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Found 9 results

  1. Guys, there's only SIX days remaining to donate to the Texas and Project Valor. Have you done it yet? If so, show off your screenshots here! Here's mine: This camo is GORGEOUS! More importantly, Texas is in a rather sad state. I had the pleasure of visiting her with @SeaRaptor00 just after the Let's Battle Tour. We need to save her. Here's some photos from my visit: As you can see, she's gorgeous in game, but FAR better in real life. If you haven't visited her yet, be sure to do so at some point in your life. Just be sure to donate first to make sure she's still there when you visit :). https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/dont-mess-with-uss/
  2. I Got Me An Atlanta

    Yesterday, I got an Atlanta out of the premium shop. Took her out for a spin, did 32k damage, 106 shell hits, 3 fires, 7 base defenses, and a kill. Someone tell me: 1: Whether I was crazy. 2: What upgrades/captain skills go well with her. Thanks!
  3. Most patriotic game

    Hard to be more American than driving an Iowa, winning, getting top xp, devestating striking a commie bastard, and earning 1776 xp.
  4. I've been screwing around on test for the past few days, as have many of you, and I thought I'd give my impressions of some of the tier 10 ships that I've played during that time. I do this both to provide a perspective on them to my fellow pubbie sh*tlords, and also to solicit opinions from Players of Quality as to the accuracy of my impressions. I'm not going to do carriers, not because I hate them (I don't), but because I've found that the only real difference between a top-tier carrier and, say, the Langley, is simply that you're just BUSIER. I also don't include IJN DDs because you can't access them right now. Anyhow... Gearing: I suppose this used to be the cat's pajamas when it came to all-round destroyer awesomeness, but next to the Khabarovsk, it just seems like a slower, uglier, less-well-armed cousin. About the only bright spot in comparison is that has good (not brilliant) torpedoes that have a range long enough (and a detection range small enough) that you can stealth-torp. Which is a very neat trick, but it loses some of its relevance at high tiers. Some. Not all. Khabarovsk: It's. So. FAST. The guns are absolute bullsh*t. This thing is a predator. Just lay low until the endgame, and then, when the enemy team is reduced to a handful of wounded stragglers, start blasting around and lopping them off. Whoever came up with that "Klingon" proverb, "Four thousand throats can be cut in one night by a running man," had this boat in mind when they came up with it. Zao: I wasn't good enough for this boat. My decision-making skills and understanding of game flow are not good enough to take full advantage of the capabilities of this thing. All the individual pieces were great, concealment, maneuverability, artillery, torpedoes, but I just couldn't make it work. Someone who's really good would be a nightmare in this thing, but I'm not that person. Des Moines: Again, I felt like I was missing the right skillset to take advantage of this ship, because it just felt gimmicky and one-dimensional. Sure, it's great to fire such a great whacking lot of 8" shells at the Reds, but they aren't especially good shells, and they take their sweet time getting there. It feels like the Des Moines would be decent in a mid-range gunfight, but just about everything you might mix it up with in that way has torpedoes, and you don't have the agility to reliably dance around them. About the only ship the DM would outclass in a mid-range fight is the Moskva, but a decent Moskva player wouldn't let you get anywhere near them. Moskva: I wanted very badly to like this ship. The guns are phenomenal, but with the maneuverability being what it is (or isn't), you have to make sure to stay out of anything that even resembles a confined area, and with your durability being what it is (or isn't), you have to be very careful about picking your fights. I ended up playing very cautiously, and just didn't have a great deal of fun. Again, I may not have the skills to fully utilize the capabilities here. Hindenburg: Boring but practical. Absolutely nothing about this ship excites me, yet I ended up playing it a lot because it's more than adequately capable in all areas and has no glaring weaknesses. The guns are good enough, it's decently tough, it's relatively maneuverable, the AA is fine. It's not slow, but it's not as fast as I'd like, either. It's got a nice selection of consumables, and the torpedo armament, while a bit pathetic in an absolute sense, really quite welcome for punishing anyone who gets too close, and the occasional banzai-charge against a BB. Minotaur: A destroyer on steroids. Test, HGH, Tren, Clen, the whole bit. One vs. one, anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, that gets too close to you is going to *die.* ***RAPIDLY.*** If it's within about 8 km, goodbye! Any destroyer who gets near you, you're going to burn them down like a heat gun on a chocolate figurine. Cruisers are also going to be easy meat when at close range, and even BBs can be killed fairly quickly, but I don't recommend it, secondaries being what they are at that tier. In confined spaces where you can take on the Reds singly, a good player is going to be a chainsaw-wielding colossus in a hockey mask set against a bus full of coeds. Not even going to be a contest. In open water, or against more than one opponent, it's going to get very tricky, VERY quickly, because you are extremely squishy, and someone who spits at you is probably going to find your citadel. You can also be effective at long range, but the continuous drain of the opponent's HP combined with the big yellow arc that basically forms a "Shoot Here!" sign pointing right at you means that you're going have to either be part of a group of nasty, scary ships, or you have to limit this kind of attack to someone who already has their hands VERY full. Montana: Meh. It's not as squishy as I had been led to believe, and it's decently maneuverable for a BB, but it just feels like it's a cruiser with a thyroid problem. It's badder than any tier 9 BB, and it's plenty scary to most tier 10 cruisers, but it just doesn't feel competitive against tier 10 BBs. I feel like there's capacity for a skilled player to get more out of it than I did, but I think that such a person would STILL be dissatisfied with it. Everything about it just barely misses adequacy. Yamato: I enjoyed this a lot. It didn't feel anywhere near as ponderous as I thought it would, and my worries about its tectonic reload time just never came to much. It's a good BB. Very good for standoff gunnery, but it's also VERY dangerous at high-middle ranges. I was pleasantly surprised by this ship. G. Kurfurst: I'm sure we've all fantasized about having a secret mountain lair-slash-base built into a volcano or something. Well, that's what this thing is. It's an evil overlord lair/headquarters built into a huge, forbidding volcano. Only you can drive this volcano around. At 30 knots. And spray lava at people with it.
  5. So, I caved in and got the Maximum Freedom camouflage for my Texas. Now Before this I had the mere regular grade Texas Battleship! But for a mere 1,000 Gold coins with that upgrade I've become seemingly unstoppable! The results speak for themselves! Get your Maximum Freedom Texas today! Before After
  6. New York Advice

    Good evening, fellow captains! So as of now, I'm about 6k XP away from unlocking the New York-class Battleship. Any suggestions about what upgrades, captain skills, camo, etc. I should use, and what tactics to use while playing it? I don't have it now, but want to be better prepared when I do have it, so any advice would be helpful. Thanks, and fair seas!
  7. Des Moines! Now I can get bonus(edit: commander!) XP to grind up my New Orleans. This is Freedom!
  8. I'll let this speak for itself