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Found 24 results

  1. Hey hey people, idiot here. I'm currently banging my head against the wall due to a issue with my mods disabling my replay. It stops new replay files from being generated and inturn stops mm monitor from working aswell due to its need to use the replay file to function. Heres some stuff I tried to do to fix it: -uninstall all mods (including the aslain program which I used for mods). Didn't work -turning replay on manually in the files, also Didn't work -Using safe mode, somehow works even though it didn't work when all the mods are deleted -re-installing the game, worked but as soon as I tried to put in a few mods it just breaks again I know I seem dumb to force mods into the game even though I could just play vanilla but after hours and hours of trying its more of a commitment issue now and I just want to get to the bottom of this buggy mess. Plus the same mods has been working for month now which only started breaking down after the new update. If anyone is dedicated enough please help, by this rate I'll be actually good at this game before this gets fixed.
  2. I found this nice piece of freeware on the inter net called mxstat, there's even a mod in modstation for a plugin type thing. My malware fighter picked it up as dangerous. So I summitted the software for evaluation and this is the email I got it's been a few months but still: Hi there, Thanks for contacting IObit. This is ...from IObit. After analysis, it is not false positive as it is Trojan. Once infected, it will run in the background which may lead to account loss or privacy leaks. It is suggested to remove it for your PC security. IObit Support Team https://www.iobit.com/en/index.php?s ,December 15, 2020, 11:05 am
  3. Saludos a los Marineros que navegan por el foro, Hoy como prometí les traigo un MOD de incorporación de nuestras queridas banderas nacionales de cada país. Ya podemos ondearlas en Nuestros Barcos. Mediante este mod. Las banderas solo las puedes ver el que las instala no son visibles por otros jugadores. Por favor pide aquí tu bandera a Wargaming para que las de forma oficial y todos podamos verlas sin necesidad de usar el MOD. Gracias a todos los que colaboraron con el proyecto. Espero del apoyo de todos. Muchas gracias saludos cordiales ¡Cualquier error reportamelo! *imagen de WoT Instalar y descargar para la Version Creditos del Mod: Idea original: @Talleyrand Asistencia tecnica: @BrunoSchezer Edición y montaje: @zproxy
  4. I'm a long time user of the "World Of Warships ModStation", where there are many mods from different authors. One of the function is the "AutoSpy Minimap" which I really love it. Does anybody knows when the author will update that minimap mod? He is from Russia and as I play in NA Server (I can't write on their forum) and as I do not speak russian; I don't see another way to find out what will be of it, if it is not through this post. Thanks for any new about it!
  5. This week my mods all of a sudden were not visible, so I reset all the mods on Aslains. No matter what I do my crosshairs remain default- no change no matter which I choose. Any idea? I also uninstalled Aslains and then downloaded again, but to no avail? Chose crosshairs and markers, but I keep getting this result.
  6. Got any ideas on how to improve the game in general? This is just a general game discussion. What I hope to see someday is a mod that at the click of a mouse button makes your ship appear green to the opposing team. This allows you to then sail unapposed into its backfield where you unleash h*ll upon them. I got the idea from the final battle in Master & Commander. What you got?
  7. BlackMetalFish

    Modstation for Mac?

    Hello all! I've searched high and low, but I cannot seem to find any information about adding Modstation to a Mac version of the game. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how? Thanks in advance!
  8. Once upon a time, I heard that it was a pretty simple matter to change the names of ships in the game as they appear to you personally by accessing the game files. If this is possible, I would like to do so, not only for ships I may or may not have, but also for ships I may face in game. I just think it would be neat from a personal asthetic to see different ship names on some ships in game that are clones already to names of other ships in the class, examples being: HSF Graf Spee to Scheer Tirpitz B to Seeckt Asashio B to Kasumi Massachusetts B to Indiana Atago B to Maya Ragnarok to Mokushiroku Ignis Purgatorio to Rengoku Sims B to Hammann Alaska B to Guam Scharnhorst B to Gneisenau '41 Graf Zeppelin B to Peter Strasser Can anyone show me how to do this if possible? I apologize for not putting this in the mod section, as I wasn't sure where in the mod section this should go. Edit: To be clear, I am talking about a localized mod only the player using it sees, not anything that actually affects gameplay or other players.
  9. MaddTrker_1

    Mod Help

    Hello, I am looking for anyone that can do texture mods if they would be willing to teach me some stuff as I would like to create some texture mods for the different ship types in the game. If anyone is willing to teach me how to add different textures to the ships in-game I it would be greatly appreciated. Please leave a comment below if you're willing to teach me anything dealing with texture files. Thank you for any help in advance.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure where to post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place. I'm looking for directions or someone to mod a few of the flags in game to three custom ones I have along with Nation renaming. USA, French, UK, Commonwealth, Italy - Democratic-Republic of Tarakia (Blue Flag) Germany, USSR, Pan-European - Republic of Morskoj (Red Flag) Japan, Pan-Asia - Kingdom of Sal Kar (Green Flag) Please, if anyone can help direct me on what to do or even make this mod for me, I'd be grateful. I really don't know how to mod things but I m willing to learn.
  11. MidnightPhoenix07

    Mods missing in game

    Upgraded/installed the WGC recently to get Masters of Orion (was only using the classic launcher on this computer since I only play WoWS on it). Before that switch, my mods were showing up and working correctly in game, and after they don’t show up in game. Modstation and mods are up to date, the modstation is still pointed at the client location, and the mods are showing as installed in the modstation but not in game. Tried launching the game from the classic launcher, the client .exe, the modstation, and the WGC. No luck. Any ideas or fixes?
  12. PunishedKAsual

    A Simple Guide to Texture Modding

    A Simple Guide to Texture Modding (yes please I want to write number on my Daring's stern) Source: PunishedKAsual Royal Navy Destroyer Pennant Number & Funnel Bands Mod by [KA]sual Itasha (痛車) but for ships. Image courtesy: @Compass_Rose, a eminent modder from NA server who does a ton of anime-themed modding. Be sure to check out his works at the Visual Mod section on the forum! Foreword Do you want to put your anime waifu onto the side of the ship? Interested in adding hull numbers to your Cruiser? Wanna change the wooden deck to a metallic one? Texture modding allows you to modify the exterior appearances to your liking. This guide serves as a exposition and introductory manual to the world of texture modding The actual Guide starts here... Tools you will need 1. Wows Unpacker A tool released by Wargaming. You need it to extract relevant files from the WoWs Game Client. You can acquire the software and a guide here https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/113847-all-wows-unpack-tool-unpack-game-client-resources/ 2. Image manipulation program (Paint.NET/ GIMP / Photoshop) A image manipulation software such as Paint.NET, GIMP and Photoshop is needed to edit .dds texture files. Paint.NET is a lightweight freeware. While the software is capable for simple edits, on more complex edits, one will quickly find the Paint.NET ‘s functionality on the rudimentary side, limiting the potential of what you can do. GIMP is a open source software counterpart to Photoshop. To open and edit dds file you will want to download a DDS plugin for GIMP. [Edit: There are reported compatibility issue with DDS file generated with GIMP, you are recommended to compile the final dds files with Paint.NET should you wish to edit with GIMP] Photoshop(+ Nvidia dds plugin). Software of my choice. The creative suite boast an all-rounded creation tool and UI optimized for. However, the software will incur licensing fees. 3. Wows Client Obviously. 4. Patience, Perseverance and Love (very important!) Modding is quite a timeconsuming and can be frustrating at time. Keep up your love on your shipfu to make amazing mods! Extracting Files Open the wows unpack tool A ship texture files are stored in the /res/content/gameplay/ with a logical file structure. Simply natvigate. For example, textures files for USS Battleship Iowa are located in res/content/gameplay/ship/battleship/textures/ and files for German Destroyer Z39 would reside in res/content\gameplay\germany\ship\destroyer\textures . Similarly, turrets, torp tubes, radar arrays are all packed in a similar file structure. For every ship in the game, there would be a set of 4 basic texture files that ends in _a.dds, _o.dds, _mg.dds, n.dds. Larger ships will involve multiple sets of texture files for their Hull(hull_a.dds), Superstructure (deckhouse_a.dds) and Torpedo Bulges(bulge_a.dds). Each of the files serves an unique propose in the appearance of the ship, together they form the full picture. Not all mods need to modify all 4 files, if you are only editing a limited aspect of a ship, say only the surface of the deck on a carrier, you might only need to extract the _a.dds file, instead of a bulk of 12 files. Be aware that some files (such as gun turrets, torp tubes, radar arrays and other small objects) are commonly shared between multiple ships. Editing one such file will affect the appearances of multiple ships. To avoid unwanted edits, one will find the advanced modding technique "PnFmodding" useful with which one may easily control the scope of effects. Learn more about PnFmodding with this introductory guide I've written. what does each of the .dds file type do Here is a brief description of what the files do. Notice the x in _x.dds indicate their role in the ship texture package. a.dds controls the skin of the ship. Most of your interests will fall here ao.dds is "ambient occlusion " that helps the game to load a shadow effect mg.dds controls various parameter of the "specular" map, elaborated in the next section n.dds are “normal maps”. The blue texture files allow you to create dents and grooves on the surface [pitfall] Some ships (usually premium ships) has extra files that ends in .dd0, .dd1, .dd2 in addition to the .dds files. They exist as more elaborate rendering files for at different zoom levels. In this scenario, you are recommended to extract the files ending in .dd0 (the file with highest resolution), and then renaming the file extension from .dd0 to .dds before proceeding. Editing Texture files Using the Image Manipulation Program of your choice, open the .dds file you wish to edit. I won't go too deep into the technicalities of the software, but I will give share insight to how to use these files and some tricks. [Pitfall] As mentioned above, despite the editing power,Photoshop with Nvidia DDS plugin will have some compatibility issue with transparent texture. If you so prefer using Photoshop for editing, I would recommend first using Paint.NET to convert the DDS file into a PNG file , and then edit the PNG file in Photoshop. _a.dds (skin) This is probably what most mod creators will focus their attention on. Modifying this texture will directly modify the hull on the. The first thing you want to do with the a.dds is to identify where the parts of texture files are mapping to the ship. Some ship texture files would be more straightforward and some might not be so easy to decipher. Identifying the bit of superstructures is usually time consuming as they tend to include small and similar fragments of textures. The picture above shows a rough breakdown of Asashio's texture. Be aware that some textures are mirrored to the orientation of the in game rendering. Flip adjustments accordingly when you are editing these areas. Mercifully, esteemed Fellow mod creators TheKingOfUm(EU server) and IsamuKondera(EU server), has created elegant solutions to aid the process of identifying texture parts. For the sake of tidiness, I've included their solution in the Spoiler drawer below. Click to see the spoiler content TheKingOfUm: IsamuKondera(EU) has suggested exporting the 3D model to obtain the UV map with primitive/object converting tools to directly edit the files as 3D objects. Details for this method will be added later. Notice that, due to the way the WoWs rendering engine works, the game will interpret the texture brighter than it’s in the image manipulation software. This would be self evident when you check out the white areas on the flag.dds and some material that appear as white, where the “white part” has a brightness value of less than 70%. If you are importing textures directly and pasting them on the model directly, you might like to reduce the brightness of that layer ever so slightly to match the brightness level. Of course, if you are going for a “cleaner” artistic direction, or is making a glow-in-the-dark mod, you might safely ignore this piece of advice. _ao.dds (shadow details) _ao.dds are used to create fine shadows on the 3D texture. _mg.dds (specular) _mg.dds files has multi-fold functions. It determines the shininess and color of reflected environment light. Each pixel’s RGB values acts effectively as the local parameter of the area. For each pixel’s RGB value: R controls roughness, the material gets smoother when R increases G controls reflection strength B controls camo/glow strength An common application of the .mg dds is to edit the texture map's various areas to partially/ completely disable camouflages. For example, in my Historical IJN DD camouflage mod, I exploited this property of mg.dds to create "cut outs" on areas affected by the ship camoufalge. ...which result in this effect Alternatively, if you are making a glowing mod, manipulating the B value is one of the way to achieve a glowing effect. _n.dds (normal map) As outlined above, the function of normal map is to create subtle dents and grooves on the model surface. In order to create the depth effects, Photoshop’s DDs Plugin includes a filter that can automatically generate Normal Maps for a _n.dds. I also believe that the GIMP dds plugin provides similar functionality.you might manually edit the texture color should you so prefer. Unfortunately, my computer seems to have some issue with the Normal Map Generator, so I cannot demonstrate how to create normal map right now. Nevertheless, web searching with keyword “Normal Map” should reward you with plenty of tutorials. Exporting and loading them in game Now that you are satisfied with the edit you’ve made, you will want to export the texture files for game-play and sharing. Simply Click "File>Save As..." in your menu and select [.dds] in the "save as type" drop down menu. You will encounter a pop-up box prompting various parameter for the .dds file. Preferably, you should choose one of the DXT formats with alpha (transparency). While some of the alternative setttings like A8R8G8B8 may return higher quality, they comes also with troubles in the form of compatibility, larger file sizes, longer loading time and worse of all, WoWs engine will refuse reading some of them, leading to a crash/ failed battle loading. As such, you are advised to use DxT formats. [Very important!] Ensure that you have the appropriate file name and file paths when saving your files. [Very important!] Ensure that the file you create has the same dimension as the original files. An alternative when using Photoshop to edit files is to first save the texture as a .png file, and then use Paint.NET to convert the .png into a .dds file. The advantage of this method is that, for reasons unknown to me, generating .dds with Paint.NET results in a file that’s slightly smaller compared to files output from Adobe Photoshop. After you saved, the files to res_mod\[game_version]\ with a suitable folder structure, the game will automatically. Hint: texture mods usually does not require a game restart to load. For more an efficient development process, open the game and load all the relevant files into res_mod, and edit the files on the fly. To refresh your texture edit progress, simply save the .dds, load another ship by clicking another ship in the port, and click the ship you are modding again. Your modified textures should show up immediately. [End of Texture modding Guide] Thanks for reading through my humble guide to texture modding. If you have any question regarding the process, please leave a comment below. Further Reading/ Useful Links / Citations You might find some of the following links useful in your modding endeavors. 1. Aerroon. (2015), WoWS: Guide - How to make ship skin mods ( In which Aerroon demonstrates the mod making process. The video is dated from the early days of World of Warships and some procedures / workflow are different. 2. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/42655-tutorial-how-to-create-your-own-skins/ Here some veteran modders discuss the functionality of some texture files. Acknowledgement A good number of WoWs community members has helped me along my journey of modding, as well as in writing this guide. I wish to express my gratitude here. Aerroon Aslain’s AstreTunes CompassRose GrafZeppelinKai IsamuKondera KinoMyu MatroseFuchs (WG) MedvedevTD (WG) o_fingers_o TheKingOfUm IsamuKondera Also, I would like to thank Wargaming for their continued appreciation and assistance to the Modder community. Good luck and happy modding, fellow modders!
  13. A simple step-by-step guide to extracting and preparing PnF modding files (with skill and knowledge you too can make amazing mods like these, not that i can. lmbo) Image Courtesy: AstreTunes (Yuudachi_Kai_Ni) from SEA Group. He also contributed significantly to this guide. Preface/What's the point of this guide This guide is written as a step-by-step tutorial to extract files and how to prepare them for release. What’s PnF modding? PnF modding is modding with wows ModsSDK, a modding tool provided by Wargaming Studio. With PnFmodding and ModsSDK, one opens up many possibilities with modding such as replacing textures, 3D models and fine adjustments to various parameters compared to conventional modding methods. Also, you can edit files to only affect a ship. This is especially useful if the ships you want to mod contains files that are shared (most frequently turrets and various small objects) If, however, the mods you wish to make are more basic, such as simple texture tweeking and modification, you might not need to use PnF mods. A further guide to texture modding will soon be released on the topic of camouflages and texture editing sometime in the future. Guide Tools/ resources you’ll need: 1. A Text Editor A capable text editor is needed to edit various configuration files. Examples being NotePad++, Atom, VIM, Microsoft Visual Studio (the last one is a bit extreme if im honest). Please do not use the notepad.exe that came included with your windows installation. 2. Paint.NET/ GIMP with dds plugin / Photoshop with dds plugin Paint.NET is free and lightweight but the UI is rather rudimentary. GIMP is free opensource software thats very capable. [Edit: There are reported compatibility issue with DDS file generated with GIMP, you are recommended to compile the final dds files with Paint.NET should you wish to edit with GIMP] Photoshop with dds plugin will involve licensing fees. 3. ModsSDK.zip Released by Wargaming staff, this is a file that contains various files necessary to extracting information of ships. Note that with each update, a separate version of ModsSDK.zip is required to extract PnF mod files. These resources are easily accessible from the forum. Extracting files 1. Create a folder structure in file path \res_mod\version number\ called PnFMods 1.1. Create a folder called “ModsSDKExport” 2. Inside the ModsSDKExport folder, create a file called“Main.py”, then open it with a text editor. Write the following lines API_VERSION = 'API_v1.0' contentSdk.extractSources('ModName', 'ShipID') Replace SuperYamato with your mods name and replace JSB018_Yamato_1944 with the ship ID of the ship you want to mod. A possible way to find ShipIDs is to peep into the ModsSDK.zip . In this example, I create a mod with name "AsashioMod" modifying Tier 8 Destroyer Asashio (ShipID JSD518_Asashio) 3. Place the ModsSDK.zip inside the “PnFMods” folder. If the ModsSDK.zip file contain a version number like ModsSDK084834570293748.zip , simply rename the zip file to “ModsSDK.zip”. 4. Launch World of Warships normally. 5. After your game has been loaded successfully, a folder will automatically generate inside \PnFMods\ In this example, a folder called "AsashioMod" is generated containing all the relevant files needed. Before proceeding, you are recommended to rename the /ModsSDKExport/Main.py file into /ModsSDKExport/Main.txt . Otherwise the game will overwrite the PnF mod folder every-time the game loads and prevent you from logging in. Ruining all your hard work and wasting all your time. When renamed to a txt file, the PnF mod extraction process will no trigger and you have can easily reuse the Main.py file should you want to extract files for another ship. Editing In depth guide to editing specific files will be out-of-scope for this guide. The Folder Structure and file names should be self explanatory to what each file does. Never, here is a list of general description of what some of the files do. Files with extension .dds These are directdraw surface files that serves as textures of 3D models. Use Paint.NET\GIMP\or Photoshop to edit them. _a.dds : this file is the Base texture you edit that directly affect the skin _ao.dds: ambient occlusion, that helps the game to load a pre-rendered shadow _mg.dds : specular- determines the shininess and color of reflected environment light _n.dds : normal map- this adds the blue texture files allow you to create dents and grooves on the surface of a model Files with extension .mfm .mfm files control which texture files the Game Client look up. Editing them will allow you to designed files with alternatives. Files with extension .primitives These are 3D model files. Regrettably I do not know what software are used to open/edit them, nor do i know about the procedure involved. Perhaps other modders will be able to comment on this. Readying your mod for game There are some preparations required in order to successfully load your mods. 1. Create a empty file called PnFModsLoader.py in res_mod\[version number] This file is needed to initiate PnFMod loading. 2. Create a file called Main.py containing the following lines API_VERSION = 'API_v1.0' contentSdk.registerShipMod('ShipID') Replace ShipID with the Ship ID of the ship you are modding. 3. Remove unneccesary file like ModsSDKExport and the Main.py file before sharing Troubleshooting Unfortunately, I’m not the most knowledgeable modder when it comes to PnFMod modding. While my esteemed colleagues at NA server and EU are compiling a comprehensive manual covering various aspects , there are only so much I can answer about PnFModding. However, should you come across a problem when modding with the ModsSDK, I strongly advise you to check out the python.log file in directory \World_of_Warships\profile . The log file is readable with any text editors and searching for your own mod’s name inside the log should easily return relevant error messages. Common Problems 1. Texture not found on deck-house glasses This problem is caused by a loose end in the transparent_glass_alpha.mfm configuration file. To fix this, open the transparent_glass_alpha.mfm and edit the <texture> file path to the following content/gameplay/common/textures/transparent_glass_alpha_a.dds 2.Texture not found on aircraft propellers Similar to problem 1, the solution to the problem would be in the propeller mfm file (file name would end in something like Blade_02_alpha.mfm) content/gameplay/common/textures/German_Disk_3Blade_02_alpha_a.dds Acknowledgement A few fellow modders and WG staffs has helped me in gaining knowledge about PnF modding. At the end of this simple guide, I would like to give them a shout out. They are AstreTunes (EU, Yuudachi_Kai_Ni) CompassRose (NA server) MatroseFuchs (WG) Sub_Octavian (WG) MedvedevTD (WG) Aerroon () o_fingers_o (NA) Good Luck and happy modding, fellow modders!
  14. I would like to make an external application for analyzing replays. Some of the items of interest are: drawing the path taken, locations of damage taken, locations of damage given, damage over time graphs, timestamps for all mentioned. To do this, I plan to make a script, probably in python, to strip data from a replay file then generate an interface for viewing the information. The question is, how are the replays formatted? TLDR: I want a detailed layout of how replays are formatted.
  15. nastydamnanimal


    If I could design my mino it would be something like this.... muhahahaha.....muh...muhahahahahah kill youzzz!!!
  16. I've been digging through the forums, the Haruna Line downloads and still I'm unable to locate a download link for "Skin Fog Pack Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio v7.0" If I recall, this is possibly the last ARP Modpack released before they began to replace some ARP skins in the pack with Space Fleet ships. Anyways, I'm looking to track down the files for all the old ARP skins, mostly for the Americans as Hakabase's ARP mod pack seems to cover the rest. I'm mostly looking to locate the skins for the USN DDs, Battleships Texas and North Carolina, and Aircraft Carrier Lexington. Also, could someone direct me to any thread or link explaining how I could create my own Arpeggio style skin? That would be very much appreciated. Thanks Wargaming community!
  17. Hola buen día a la comunidad de gamers y al personal de Wargaming.  Mediante el presente quiero hacerles conocer y solicitar su apoyo en este caso donde NO se muestran los iconos de algunos Mods de ModStation. Especifiamente el nombre de los mods son los siguientes: Customizable panels by Roslich. Ship info Panel Self by BADoBEST. Tambien hay una falla con el Mods (Modification of the vehicle parameters panel, Crew Perks In Battle by Dragon TM) el cual al seleccionarlo hace que muestre duplicado la figura del barco con sus puntos de vida. Resalto en cuadro amarillo el caso, aqui la printscreen: Antes se mostraba todo bien pero ahora con el update se presenta este caso. Agradezco su aporte y apoyo para solucionarlo. Pasenla bien.
  18. Fabianocc

    Aplicando MODs no WoWs

    Já aplicou Mod no seu World of Warships? A gente ensina como!
  19. AtomicMan3

    New to modding

    This is in the wrong place, but I cant seem to post it in the discussion Have been playing for several years and have never used mods, but I heard about some that seem useful and was thinking of getting them Mod that shows time till victory for each team mod that shows the WR of players by their names mod that shows health when last spotted Mod that gives nice gray/historically accurate ships, (want the economic benefits of fancy camos without my eyes bleeding) what are these mods called and were can I download them, also are they WG approved as I would not like to get banned lastly, how much work is modding, do you half to re download some massive mod pack/do a long instillation with every pach? Would love to have some of this stuff but not if its a lot of work/will get me banned. Thanks
  20. Pardon the post in the general forum, but for the life of me I don't know where to even post this to begin with, being it is a bit odd. Does anyone know how to ping data off of the servers to use in an excel spread sheet? Paragon
  21. so, I was just poking around the internet looking for some cool mods to try. At one point, i stumbled on a mod to reskin (or remodel, whichever is most fitting for the situation) the Yamato, Montana, Missouri and Iowa with a pretty cool sci-fi looking skin. I get interested and try to download it from the link provided, however when I do so, it says that the content no longer exists. I get a feeling that the mod is still out there somewhere, so if anyone can point me in the right direction on this topic, that would be great. If not, well that sucks, because it looks pretty damn awesome. Thanks! Link to the post that provided the link:
  22. anonym_eAg6NI6js7Qz

    Instalación de mods (General)

    Buenos días a toda la comunidad que integra el foro. Como parte de mi ultimo tema, quería hablar sobre los "Mods" que existen para el juego. Estuve buscando sobre ellos y pude observar que algunos están permitidos y otros no. ¿De donde se pueden descargar? ¿Todos se instalan de la misma manera (Visuales, audio, interfaz)? ¿Como se instalan? ¿Afecta a los FPS? ¿Una vez instalados se compran o son permanentes? Este camuflaje para un buque alemán, ¿Aun se puede instalar? Enlaces: Gracias por su atención.
  23. I received detonations to my DDs a few times now. I buy the main armament modification for DDs because there is less chance of damage to torpedo tubes and main turret. But after receiving detonations, I am thinking to remove it and buy magazine modification. Any suggestions?
  24. Talleyrand

    MODs legales

    Hola Comunidad. Con todo el revuelo qe se armor por los bans me parece oportuno poner el link a la compilación de mods que posteo nikopower que estan aprovados por WG http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/103886-05141-wows-modpack/