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Found 7 results

  1. With Salem and Stalingrad in the game, I believe it's finally time for a tier 10 Musashi in its 1944 configuration. Here are 3 reasons to consider: 1. Currently, with the inclusion of Yamato's unique mod, the two battleships share identical roles, with Yamato showing more consistent gun performance. Musashi has lagged behind Yamato in terms of accuracy and did not receive the recent turret traverse buff given to the Yamato. Moving Musashi to tier 10 would justify any buffs to its main batteries. I propose increasing Musashi turret traverse to 3° per second to match Yamato and increasing her sigma to 1.9 for better consistency. 2. The IJN battleship line lacks a true secondary-capable BB competitive with German and French lines. The exception is Yamato herself, but she is not optimal for this role for a number of obvious reasons. Musashi, given her 1944 outfit, would fill this role. Of course, changes would have be made to make Musashi a tanky brawler. I propose that she receive a repair party that can recover 33% of citadel damage and 100% torpedo alpha damage. Overall heal amount is unchanged. Of course, her wing 155mm triple mounts would be replaced by 6 127 dual mounts, matching that of Yamato. 3. Many of us have wished for the return of USS Missouri as a FXP ship. Moving Musashi to tier 10 as a brawler would free up the previously occupied tier 9 niche. If Missouri was removed for another reason, then we can still bring in New Jersey as a FXP ship with a different comsumable loadout and credit earning. Happy to read suggestions and comments. Edit: The amount of hate this thread gathered is too much. This was not my intention. We all have different experiences playing the game our own way. Maybe you don't agree with my proposals, maybe you do. I just hope that people look objectively before starting an argument based on the first 3 words you see.
  2. Guys, if you did not buy the camos for both ships, you will not have another chance to do it. Look at this, from the patch notes of the Update 0.7.9: High School Fleet Due to the termination of the contract with the copyright holder, the High School Fleet camouflage for Musashi and Harekaze is to be removed from the game. This, however, does not affect items that are currently on the players' accounts. In addition, if the account has an incomplete HSF collection, it still can be completed, which will get you a camouflage for battleship Yamato.
  3. After getting the legendary for Yamato I noticed Musashi gained a new quality of being the “older” Yammy with faster turret traverse and quicker reload. It works out nicely with having to be closer to front lines to properly compensate for reduced dispersion and stigma. I like having essentially same ship with two different combat styles in port.
  4. Musashi is characterised by her very powerful main guns, usually dealing ~90% of the total damage versus secondary-heavy battleships like Bismarck and Massachusetts's ~65%. Therefore, while I do favour ASM1 (-7% main gun dispersion) over SBM1 (+20% secondary range, -20% secondary dispersion) and MBM3 (-12% main gun reload) over SBM3 (-20 secondary reload), I find there are some captain skills that can be allocated to enhance secondaries. These secondaries, at 9.1 km range with AFT and without SBM1, don't see target often when played in that right style: pushing with teammates without high-risk brawling. However, I find the secondaries working pretty hard in lots of end-games, especially when you consider that some of them are knocked out already. Traditional Musashi captain skills: I find in the above build, both Fire Prevention (limits max number of fires on superstructure from 2 to 1, and reduce 10 fires for every 100 potential fires) and Concealment Expert (reduces detectability range by sea from 15.7 km [after CSM1] to 13.5 km) not imperative. From my experience, they haven't made any significant differences. Therefore, I'm thinking either: (maintaining very low detectability range, which is useful in situations) Or: (increasing the 6x 5" guns per side's 8% fire chance to 10%. reload is quite long: 7.5 seconds) Any suggestions from the secondary-build masters of this ship?
  5. Dat heal though
  6. Joker6787

    Musashi credit earning

    Btw for those of you that are considering musashi for credit earning here is a decent game. Ran 2 flags for added credit, however still did not brake the 1 million mark. Not bad tho.
  7. Landsraad

    Ship Anatomy Question

    Something that's bugged me for a while about the Yamato and Musashi that I can't find a decent answer for. Under some of the aircraft handling equipment on the stern are these two big cut-outs that lead to what looks like it could be a big flat hatch of some kind. Does anyone know what those hatches are for? I'm tempted to say launch or perhaps even mini-sub stowage (subs confirmed!), but I guess maybe you could possibly fit a floatplane in there? It's in an awkward position if that's the case. Are they even hatches? Is this just some structural idiosyncrasy the two ships shared?