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Found 18 results

  1. MiniHannibal65

    How I Build It: Moskva

    Hey all, back after a long hiatus! Here's my build for the Premium Russian Cruiser Moskva, hope it helps! Link for those who can't use embed! Don't forget to like and subscribe!
  2. Moskva excels in bow tanking. This means that its main turrets will take a lot of hits and become disabled. Preventative maintenance will reduce this risk and keep the guns firing. Moskva also features potent HE shells against angling targets and AP shells against broadside targets. Expert loader reduces shell type change time and enables better exploitation of citadel opportunities. Which skill would be the most suitable for a 19 pts captain on Moskva? or Thank you for your suggestion!
  3. Old_Baldy_One

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    In a desperate attempt to reduce the amount of threads on this, I'll try and consolidate as much as I can: From @Hapa_Fodder (with some minor clarification updates from me in italics) Commanders, in Update 0.9.5 there will be a soviet cruiser branch split. Due to the entirety of the current branch except Moskva consisting of light cruisers, Moskva will be replaced in the branch by the light cruiser Alexander Nevsky and will herself become a special ship for Coal. Apart from that, cruiser Kirov will be replaced in the branch by Kotovsky and become a premium ship. Details of the upcoming changes: Cruiser Moskva will get the "special" status (no credit boost). It means that base cost of the ship's post-battle service will be reduced from 180,000 to 90,000 credits and you will be able to assign commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining. Players who currently have Moskva researched but not yet bought or have her sold will get Moskva. Players who currently have Kirov researched but not yet bought or have her sold will get Kirov and a perma camo. Players who have researched either of these ships at any point, regardless of current status (sold, line reset, in port, painted pink with blue bows, etc) will receive these ships in port, with camos, on 9.5. If the soviet cruiser branch was reset, a bonus to Research points will be applied to cruiser Alexander Nevsky. The Unique Upgrade or the mission for it, as well as all purchased permanent camouflages, will remain on Moskva. In case the Type 20 permanent camouflage wasn't purchased, players will get it. The commander of Moskva will retain his specialization. Cruiser Alexander Nevsky will be available only when researched and purchased in the tech tree. The same rules are applied to cruisers Kirov and Kotovsky.  Additional Information (As of May 7th) not in the post: There will be no compensation for the permanent camo bought on Moskva. (Confirmed via streams and by WG employees on forums - will try and find a direct link tomorrow). The camo that is received will be identical to the camo players are given. Aurora will still be unique. 9.4 will see early release of the new Russian ships but no impact to Moskva or Kirov at that time. They will only move when 9.5 drops. 9.5 will drop somewhere around June 10th or so (4 weeks from 9.4 so not likely sooner based on normal cycles) If you have the needed XP on the ships 1 tier lower than these, you'll be able to research and buy them immediately when 9.5 drops. Pending Questions (not clearly answered above): Answered: If someone resets the current Moskva tech tree line and does not make it back to clicking Research on Moskva by the time 9.5 drops - will they still get her? Basically, is it if you have "EVER" researched Moskva, you get it, or do you have to have it "currently" researched as it states above. This would be odd to punish people for resetting lines. @Slumlord_Dasboot Confirmed that if you have reset the line but not yet made it back to these ships, you WILL get them as if they were researched. If the Unique Upgrade mission is in progress and you sell Moskva, will the Unique Upgrade mission still be there? @dbw86 There will be no compensation if the ship is in port at all. This is why people are going to sell it before 9.5 hits. Research Bureau Related: Is simply researching the Moskva sufficient to count as Tier X Ship #2 for the 5 needed for Research Bureau? Research Bureau Related: When the patch hits and Moskva is moved to special status, does my Tier X ship count for the RB decrease by 1? IE Do special Tier 10 ships count for the RB? @Alcubierre_Star_Drive I will keep this as updated as possible when answers appear. if you have information to add and a reliable source/link, that would be awesome.
  4. The mad lads did it again in the Cruiser Split() you'll lose the current T10 CA Moskva (and if you have the Type 20 you'll lose also 5k doubs) you'll have to grind T10 CL AL. Nevsky(but that was a given) and also you won't get T10 CA Petropavlovsk and on top of that you'll need to research T8 Tallin and T9 Riga to recover the ship they've stolen from you... Let that sink in. Now what they should have done is give us T10 CA Petropavlosvsk with the perma if you had the perma for T10 CA Moskva (like they did for Cleveland on the American Split) and the same for T5 CL Kirov and T5 CL Kotovsky. Edit: So to sum it all up we lose a ship that afterward we could get for free(coal); meaning grinding it was pointless in the first place(since we'll have to do it again) and for those who invested in the game and have spent 5k in the Type 20 they get to keep the camo(while others get it for free). Edit 2: Some people said in the comments below that they wouldn't give you a brand new ship(so i present this image from the American Split also addressing the camo problem). Edit 3: People seam to have a hard time looking(pictures) or reading so i will make it clearer: In the US Cruiser split you had: Before the split: You had US Cruiser T9 Baltimore with her perma camo(Occupying the T9 spot in the tech tree silver line) After the split: You had a stock T8 Baltimore with her perma camo and an brand new 8 point Capt and You had a T9 Buffalo (a brand new ship occupying the same spot that you had with the T9 Baltimore before) with her perma camo; all commanders, upgrades and XP earned transferred to her(from T9 Baltimore) and If you had a duplicated camo WG would give you a refund in Doubloons. In the USSR Cruiser split you "had"(will happen in 0.9.5 according to WG): Before the split: You had USSR Cruiser T10 Moskva (Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line) with her perma camo the Type 20(for those who bought it) After the split: You get Special USSR Heavy Cruiser T10 Moskva(that should cost ~240k coal and will be available in the Arsenal) with her perma camo as all Premium and or Special ships have. You lose the Ship Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line(Now a Light Cruiser spot) although according to WG if you reset the line your RP gets applied to T10 Nevsky(so we should get Nevsky) Those who bought the Type 20 perma camo for Moskva(and didn't have a time machine to know about the split and this mess) lose 5k doubloons You get to grind the Ship Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line again although if you had Moskva (and didn't reset the line) you already had it researched (I already expected this) If you want to have an T10 USSR Heavy Cruiser in the tech tree silver line like Moskva was before. You get to grind the from T7 Shchors to T8 Tallin to T9 Riga to T10 Petropavlovsk Since who Researched T10 Moskva but have not bought her will still get her as an Special Ship those who have her in the port will lose 19,500,000 credits and about 7,000,000 in upgrades(cuz of upgrade duplication done before) WG didn't said nothing about in-game refunds. Edit 4: To sum it all up after the USSR Cruiser split you get: Special USSR Heavy Cruiser T10 Moskva with her perma camo as all Premium and or Special ships have. You lose 19,500,000 credits(Moskva credit price) If you bought the Type 20 Perma camo for Moskva you lose 5k Doubloons Since you are not getting T10 Al. Nevsky in return for the removal of the Moskva from the main line you'll lose around 19,500,000 credits and about 7,000,000 in upgrades plus the T9 DM. Donskoi grind.
  5. A. I don't see here anywhere on my tech tree. She deserves a spot in the tech tree. She's special you know. B. Fine, I have to research a new ship. BUT -=- Moskva has over 342K exp aboard. It's now useless. Oh, unless I want to convert it. Fat chance. C. My RU cruiser line is no longer complete. Thanks WoWS. It's a small thing but hey, it was complete yesterday. I suspect I'll just believe, in my own little world, the RU cruiser line is still complete. She still sits at the top of the line, no fear of being replaced by a new contender. Of course, it is quite possible the new tier X cruiser will be OP, but odda are if it is, it will get nerfed like ships always do. Truth be known, I doubt I'll give much thought to the new ship, other than how to kill it with the Moskva. I also believe it would have been beneficial for you to have set up another or split line where we could have used our ship's experience to unlock the new one. cya
  6. Buenas Tardes. Tengo una Duda, el dia de hoy al recibir la actualizacion me pasaron mi Moskva de linea a barco especial, hasta aqui todo correcto, la duda es si yo tenia el camuflaje premiun al Moskva dicho camuflaje no me lo van a pasar al nuevo Tier X Alexander Nevsky .... Les envie un ticker a WG y me respondieron lo siguiente: ¡Gracias por ponerte en contacto con el soporte de Wargaming!La Actualización 0.9.5 verá la rama de cruceros soviéticos partirse en dos subramas. El X Moskva es el crucero pesado, y va a dejar la rama de cruceros ligeros y adquirir un estado especial que estará disponible a cambio de Carbón. Será reemplazado en el árbol tecnológico por el crucero ligero X Alexander Nevsky. El V Kirov también dejará la rama para convertirse en un barco Premium. Será reemplazado por el V Kotovsky. La versión Premium del Kirov está basada en su casco estándar que existió históricamente. El armamento AA del barco es el mismo que el de su casco estándar, mientras que todo el resto de sus características son las mismas que las de su casco investigable. Con respecto a tu camuflaje queremos decirte que dicha compensación no está prevista. Cuando Moskva se hace especial, los propietarios del camuflaje no pierden nada, sino que solo obtienen que el Moskva sea más barato en el servicio.Aunque no es obligatorio, en este tipo de casos lo mejor es compartir tus ideas en nuestro foro. Me pregunto, si mi Moskva no hubiera tenido el Camuflaje Premiun, si o si al pasarlo a Barco Especial me lo hubieran dado, entonces? si yo compre el Camuflaje Premiun porque sencillamente no reembolsan los doblones para poder comprarle el camu al nuevo Tier X ..... "Los camuflaje no pierden nada, si no que solo obtienen que el Moskva sea mas barato en el servicio" es obvio es un barco especial costara menos el servicio.... enserio que robada metieron con las personas que comprarno los Camuflajes Premiun al Moskva ni reembolso ni nada .... Gracias Tito WG ... Color de la palabra cambiado -ManWantsSteel
  7. I thought that they would reconsider but.... If you have Moskva you'll lose around 240k XP and around 20M credits, if you have Type 20 you'll lose 5000 doubloons. Now that's the weird part that most don't understand this isn't a complaint against people who don't have the Type 20 getting it for free it's quite the opposite, WG is gifting it to all people EXEPT people who already have it. Now if you buy a camo that you already have you get a doubloon compensation so this explains why they are shafting customers(or soon to be ex-customers) by don't giving them the camo like everybody else.... what i don't get is why they don't like money, their notion of monetization is very wacky i don't think that their sales department has any real life experience but i'll digress. And to think that from now on this will be the norm. Everybody knows that WG thinks that the Soviets should be the strongest, most prolific nation in game, and they'll stop at nothing to give it the strongest paper navy; and to think that every year you'll need to regrind ships because of their eminent removal and this situation all over again. P.S. And now they are selling steel (probably every semester)
  8. In the 0.9.5 release the Moskva camo people paid for with real dollars will be given out free. I will not be spending money on camo anymore. If I cannot rely on something maintaining it's value to me I am not going to buy it.
  9. So i just researched the moskva and i was wondering if i should wait to buy it, to maybe get it for free since its researched, or buy it now. I haven't found any news on this regarding the new tech tree changes for the RU Cruiser split
  10. Now that Moskva's legendary upgrade is moved to the Research Bureau and likely unavailable after update 9.5, how big of a disadvantage will this have on players who do not have it? It seems that its legendary upgrade with the accuracy enhancement is much superior to the RoF enhancement upgrade available at slot 6. I feel that players who do not finish the legendary upgrade grind before update 9.5 will have a significant handicap compared to players who have already obtained it.
  11. After some research into Moskva's gameplay and strategies, it seems that Moskva has some good angled bow tanking abilities thanks to its 50mm bow plating that can even bounce 18" shells. I'm wondering if it's as good as the Yamato/Musashi at the bow tanking role. Is it able to hold its own at a choke point against incoming BBs? Since Moskva has a terrible turn radius of 1050m and mediocre rudder shift time, it's very hard to turn around to disengage. The best solution, according to my understanding, is to keep the bow angled against the opponents and reverse in an attempt to disengage while dishing out damage. Has this tactic ever worked for you? If not, how do you disengage from enemy fire without overextending? Thanks for your feedback!
  12. When is the new update releasing, and is it removing Moskva yet, or waiting for 9.5?
  13. Please don't shoot the messenger folks, but... looks like we have to buy the DmDon again and grind out another Tier 10? "-Cruiser Alexander Nevsky will be available only when researched and purchased in the tech tree." https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/ Seriously WG??? -----
  14. This has been asked but not answered in another thread which was started by hapa_fodder. There are many like me grinding to get the Moskva before it is moved to special ship status. I have the FXP to get in now, however, I want to save as much as I can by grinding and not be caught short when the move happens. I, and many others would, like a time frame or at least be told we will have a warning before it is moved.
  15. In honor of the third season's last day, I present you with this very serious look into the critical issues presented during said season. I hope this provokes deep and meaningful thought while we reflect upon this past season.
  16. The spirit of the ring competition is in the right place. It might not be perfect, but it’s so supposed to be fun for the CCs and the community. I support that fully, issues aside. I also find it unfortunate that some of the much smaller CCs have become targets of attack when its not their fault at all, and the concept of the competition was designed to give them a fighting chance. The competition will likely be tweaked, but let's not lose site on it's full purpose and the fact that it was supposed to create laughs (and some marketing). Also a look at Moskva buffs which make the Moskva even more Moskva than before..
  17. So I've played just shy of 25 games in the Moskva, and all I have to say is that she's the perfect cruiser for my play style. Averaging 104k average damage in her with a 58% win rate. Currently have a 15 point captain with: 1: PT 2: EM, AR 3: DE, S 4: CE (Planning on AFT for AA) Upgrades: Main Arm mod 1 Radar Mod AA Mod 2 Propulsion Mod 2 Concealment Main battery mod 3 At this point in time I am relatively pleased with this, though I need to improve my positioning in some instances to further increase my survivability and damage output.
  18. I recently purchased the Surveillance Radar Mod 1 in the Arsenal. It suggests the radar will last for 20% more time. Moskva radar lasts 30 seconds - but shouldn't it improve to 36 seconds? It didn't change at all? Don't understand what I'm missing; doesn't seem to have changed anything. Help me understand. Thanks!