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Found 1 result

  1. 5:48 pm EST Wow! I didn't expect this kind of reaction when I posted what I thought was basically a gripe. Coming to WoWS from WoT where kill stealing is frowned upon and not knowing the cultural difference between the two games, I just griped and figured that it would be ignored. Surprise! I thoroughly understand the difference in the ethics of the two games now and thanks to all who contributed their wisdom, kindly worded or otherwise. As my old man said many, many years ago, "What you lose on the swing you make up on the roundabout." You can rest assured, though, that I will still be checking the results at the end of each battle because making 6 kills, which is my max, kicks butt! *** I have been playing for about three weeks now in co-op and there is only one issue I have, that of losing a kill to an opportunist. I realize we all play to kill off all the enemy ships and take any opportunity to do so, so I don't think there is much in the way of actual kill stealing going on, heat of battle, fog of war, etc. However, it is very frustrating to spend three of four minutes wrecking a BB with a Cruiser, alone, and when his health is down to a couple of kill shots, someone waltzes by, puts a couple of shells into him and GETS THE KILL. This has happened to me more than once and it is infuriating, especially with a battleship because they take a lot of work to kill. Has it ever been proposed that the kill should go to the person that did the most damage to a ship? And that the person who actually puts the last shell through it should get an Assist instead of a kill? If that proposition has not been made, I am making it now. Devs, could you at least please look at the situation and consider whether a more equitable method might be arrived at? This is my first post in a new game so if I have misposted or done something wrong, please correct and let me know. I would be very interested in hearing from other players and, of course, from the Devs, on this subject.