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Found 4 results

  1. In honor of the third season's last day, I present you with this very serious look into the critical issues presented during said season. I hope this provokes deep and meaningful thought while we reflect upon this past season.
  2. The spirit of the ring competition is in the right place. It might not be perfect, but it’s so supposed to be fun for the CCs and the community. I support that fully, issues aside. I also find it unfortunate that some of the much smaller CCs have become targets of attack when its not their fault at all, and the concept of the competition was designed to give them a fighting chance. The competition will likely be tweaked, but let's not lose site on it's full purpose and the fact that it was supposed to create laughs (and some marketing). Also a look at Moskva buffs which make the Moskva even more Moskva than before..
  3. So I've played just shy of 25 games in the Moskva, and all I have to say is that she's the perfect cruiser for my play style. Averaging 104k average damage in her with a 58% win rate. Currently have a 15 point captain with: 1: PT 2: EM, AR 3: DE, S 4: CE (Planning on AFT for AA) Upgrades: Main Arm mod 1 Radar Mod AA Mod 2 Propulsion Mod 2 Concealment Main battery mod 3 At this point in time I am relatively pleased with this, though I need to improve my positioning in some instances to further increase my survivability and damage output.
  4. I recently purchased the Surveillance Radar Mod 1 in the Arsenal. It suggests the radar will last for 20% more time. Moskva radar lasts 30 seconds - but shouldn't it improve to 36 seconds? It didn't change at all? Don't understand what I'm missing; doesn't seem to have changed anything. Help me understand. Thanks!