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Found 2 results

  1. Nicely produced video - see what you think of the build and video quality.
  2. I wanted to share a model I've been working on of my favourite ship in WoWS. She's my first model since I stopped after high school many years ago and I picked her up during a business trip to the UK. I got her as a way to get back into building and painting model ships, I've always had a soft spot for carriers, so it's relatively amateurish. There is still a lot of work to do, mostly stuff I've never done before (coating, weathering, wire lines) but I'm pretty happy showing her off as she is now. On the one hand I'm a little sad that she's not as good as I think I could make her now after getting to this point but on the other hand she is by far the best model I've ever made to date and I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished so far and she'll be kind of the anchor going forward. To remind me I can always do better. My little workstation