behind the scenes tour from a surprisingly generous and knowledgeable docent. I took some pictures in glorious 4k resolution if anyone is interested in seeing them (Except of the restricted areas. I didn't want to push my luck). The album can be viewed here. I also went to the USS Iowa back in December. If anyone is interested in those they can be found here.
  2. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    Hey Captains! Did you know Wargaming has partnerships with certain museums across the world? In case you didn't know, well, you do! If you and/or you family and friends are in the are and plan to visit one, I want you to let not only me, but the community know! I may do this every so often , but let's have a very simple scavenger hunt to see if visit these museums in the next week or so. The two on the List this Time are: USS Intrepid in New York City, New York https://www.intrepidmuseum.org/ and USS Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina https://www.ussyorktown.org/ Simple Rules and Simple prizes: - Post at-least two pictures to this thread, showing you visited there between now and January 15th, 2018. - Pictures must be of your ticket(s), front and back -Tell us about your experience! Number of Entries: In this time frame, UNLIMITED! You read that right, just simply posting the pictures and telling the community about the museum in the specified time frame gets you some prizes, which are.... Prizes: - Enterprise and Port Slot - Saipan and Port Slot - Texas and Port Slot - Arizona and Port slot - Oh, and some Italian ship not out yet....something about pasta and guns...camo...I'll include a port slot with it as well. Deadline: -January 15th, 2018 at 1800PST Special incentive....first two people to meet the requirement get the above AND a Coo of Boom Flag for helping the community remember some veteran vessels and showing your support to our partner museums. Safe Travels to those going!
  3. We should start a fundraiser for the USS Texas!

    Hello shipmates! I'm wondering if we can do a community fundraiser for the USS Texas. Over the last 30-40 years, she has fallen into disrepair and needs to be saved sooner then later! The USS Texas, is the only surviving super-dreadnought class battleship. She is a national landmark and nation engineering landmark. Her hull is leaking at an alarming rate and if nothing gets done about it, the state will scrap her. I know WG made a video about her a couple of years ago, but I'm wondering if WG will allow a community fundraiser? I was thinking that WG could start another USS Texas premium sale and donate the money from that to the museum. But its a race against time and sadly her time is running out.
  4. Just posting this as a Public Service Announcement. USS Orleck Naval Museum Board – Time is Running Out – Salvage Yard in the Ship’s Future
  5. USS Iowa visit (with pictures)

    Hello fellow captains! I was lucky enough to visit the USS Iowa a few days ago, and I've finally uploaded the pictures online. It was a wonderful experience, and I recommend for anybody to visit these museums. Hope you guys enjoy!
  6. USS Iowa Ship Tour Battle Simulation

    At the end of the tour of the USS Iowa, they have a theater set up with a high-resolution simulation of the Battle of Okinawa from the perspective of the ship's bridge. It was also made by none other than WG! Here is a video of the simulation my friend shot from his phone during the tour. The audio in the simulation was quite good. Apologies for the poor image quality. This is a video of the simulation someone else shot with better image quality, although it's from an older version of the simulator. Some of the explosions and effects are missing compared to the previous video. The audio isn't as good, but you can see the gunners pretty well.
  7. This post is of the JMSDF(Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force) Kure Museum located across the street from the Yamato Museum and the Yuushio-class Submarine Akishio(SS-579). As always: many pictures, much crashing. Enjoy!
  8. I Served in tha Navy for 5 years, 3 years spent on the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 based out of japan from October 2005-2008 and she was finally decommissoned in Puget sound naval yard in january 2009. I visited the Hornet CV-12, The USS Pampanito, The USS Arizona, The USS Missouri and have been on the Cowpens CG63 and SSN USS San Francisco. Name those ships!