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Found 3 results

  1. Since some CCs here and there are allowed to show test ship gameplay shortly before release, as the embargo is lifted. A few minutes ago the first videos came up on Yukon. To me that's solid evidence it's planned to be released tomorrow for Canada day, Would have preferred Haida as it's an actual ship whereas this one is the famous and historical Monarch, but it's something. Added a couple of links found.
  2. Now I don't have to many games in my Monarch so you might want to take everything I say here with a grain of salt, however in my games with her I find her to be very underwhelming. The reasons for this is because she feels like a KGV at tier 8 with non of the good bits. Monarch has 9 fifteen inch guns that have neither good AP or HE shells, the AP is the standard bad British amour piercing shells with poor angles and bad penetrating power. The HE is better in many ways but it still struggles at T10 games, the HE pen is better than that of other nations but the fire chance is only 35% for reference that's only 1% better than Bismarck. The concealment is good and is one of the few areas in which it excels 14.1 without any upgrades. The survivability of Monarch isn't all that impressive either, fully upgraded she has 60,500 hp which is the worst in the tier. That would be okay if she got a good heal but she doesn't she restores 323hp/s. To put that into context Hood VII restores 338hp/s, Bismarck 387hp/s and the newly released Vanguard can do 430hp/s. So Monarchs survivability is one of the worst for its tier. Now her maneuverability is middle of the pack she turns better than the Amagi by 100m but is out turned by the NC by 30m. Her speed is decent 29.4 knots isn't bad but she's second worst of all ships at Tier 8 only beating the NC. Monarchs AA is mediocre, while she isn't the first target you would go for she surely isn't a plane eater. Her AA is worse than that of the NC and the Richelieu. The secondaries are basically non-existent, they have a 5.3km range with a 6.3s reload time, with 8 guns per side. the NC has 5km range 6s reload, with 10 guns per side. Richelieu has 7km range and a 12s reload, with 9 guns per side. Bismarck the best of all of them has 10km range with reload of 7.5s and 3.4s, with 14 per side. Finally her range is... bad. Fully upgraded she has 18.1km range (no spotter). The NC has 23.3km range. The Amagi has 19.9km firing range. Bismarck has 21.2km range and the Richelieu has 25.3km range. So she's not a sniper but if you try and brawl you'll lose. And even at mid-range you aren't all that efficient because your dispersion feels worse than Bismarck so you only get maybe like 2 hits on a target. Those are the reasons why I personally find the Monarch to be underwhelming. She doesn't excel in much, she is mediocre at best at a lot of things and she does poorly in almost everything else. Now I know a lot of you got her to work for you, so if you could I'd love tips! If you disagree that's fine but this is how I feel about the Monarch.
  3. I just realized today I finished the KGV grind and I have had some thoughts on her as a whole. First off she is soft, fast firing CLs were just striping HP off of me, I thought the USN Standards were bad at times, but for whatever reason the Colorado seems to be able to shrug this off while the KGV just bleeds to death by a thousand cuts. Oh and I found NCs, Alabamas and Massachusetts guns and reliably citadel me outside of 12km, their derpy slow shells seem to find my citadel regardless of angle. I've come to fear them, but when I'm in my own NC it makes me feel good. Second thing, I've never been focused fired as much as I do in this ship, players hate this ship. Playing this and going to other ships, I feel like I'm being ignored in the other ships. Its really frustrating but I've been able to kite enemies away because they want me dead Third, her AP in punishing to everything! I prefer it against cruisers and destroyers especially because they are less likely to overpen. That said when BBs give me a broadside under 12km I aim a little high and watch the glorious 10-20k HP hits, sure it isn't a citadel but I've never had a BB take some much consistent damage when firing into the upper works of another ship, mostly thanks to her "trash" AP. I ran AP 60-75% of the time, HE isn't bad but isn't nearly as good at hurting the enemy Fourth, Her AA is trash, OMG is it trash. The Nagato has more usable AA than this ship. Wouldn't you know, I take the Lyon out and no CV, I take my AA spec Colorado out, No CV, Scharhorst and still no CV. Then we get the KGV, I swear I never seen as many CV battles at T7 as I have with this ship, strangely though I think most CV captains think this ship has good AA because they will bypass me, most at least. I've had some matches where I was harassed constantly because they knew I couldn't stop them Fifth, this was a good ship for honing my BBs skills. I used to use all AP all the time, now I switch up my shells more often (still mostly AP). I'm more aware of targets of opportunity because he AP is so devastating in the right situations. I've also gotten better at kiting, playing my rudder and throttle to maximize enemy misses while dragging them from the battlefield The Monarch feels like a nice upgrade already even though I've only put in 1 battle so far, her stock range is bad but her excellent concealment negates that. Her guns feel more punchy but she still feels just has soft skinned though. I didn't think I was going to enjoy the KGV because HE spam but if you only HE spam you leave so much on the table, I had fun because she was a challenging ship when you try to play her strengths, its just a shame she has some a low skill floor