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Found 2 results

  1. The Victory competition is about to end and some players may be wondering what to do with their "Provision Tokens". If you have the 500 tokens for the Commander Nikolay Kuznetsov, fine, get him. However, if you are not going to get to 500, I am here to tell you that the Murmansk is a good premium ship for 200 tokens. I got her today, and have some left for other things. The Murmansk is a Russian version of the Omaha with certain changes. If you have the Phoenix or Omaha you have some idea how the Murmansk plays. I have a 62% win rate in my Phoenix and 58% in my Omaha, so I feel I have the credentials to evaluate the Murmansk. Here are the main differences between Omaha and Murmansk and why I feel Murmansk is better than Omaha and will be a good credit earner, and Russian Commander trainer (you can also move an existing well trained Russian Commander into the Murmansk with no penalty to skills as she is a premium). Torp range - 5.5 km Omaha. 8.o km Murmansk (each has three per side) Gun Range - 15.2 km Omaha. 14.8 km Murmansk However, Murmansk has a spotter plane giving 17.76 km range. HE fire chance - 9% Omaha. 14% Murmansk This is a huge difference and makes Murmansk an excellent fire starter. Maneuverability - 600 turn radius, 5.7 second rudder shift Omaha. 590 turn radius, 3.8 second rudder shift Murmansk. So Murmansk can evade torps and shells better. AA - here the Omaha is better as she can mount fighter planes. Otherwise AA is close but favors Omaha. Neither is good. Key to doing well in the Omaha/Murmansk is to not show your side (armor is weak), use your HE and gun range to start fires, your maneuverability to evade torps and shells. Don't rush about trying to torp ships (especially battleships) as your armor is weak, the torps are slow (55 km), and you only have three per side. Torps on these ships are used on a situational basis. The AP shells are good on cruisers at short to medium distances. Good luck.
  2. howdy sailors! title asks it all Reason i'm asking is because, I'm only 3 tokens away form the murmansk but I already own one and kinda need the doubloons. anyone know by chance? please comment below! until next time, I'll c'ya on the Seas!