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Found 1 result

  1. Between all the myriad frustrations we have with WoWs, we wouldn't be here if we didn't all truly love this game...so to that end, what's you favorite ship in the game? For me, I would have easily said Atlanta after almost 300 games...until recently. I've always loved the Russian gunboat DD line, but with so much general dislike toward Khabarovsk I stalled out on the grind after getting Tashkent. The other day I said heck with it and blew 100,000 FXP to unlock Khaba, fully expecting to regret the decision. Only a couple games in, and I freaking LOVE it so far. First game I headed to the flank, opened fire and watched five reds immediately turn around and head back from whence they came. Felt like a border collie herding sheep! What's your current or all-time favorite ship where you just know that win or lose, you're going to have a blast?