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Found 34 results

  1. As much as I wanna see my plane in WOWS, I would also like to see my ship normally...
  2. I got both Marblehead and Murmansk from the santa crates, and I was wondering, it there any reason whatsoever to play Marblehead of Murmansk? Murmansk gets torps that are way faster, deal over twice the damage, and she has a main battery range 2km larger than Marblehead's. Marblehead seems absolutely pointless to me.
  3. VMF T5 Premium Cruiser Murmansk.

    I've seen a few questions, recently - about lower tier premiums for players that perhaps aren't comfortable with higher tier play, but would like a ship with good credit earning potential and entertaining game play. I know she's not available at the moment (though I have no doubt she'll be back at some point) - but I'm a big fan of the VMF premium, the Murmansk. Good firepower, great fire lighting potential (especially with flags and the DE skipper skill), very useable 8km torps - and more than capable of holding her own as a low tier ship in a T7 game. She has assisted in training up a 16 point skipper who is currently sailing the Udaloi (and taking to that command very well, indeed!) - and a 14 point skipper I've worked up in preparation for embarking down the VMF cruiser line. In fact that Captain is currently 4300 XP shy of his 15th point and that CE skill will be a great addition. This game was a fun one in which Murmansk (with help) holds a push on the flank, denying the reds of advancement towards the center cap - played as bottom tier. As I said - she will hold her own in that MM - just don't show your broadside to a Texas as I do in the opening salvos of this match (double cit, anyone?)! *Spoiler Alert* Murmansk gets her own back in the end. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. I Only Wanted to Finish Long Cruise...

    Wasn't even trying to finish the mission in the first place, but I noticed that I had 14 wins out of the required 15, so I thought "screw it, Murmansk time." To my surprise, I was top tier. Followed the majority of my team east, and it was looking good for a while, then I realized that the west flank was dying out and our east flank was badly damaged as well. There was still two CLs and the CV on my side, so I decided to kill those and return back. However, by the time the CV was dead the enemies were already pushing into our cap... Me and a friendly Marblehead were outnumbered, and eventually outcapped. Yes, I know, I should've carried more, team played(?) more, and there are parts I regret doing, but I just wanted to share this...
  5. What Tier V Cruisers Need To Be AA-Spec'd?

    What Tier V Cruisers need to be AA spec'd? I know, some will say that only Tier VI and above are worth spec'ing for AA. However, the evidence proves otherwise. The majority of all carrier players are in Tiers IV-VII. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't every Tier V Cruiser that isn't premium see all of those tiers? In my opinion, both the best and the worst effective AA need to be improved by spec'ing their respective ship for AA power. What do you think? Let me know in the comments and the poll provided.
  6. I haven't seen many complaints on the new (stock) main gun sounds. I like most... but the Murmansk? It sounds like some late 1800's Colt six shooter... there's no sound of authority at all, it sounds pretty weak. Lame is a word oft used.... Any other ships in your opinion have weak sounding main guns?
  7. We had to EARN this win. In this match, Greenteam, Draconiso, and I earn this win. It looked really bad all match but we ended up doing it. The lesson to be learned is to never give up hope in battle. Keep a cool head and victory is possible.
  8. Ever been in an up close battle in a Murmansk/Omaha and wondered what ammo to shoot and where to aim? I put the Murmansk up against a Kongo, New York, Omaha and Furutaka at close range as part of my review.
  9. Enjoy a game of the Mighty Murmansk! A game with a total of 201k Damage 5 kills and lots more to do! Enjoy Video Made Possible by (Omni)LordMaddyzzz
  10. Fate of the Murmansk

    A couple of interesting pages on the fate of the Murmansk: http://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2014/07/salvage-russian-battle-cruiser-murmansk-shipwreck/ http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=836926 http://www.ocean-fortune.com/Item/12042.aspx http://atomictoasters.com/2012/05/watch-out-for-the-undertow/
  11. What is your best damage score on Murmansk?
  12. I have been playing my Murmansk and feel like the ship isn't quiet like it was. I can't absorb as many hits, my modules are constantly being blown out. Just over all I feel a lot more fragile. Did I miss something in the patch notes? Its possible (likely) I am playing a little too reckless in her or that my RNG isn't in my favor. But I feel like I used to be a lot more tanky. Anyone else noticed anything? Or is it just me?
  13. [MOD] Secession Skins

    Secession Skin Mods I try to keep as much as possible of the original color richness and texture structure, the WOWs designers have done to the original ship textures. So you wont see typical clean surfaces of other mods. Now all ship mods have customized additional premium camouflage skins, not disturbing the base mod skins. Polish Destroyer ORP Błyskawica - "historic" 1940 version | v1.08 | wikipedia | | http://www.mediafire.com/download/e4ji8lxb3ajp07x/Blyskawica_sec_mod_v1.08.rar Questions to the WoW developers of Blyskawica: Why texture "WM002_Boat_8m_a.dds" is unusal small compared to other textures?It's 256x256 pixels only but the model of this boat is twice as big as the model for WM003_Boat_6_3m_a.dds with uses an 1024x1024 texture. I had to do a lot of rework. ;-) Russian Cruiser Murmansk to USS Milwaukee 1943 | v1.12 | wikipedia | historic high resolution pictures of Murmansk alias Milwaukee CL-5 | http://www.mediafire.com/download/dntalci1nqqy05j/Murmansk_to_USS_Milwaukee_1943_mod_v1.12.rar Russian Cruiser Murmansk 1944-1949 US Navy colors | v1.12 | wikipedia | historic high resolution pictures of Murmansk alias Milwaukee CL-5 | Since I found no evidence russians had changed the colors of USS Milwaukee in 1944 for her short service as Murmansk, I made an more historic Murmansk mod in US navy colors. Have a look to the photos I have found. http://www.mediafire.com/download/dr6cyckmtkd9c2s/Nikolai_sec_mod_v1.11.rar
  14. Premium Ships

    I was thinking about purchasing a low tier premium for xp, credits and was wondering if the Murmansk was any good?
  15. So I hoped on the premium store this morning to double check make sure that there were no new ships on there, as one does. And I noticed 2 things. First the store got a make over and it looks great! The second was that it appears 3 premiums in the store also got make overs. Atlanta, Murmansk and Ishizuchi now all have camos equipped in their pictures there. Now it doesn't say anything about there being new camos with this ship when you click on them and since I'm at work I cannot login and check my Murmansk and Ishizuchi to see if they have changed. So if anyone can confirm or deny if there have been any changes to these ships in the game I would appreciate it. Pls remember that the camos on premium or reward ships are aesthetic only. They provide no bonus like the ones you use in game currency of gold for. They simply make the ships more interesting to look at or to make it easy to tell the difference between two similar ships, Arkansas and Wyoming for example.
  16. Craft Contest

    If you are like me you miss stuff on the contest page, anyways thought Id toss this in General looks fun! http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/53444-the-great-ship-build-off/page__p__1312818#entry1312818
  17. I'm a born-again Murmanskineer

    Admittedly, I've hated on the Murmansk pretty much from the first day I played this game. I've often made little passive-aggressive jabs at people who had them. Like, "not bad for floating wallet!" and such... BUT, a friend took me aside pretty much convinced me to buy it via logical comparison a few premium planes I purchased in War Thunder and loved.... **cough** Russian B-25 **cough**. And, after a few matches with the Murmansk, I am now a believer!!!!!!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8elJcVrXxUPRHYtSVpwb0FRVnM/view?usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8elJcVrXxUPTm9PRW9tX0p2Wms/view?usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8elJcVrXxUPdnpnU3JtT0hleE0/view?usp=sharing Somehow the 'attachments' option is...gone?
  18. So I had a wierd bug on my Murmansk today on the Fault line map. I was firing at an enemy Omaha at about 5-6km range. I had my targeting reticule locked onto the Omaha and i was firing AP shells going for some citadels. The first 2 salvos i launched with my cursor dead ahead of the Omaha by about 3 seconds lead time and the range indicator lined up with the Omaha's Hull, while in scope mode fell about 2km short of the target. There was nothing physically in the way or between my ship and the enemy ship. Its almost as if the gun elevation auto targeting system was targeting some torpedoes that were in the water instead. I've got replays enabled and im going to watch it once the match is done and post it here if shed any light on the problem. As Gun Elevation was something mentioned in the 5.0.1 patch notes, i can only assume something was "fixed", and by that I mean broken. Follow up to come.
  19. Aurora vs Murmansk

    Which one is better at it's tier and which one is more likely to make more money.
  20. Murmansk Set Up

    Am new to the game, and just unlocked tier IV, but noticed am starting to not have a large pile of Silver so i did my research(Ty forum) and saved some cash and pulled the trigger on the Murmansk. Question i have for you wise folks. How would you recommend I set up Tasha(my name for this Russian/American beauty) I speak of course about the Upgrade choices. and also set of skills choice in order please. I appreciate any links and guidance given. (Also i apologize if it has already posted-but i searched nearly all the topics with murmansk and nothing was mentioned on the specific upgrades- also your opinion on why the upgrade choice would be greatly appreciated) Respectfully Toast.
  21. Too good not to share. Average battle low-tier 4-5. About 8 minutes into the show we started loosing numbers fast. The enemy ended up chasing a DD away from our fleet which left them with my ship at 60% and two carriers vs 4 BBs, 2 cruisers, 1 carrier and a DD. They were all so stretch out after chasing our rogue DD that while each came in to attack the carriers I was able to light them up with a range of 16 and fire rate of non-stop. Roasts them well and let the carrier slap fish into each. The last of them was the BB in the screenshot. I took him head on and got around to his starboard side while his guns where on the carriers. Right at the end of the battle when the timer stopped the battle here were the conditions. I had under 1000 and he had under 3500. He turns hard to get me at the last minute so I swing and keep firing. If my torpedoes would have hit along with my volley he would have sunk. At the exact same time he was turning hard to the right and would have sunk me. We both needed 1.5 seconds to win. Amazing! The best god damn draw I have ever seen. Hope you enjoyed, it was honest and truly exiting for once.
  22. Blue, Red & White Skin The Murmansk back in the USA... or still in Russia. Not sure since the colors are the same...hmm. Similar to the USS Milwaukee but with all the physical Russian modifications. Chose the copper-based anti-fouling paint (blue) instead of the lead belly (red). Use "Invisible camouflage" to keep skin visible when using camouflage. INSTALLOpen game folder -> open res_mods folder.Select which version you are running (latest).Extract package in version folder. Example:C:\World_of_Warships\res_mods\VERSION\content\gameplay\russia\ship\cruiser\textures Add DDS files to the TEXTURES folder.If no folders create and name accordingly. http://www.mediafire.com/download/on94rigxnaxri9b/Prehistoric_Blue_Red_White_Murmansk_Skin.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download/e23uquf922kk3d0/Prehistoric_Blue_Red_White_Murmansk_Skin.zip http://www.megafileupload.com/95sV/Prehistoric_Blue_Red_White_Murmansk_Skin.rar http://www.megafileupload.com/95sU/Prehistoric_Blue_Red_White_Murmansk_Skin.zip DARK DAZZLED SKIN The Murmansk with a dusk themed repaint replacing the red deck with a mild camo. Notice the famous dazzle along the hull. Use "Invisible camouflage" to keep skin visible when using camouflage. INSTALLOpen game folder -> open res_mods folder.Select which version you are running (latest).Extract package in version folder. Example:C:\World_of_Warships\res_mods\VERSION\content\gameplay\russia\ship\cruiser\textures Add DDS file to the TEXTURES folder.If no folders create and name accordingly. http://www.mediafire.com/download/i2qus8sifa8b9kb/Prehistoric_Dazzled_Murmansk_Skin.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download/7sla61e5d3ramvd/Prehistoric_Dazzled_Murmansk_Skin.zip http://www.megafileupload.com/dh4j/Prehistoric_Dazzled_Murmansk_Skin.rar http://www.megafileupload.com/dh4k/Prehistoric_Dazzled_Murmansk_Skin.zip
  23. The Murmansk

    THE MURMANSK The Murmansk started as the USS Milwaukee CL-5 in 1922. It discovered the deepest part in the Atlantic Ocean named the "Milwaukee Deep". Russia acquired the ship in 1944. In 1949 the ship was returned to the states and scrapped. Photo collection of USS Milwaukee CL-5 http://www.navsource.org/archives/04/005/04005.htm Would anyone have more detailed info to share? Video clips? Rare photos? Logbooks? And what do you like or dislike about this ship? CONFUSION? This link shows the Sverdlov-class light cruiser also called Murmansk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_cruiser_Murmansk Not the ship we are talking about on this post. Wikipedia has it linked to the USS Milwaukee page which is getting the info all mixed up.
  24. Discussions about Warships missing Russian Cruisers section I would like to talk about the Murmansk. Keep up the good work. Thanks mods.