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Found 14 results

  1. So, with a Dido class premium being added to the game per the Wows dev blog here, I figured that I should talk about it, seeing as how the Dido class is basically my whole MO for this game and I am getting what I wanted. And after I got over my first impressions, I'm quite pleased. The stats are really good. So good I don't wanna talk about them. But my first impressions, just on seeing it, was simple. Camo's wrong. So, I'm making this post to display the camo and visual model issues and passing it to @Boggzy in the hopes that they get adjusted before release. So, whats wrong with the camo? the dark blue paint should extend above the deck to about halfway up the first "layer" of the superstructure at the bow. The stern superstructure is all grey. The forward funnel should be the dark blue. And the fore and aft turrets should be dark blue. And if I am being a absolute stickler, the canvas around the twin 20mm mounts closest to the bow should be a similar dark blue, as opposed to the current white. Also, chill with the rust! I get it, some weathering is good, but it looks like she's about to fall apart! I know that some of these things (the different colored bow and stern turrets) may be hard, but the Camo on this ship is not complex, so every bit of attention to detail counts. Thanks!
  2. caduzanon

    Graf Zeppelin - 1:200

    Hi there everyone! I've been building some paper models since ~2017, and this time, I've decided to build a 1:200 Graf Zeppelin model. Found it in the Internet. Not gonna post links here, but if you do a good research, you'll find it. Anyways, let's get to the pictures, shall we?
  3. sherlock71

    HMS Ark Royal - 1:600

    Ok. Just finished her. Ark Royal is sporting the lovey Fall 1944 designer's collection as originally worn by USS Saratoga (Measure 32/11a). Why? Just because I like all my ships to have some sort of camo pattern. Certainly more interesting the boring gray. Maybe if she had been painted, she wouldn't be at the bottom of the Med, thanks to U-81. Painting a circle is harder than one might think. And I'm really glad to be done with roundels (esp the 4-color ones).
  4. sherlock71

    DKM Bismarck - 1:600

    I've been grabbing the old Airfix kits of Ebay when I can find them. DKM Bismarck in 1:600. I guess I should have dusted him off first. (let's see if I can get the images to work properly)
  5. sherlock71

    HMS Warspite - 1:600

    And "The Grand Old Lady"... HMS Warspite
  6. sherlock71

    HMS Nelson - 1:600

    And Lord Nelson...
  7. sherlock71

    DKM Scharnhorst - 1:600

    And the Scharnhorst in her fateful colours on Christmas Eve...
  8. I noticed a slight discrepancy between the Petropavlovsk and the Petropavlovsk modeled in-game. For starters, the superstructure looks a little too tall and the guns look a little big.
  9. Elluvon

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    For some reason the post in my signature related to this same ship was deleted, not sure why. So this is a re-post of the original build. I created this ship over a period of two weeks from start-to-finish, including the digital design process, all the way back in early 2018. Once the build was complete, I took the finished model to New York City on a trip of mine and photographed it next to the larger LEGO model that they have there made by Ed Diment. It is still alive today, sitting in a water base on my display desk, waiting for the time she will be needed in combat again. Without further ado, I present to you the USS Intrepid in 1:600th scale. USS Intrepid, "The Fighting I" 1943 configuration Type: Essex Class Aircraft Carrier Commissioned: August 16th, 1943 Decommissioned: March 15h, 1974 Re-Commisoned/refitted to attack carrier: CVA-11 (October 1st, 1952) Struck: February 23rd, 1982 Fate: Museum ship currently berthed on the Hudson River in the United States.
  10. Well, the preliminary photos are in from SD Model Makers. Some additions and alterations still need to be done, but she is coming along nicely. She is 30” long, so just under 1:350 scale. Something like 1:34896 or whatever. For those of you who don’t know, the Lexington -class aircraft carrier, or CV, was originally supposed to be a battlecruiser, or CC. The model is is being built in a configuration that suggests what she might have looked like as a CC in USN service in early 1941. ARMAMENT: x8 16”/50 main guns. x10 6”/53 secondary guns. x10 5”/25 heavy AA guns. x6 1.1”/75 “Chicago Piano” medium AA guns. x19 Water cooled M2 .50 caliber BMG light AA guns. Enjoy!
  11. This is a repost from the consolidated armor model error collection over here: I am posting it here in hopes of it garnering a bit more attention than it otherwise would, as WG tends to ignore this sort of thing unless it is being talked about. As near as we have been able to ascertain (myself and @SireneRacker), this is not widely known or disseminated information, and multiple secondary source publications have repeatedly cited and re-cited the incorrect values, which is what has been represented ingame on both vessels. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: There are so many issues with these models, that it honestly defies description. In the interest of simplifying them, I have only taken into account issues which are directly relevant ingame (ignoring details such as armored rangefinders, etc…). Keep in mind that these are merely what I have identified as “critical” errors. The errors in the armor model for these two ships have been entirely compiled from a scan of the original armor scheme documentation, which to my knowledge is entirely accurate and trustworthy. All values have been lifted directly from this layout, which will be made available below for your own inspection. All listed values are applicable to both vessels of the class (to the extent of my knowledge). Section 1: Belt Armor Thickness and Arrangement. The main belt between frames 32 and 166 should be 320 mm. Ingame it is modeled as 350 mm. The medium belt between frames 10 and 208 should be 35 mm. Ingame it is modeled as 45 mm. The medium belt should extend from frames 10 to 207. Ingame it ends at frames 32 and 166. Section 2: Deck Armor Thickness and Arrangement. The entirety of the primary deck armor (main armor deck) has been modeled in a grossly inaccurate manner, the details of which will be shown in full. -The aforementioned missing extensions of the medium belt should connect with a 50 mm forward extension of the forecastle deck armor, which covers the entirety of the deck from frames 10 to 207. Ingame this deck also ends at frames 32 and 166. -The machinery deck is split into two distinct areas: the inboard section, and the outboard section. These two areas are separated by a vertical 40 mm bulkhead which extends from the main armor deck, to the underside of the forecastle deck between frames 50 and 172. The inboard armor deck over the machinery is 80 mm thick, extending from frame 55 to 180. At frames 55 and 150, this deck covers the magazines, increasing in thickness to 95 mm until frames 12 and 170 respectively. Ingame, the machinery deck is modeled as one piece with a thickness of 80 mm, the magazine deck 95 mm. The outboard armor deck over both the machinery and magazines is 105 mm thick, between frame 32 and 166. This is not to be confused with the sloped armor deck, which is also 105 mm thick and “knuckles” downwards to meet the bottom edge of the main belt armor. The extended main armor deck in front turrets “Anton” and “Caesar” between frames 162-166 and 32-40 respectively, are also 105 mm thick. The magazine sloped decks between frames 32-55 and 150-66 are 105 mm. Ingame, these are modeled as 110 mm. Sources: Scharnhorst class official drawings: "RM 20,1913 Allgemeine Typfragen fur Schlachtschiffe, Panzerschiffe und Kreuzer 10,02,1939 11,12,1939 Scharnhorst Gneisenau Gewichte abgerundete und zwischen beiden Schiffen" and "GKDS. 100: Unterlagen und Richtlinien zur Bestimmung der Hauptkampfentfernung und der Geschoßwahl Heft g Schlachtschiffe Gn Sch"
  12. Rusty_Python

    1/100 Bismarck model

    Came across this video of a 1/100 Bismarck model earlier today. The amount of time and effort that must have gone into this is incredible. Enjoy!
  13. Nicely produced video - see what you think of the build and video quality.