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Found 3 results

  1. Sold to be a museum ship in 200, placed on EBAY in 2008, permits to build the museum not approved 2016. Now in danger of sinking. https://transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety/newsroom/emergency-direction-ex-hmas-otama-submarine-listing
  2. So I finally got around to putting together a youtube video of a Living History cruise I took on the American Victory several years back. I did label various areas I was filming at. I did not use all the footage from that day as I left out the cargo area and a few other deck areas I was in. Obviously this is all film from on board the ship, so other then local news coverage, I have no film of the ship underway from land or another boat. As many who have served at sea or who have sailed on cruise ships, it is a vastly different experience being on a functioning and powered vessel then one which is permanently moored and will never function again.