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Found 9 results

  1. SteffisCute

    Bekah ruins Jaws

    So a local cinema was showing Jaws in all its glory on the big screen. You've never experienced Jaws fully unless its on a movie screen and I love the film so I told Bekah we were going. So I put on my miniskirt, pink converse, Neff beanie and I look uber kawaii. Bekah has on jeans a t shirt and her flannel tied around her waist....*facepalm* So I am all excited and the movie starts and its even better than I remember! I love Jaws it is literally perfect! I notice Bekah is quiet during the film and I know she has never seen it before so I assume she is scared or just in awe of it. So on the way home we talk about the film. "wasn't it great Bekah?" "it was terrible! it sets a really bad example for the environment" "what?" "all those 1970's cars and their pollution, all of those boats and their engines just spewing toxic fumes. And they way they treat those poor sharks! Sharks are just trying to survive, they are not mindless killing machines that purposely hunt humans! And everyone was smoking! " So at this point I am literally shaking and internally I start counting ten like Dad said I should when I feel like committing a war crime against Bekah. "humans don't belong in the ocean anyway, that is the home of marine life, all we do is pollute it." 'WELL YOU DIDN'T BLOODY WELL COMPLAIN WHEN WE DID IT IN THE SEA LAST TIME WE WENT TO THE BEACH BEKAH!!!!' I shout. But it was like she was ignoring me. "And you would think after seeing how big that shark was Quint of all people would know he was out of his depth and would turn around and get help or call the Coast Guard or MAYBE Chief Brody would have brought more guns." "Oh NOW you are pro gun Bekah?!?!?!?" "And what kind of Marine Biologist is Hooper, wanting to kill a poor shark that was just trying to live its best life?" "Living its BEST LIFE!?!?!?" "And what sort of idiot captain smashes his own radio? If if Quint was going insane, Brody is a COP he has a gun JUST F**KING SHOOT QUINT AND GET HOOPER TO DRIVE THE BOAT BACK TO AMITY!" And I took that personally....... "Its a MOVIE Bekah...my God.....I had to hear a 35 minute lecture from you about how Orcs have rights too and were just trying to find their own way in Middle Earth." So I had to listen to her all the way back to the Condo. Another movie RUINED by the Tree Hugging Film Critic (I told her she should start a podcast using that title). Sigh.....
  2. SteffisCute

    Godzilla vs Kong: A Steffi review

    So Bekah and I went to see Godzilla vs Kong. I am a huge Godzilla fan, Dad and I used to watch it as I was growing up and my Dad has this Shogun Warrior Godzilla thing still in a box in a case I am not allowed to touch because....reasons. So we get to the theater and get our seats and Bekah is all "I bet Kong will win, he is smart" OH HELL NO. So I logically explain to her that being smart doesn't mean jack in a fight...I use the example of Stephen Hawking vs Brock Lesnar. But she is all "But Kong is based on a real animal. He reminds me of Harambe." So I say "I don't give a damn if he reminds you of the point guard for the Lakers, Godzilla is going to kick his monkey [edited]." NOTE: It was later I found out that Harambe was, in fact, a real gorilla. My bad. I could have sworn that was the name of the point guard for the Lakers. ANYWAYS We watch the movie and it was a lot of fun. A lot of badass monster on monster fighting. I liked everyone in the cast except that girl from Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown. She is a little ho cause she hooked up with that guy who plays Superman even though she is underage. Typical Hollywood. But that fat kid from Deadpool 2 is in it and HE is hysterical, though I guess he lost his fire burning powers here. Odd. I won't spoil the movie, but I recommend seeing it on the big screen as the fight scenes are awesome AND it uses one of my favorite songs ever in it, "The Air that I breathe" by The Hollies. OF COURSE Bekah had to nitpick stuff on the ride home. She was all "Everyone should have died of radiation" and "There is NO WAY an aircraft carrier would remain afloat with Godzilla and Kong standing on it" and "How is it scientifically possible for Godzilla to blow a hole with his blue atomic fire all the way to the Earth's core THEN roar down the hole AND have Kong hear it and road back! Thats impossible! And why does it only take Kong 45 seconds to climb to the surface from THE EARTH'S CORE to Hong Kong to fight Godzilla?!?!" I replied "Bekah you are literally triggering me, its a movie about a giant lizard and a giant ape fighting just roll with it." THEN she hits me with "Plus the environmental destruction, all those dead trees and toxic waste, this movie sent a bad ecological message." At this point I am literally shaking and I have to be careful not to wreck my Audi. All I want to do is pull over and slap the standing triangle choke on her BUT Dad said to just count to ten and breathe so I do and I calm down. Anyway, it was a great film just don't take your significant other if they are a hippie.
  3. SteffisCute

    The Snyder Cut

    Bekah and I watched the Justice League: The Snyder Cut tonight. It was the fastest 4 hours! The movie was great, light years ahead of that travesty that scumbag Joss Whedon released. It literally is a totally different film. Bekah and I are huge Marvel fangirls, but this movie made Infinity War and Endgame look childish and silly. You should definitely check it out, it is fantastic.
  4. jo_jo_nerd

    Naval Scenes in Kong vs Godzilla

    I just watched Kong Vs Godzilla and seeing the recent Godzilla Vs Kong Dev Blog, the extensive "Naval Combat" scenes (practically just Godzilla and Kong smashing ships), and some interesting ship designs... I would like to show you all. Hmmm yes, I do believe that's an Iowa hull with an Arleigh Burke superstructure. Pretty cool nonetheless.
  5. With the ARP/Warships collaboration in full swing, I am interested to see what "ARP" is all about. I searched for the series, and the movies, on You Tube, Netflix, Amazon, You Tube TV, Hulu, and Disney, without success. It appears my Google Fu is weak today. Can anyone guide me, and anyone else who is curious, to where one might be able to watch the shows and see what the hype is all about? Much obliged.
  6. DavyJonesLocker

    What ship would ______ Be?

    I'm Bored. Let's have fun! Match a celebrity, politician, or anyone with a ship, ship class, or nation.....GO Example: Gordon Ramsay would be the Smolensk due to his fiery personality and he is always shouting a you very close. or Betty White would be the Albany. It's older than dirt itself and the ship is legit white.
  7. So due to the virus having an outbreak in my city and seeing that I can't go anywhere or do anything I finally have the excuse to watch all the movies I got over Christmas! One of which was TURN! and My GOD this series is well done! the characters the clothing the props, everything is very well made and historically accurate. I was actually worried it be simular to HBO's "Rome" which was 1% battles, 20% character development, and 79% sex. honestly everyone and their dog got a piece in that series! still a good series none-the-less. and yes.....Like everyone said i would, i find simcoe to be....well i'll just post this video to discribe him.... anyways, I'm up to season 3 and have season 4 ordered and should have it by next Monday! Thank You vintage stock! If you're into American history, might i consider trying this one out. it only has like 5 inaccuracies. anyways, until next time I'll C'ya on the Seas! P.S. Try not to get sick, WASH THOSE HANDS PEOPLE!!!!
  8. monpetitloup

    Best outbreak movies

    Hey yonx, so in light of our impending doom due to the chinee flu, i was wanting to watch a good “outbreak” movie. so, other than: Outbreak - thanks dustin, and Contagion - thanks for taking a break from professionals jude - i was wondering what y’all suggest. thanks in advance for your input!
  9. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    The movie thread

    Share the movie names you've watched recently or think people need to know more about.