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Found 2 results

  1. seeing as i cant make a topic on the mods discussion section about this im posting here. im trying to get the ship textures unpacked but nothing is showing up it keeps unpacking .primitives files even when i put in the search tree dds it just shows *.* on the list of content to unpack
  2. I noticed a change in the file structure when I unpacked the ship components today with the Unpacker Tool. It seems that the standard DDS files (normally 4096 x 4096) for the premium boats have been replaced with 512 x 512 versions, and dd0, dd1, and dd2 files of various sizes have been added. If the premium boat has a premium camo, then that DDS file remains unchanged. From my vantage point it looks like Wargaming doesn't want us making custom skins for premium boats unless it's placed on a premium camo that can be purchased from the shop. So my questions to some of the community staff, either @Radar_X, or @Gneisenau013 are the following: Why the change? Is this the beginning of a global change to the file structure for technical reasons? Is this a sign from Wargaming that they don't want us modding premium boats with custom skins unless they can make money off it? Can we get Wargaming's position on this, or more information on the subject? Right now all I am is puzzled but the longer this drags on this could become a hot button issue for a lot of people that enjoy our work as a whole.