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Found 3 results

  1. destawaits

    Monitors in WoWS?

    What do you think if a Premium monitor ship was added for Tier II? I think it's an interesting concept and that some of the monitors from the article below, like HMS Gorgon and HMS Marshal Ney could fit in WoWS. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/history/michel-ange-monitor/
  2. Greetings Mates, What's the latest on a great set up for WOWS. My computer just like my exes work on the five year plan. However, a computer when it quits doesn't get the house. My current desktop setup has a Nividia GE Force710 that I added when I first started playing. I assume that I'll need to upgrade that if I get a 4K monitor. I saw a fellow senior citizen post that he was using a TV as a monitor. Great idea, but I don't have the space, so a 27 or 32 will have to do. I was at Best Buy and this young man was excited to show me the two best gaming computers he had, and I'm sure for $1,100 and $1,600 respectively they are. However, considering that WOWS is the only computer game I play it seems like overkill and huge waste of money. Then again, maybe not. That's why I'm asking. So, if any of you skippers out there are tech savvy, I would appreciate your input. Thanks!
  3. Since last week’s post was well received, I am here to share another. For this week’s recommendation I would like to highlight the author Richard Snow and his book Iron Dawn: The Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War Sea Battle that Changed History. Summary: Iron Dawn is a detailed recounting of the Battle of Hampton Roads, the people behind it and the development of the machines that forever changed the principles of naval warfare. About the Author: Richard Snow is a historian and novelist, having published his first work The Burning in 1981 about The Great Hinckley Fire. Since then he has achieved success as an editor for the magazine American Heritage and served as a historical consultant on several films including the 1989 film Glory. Snow won the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature in 2017 for Iron Dawn. My Thoughts and Why I Recommend It: The naval theater in the War of Northern Aggression is an untapped wonderland of interesting history. Okay, the battles tended to be one sided but even one sided battles, their lead up and their consequences can be interesting fodder for a hungry mind. Submarines, torpedoes, torpedo boats, turrets and the first all-steel constructed ship all originated during the American Civil War, and many of cutting edge technologies originated by France and England were advanced considerably by their American counterparts. While very few people are familiar with the Battle of Hampton Roads by name, everyone with even a slight interest in military history will immediately recognize the names Monitor and Merrimack. The battle in itself might not seem that interesting at face value; two ships meet in a narrow channel and pound away at each other for three hours before dwindling supplies forced a stalemate. The book however paints a compelling portrait. Many characters are brought to life in this book. John Dahlgren, whose artillery pieces became the basis of the future dreadnoughts. John L. Porter and John Mercer Brooke (who is worth a book himself) who, under the orders of Confederate Secretary of the Navy Stephen Mallory, managed to take the burnt hulk of the USS Merrimack and turn it into the casemate ironclad CSS Virginia. Most prominently however is the story of the Swedish inventor John Ericsson (a figure who is often overlooked but deserves as much recognition as Tesla and Bell. He was the inventor of the screw propeller, the caloric and solar-powered engine, an improved version of the whitehead torpedo and a new ship type to carry it - the torpedo boat destroyer). Ericsson fought a long, uphill battle of his own to get his plans for the Monitor accepted by the US Government, and in Iron Dawn, Richard Snow recounts it beautifully. Anyone with even a passing interest in ironclad construction and this obscure corner of history should definitely pick it up.