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Found 6 results

  1. So I finally got around to putting together a youtube video of a Living History cruise I took on the American Victory several years back. I did label various areas I was filming at. I did not use all the footage from that day as I left out the cargo area and a few other deck areas I was in. Obviously this is all film from on board the ship, so other then local news coverage, I have no film of the ship underway from land or another boat. As many who have served at sea or who have sailed on cruise ships, it is a vastly different experience being on a functioning and powered vessel then one which is permanently moored and will never function again.
  2. Pictures of the T8 USS North Carolina berthed at Wilmington, NC 1280 From the gangway boarding the ship 1282 Twin 40mm AA 1284 Rear 16" turret - Open to the public 1288 bow looking aft 1290 turrets 1 & 2 1291 5" turret - open to public 1293 5" turret gunners position 1295 optical range finger for 16" guns 1296-99 inside 16" guns 1300 "wishing" looking 4 decks below 1301 Pharmancy 1302 Part of fire control computer circa 1943 1301 16" shells 1308 Schematic of steam piping. If this takes a hit there's no fixing it during combat. 1309 Sign in front of 20mm AA. African-Americans volunteered to serve on 20mm and were credited with one kill Vought Vought OSU Seaplane Steam Turbine as complex as anything found on land
  3. DakotaViking

    What I saw Last summer in Texas

    Pictures from the USS Texas
  4. tugboat is just enough out of view, you can believe its moving under it's own power.
  5. WuYixiang

    Greetings from ROCS Te Yang!

    Hello, fellow forumites! I'm currently away from my captain's cabin because, well, I'm halfway around the world. Of course, I had to take advantage of a (somewhat) local museum: ROCS Te Yang. DDG-925, ROCS Te Yang, was commissioned by the United States Navy as DD-837 USS Sarsfield in 1945. After a stint in Vietnam (her only Battle Star), she was decommissioned and sold to the Republic of China Navy in 1977, where she served until 2005. ROCS Te Yang is the Republic of China's first (and as far as I know, only) museum ship, and with admissions being 50NTD ($1.59US), I highly recommend a visit. She's just a wealth of Cold War tech, showcasing weapons like ASROC and Mark 32 torpedo tubes. Unfortunately, the approach to the ship was covered with trees, and this was the best angle I could get of her profile. 5"/38 Mk. 12 DP gun (1 fore, 1 aft) 8-cell ASROC launcher Triple Mk. 33 533mm Torpedo Tubes (1 port, 1 starboard) Triple Hsiung Feng I (雄風一型) Anti-Ship Missile Launcher 16 CR-201 Disruption Rocket launcher (2 port, 2 starboard) View of the ROC flag from the helicopter pad overlooking the after 5"/38. Depth Charge Rack And finally, a challenge from ROCS Te Yang. Who wants to help me out?