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Found 2 results

  1. WG FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR OWN GAME STOP WITH THE MULTIPLE CV GAMES fps this ruins the game for people. people leave/quit/unistall/never start playing the game because of this garbage. get rid of the multiple cv games, especially at high tiers.
  2. While this is technically my advice as a CV on how to avoid being seen as a target by every red CV, this is also a guide on facing CVs in general, too. Most times, I'd rather not double up CV attacks, as it's unnecessary. However, there are times it will happen naturally, as there are things CVs look for and positions that aren't great to be in. Are you alone on a flank? If you are the only ship on an entire flank, you will (usually) die even without a CV being around. However, you will also be focused by every CV, meaning that you will be spotted, too, making this so much worse than otherwise. Please, don't do this, as this is suicide, and suicide is bad. Are you lone wolfing on the same flank as your team? If you are alone on the same flank as your team, try to do so in a position that a CV will have to approach going towards that cluster so as to avoid AA. This can kill a less attentive CV's entire squad of planes, and it's happened to me numerous times when I don't notice or can't see the other ship/ships near a given enemy. While clustering is the ultimate defense against CVs, there are alternatives. The buddy system, where you go with 1-2 greens, is usually plenty to make you unappealing, no matter what their AA is like, assuming you aren't all bottom tier against a top tier CV. Sailing near a Gearing, Grozovoi, Worcester or Minotaur will, of course, be optimal, however, as those are four ships with excellent AA and low detection, making them ideal for a larger ship with worse AA and higher detection to sail with. This isn't saying charge the cap with them, but if they aren't going that way, you can support each other. Are you capping in a DD or any other ship with smoke? You now have the CV's attention unless we're busy. Is it the big cap? You (usually) have our full attention. Smoke up if the CV is coming and be in a place radar won't matter, or be ready to run from radar. Don't wait to be spotted, do it a few seconds before being spotted. Know your aerial detection range, and smoke before they get into it. Are your AA guns larger than it? Keep them off, and turn them on in smoke. Smaller? Keep them on! Free damage! I can fairly easily hit a DD I see vanish into smoke. One that I don't is safe, however, so long as I don't have torps out. Torps will be launched if I do, so be prepared and don't sit still, as it's not overly hard to figure out your general location while smoke is coming out. Your exact location, however, is trickier. When sailing my Midway, I managed to land 2 torps at once on a smoked up Akizuki, so be on guard for torps from torp planes. Are you capping in anything but a DD, or a French DD that isn't Aigle? You have the CV's attention unless we're busy. Is it the big cap? You (usually) have our full attention. If you don't want the CV to attack you, don't do this without support, good AA and/or a fighter. The fighter needs to be deployed early, but not too early. I'd suggest doing so about 10-15 seconds before the planes come, as that's terrifying for a CV more often than not. You likely won't get kills, but you won't be attacked if the CV doesn't want to lose planes. Def AA can help any ship, but ships with amazing AA and a properly focused side will obliterate most attacks before they can get off a second attack. Sims and Atlanta at T7, Baltimore, Cleveland, Montpelier and Kidd at T8, Alaska and Fletcher at T9, and Des Moines, Minotaur, Worcester, Grozovoi, Gearing and Harugumo at T10... the list is obviously larger, but these are ships no CV wants to get near. We will get near it if we have no choice, but we really don't want to. Something to keep in mind: islands block AA, so we are likely to abuse this to get attacks in even if you have good AA, so your island waifu could be causing you marital issues if she's not needed. Did the green CV drop a fighter? If it's near you, odds are it's for your protection, so use it. Often times, I see allies not use it to the upmost ability, ending up getting little protection from it. Example: DDs in the early game with imminent attack planes on their way to your position. Anything I missed? Say your advice below!