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Found 1 result

  1. hardtodie

    Matchmaking Revised

    What a bloody bunch of crap. I started playing 11950 games ago and matchmaking was a problem back then. After over 4 years of playing wows I'am still hearing about how matchmaking still has the same problems it had 4 year ago and a couple of new created by wows attempts to address original issues. The new issues I'am talking about are: 1- Bots 2- Imbalanced teams So lets discuss the the "bot" problem. Since I play all game modes WoWs has given me I would like to start coop mode. Since the introduction bots. I have noticed that the bots DO NOT TAKE AN ACTIVE PART IN THE BATTLE AS REGULAR PLAYER WOULD. IT IS MY EXPERIENCE THAT ALL THEY DO IS GO AND HIDE OR RUN IN REVERSE. THIS AFFECTS A REAL PLAYERS WIN - LOSS RATIO AS WELL. THE QUESTION NEEDING AN ANSWER IS WHY IS IT LIKE THIS? THE ANSWER IS QUITE SIMPLE- WORLD OF WARSHIPS MOTIVE IS PROFIT NOT PLAYER SATISFACTION.