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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys! I've seen mods giving info on the ship you target, like gun range. I'm wondering if there's a mod that tells you the speed. I'm not talking about the current speed of the target, but the top speed. Like telling me an Akizuki top speed is 33 knt, a Dmitri Donskoi goes 36 knt or a Charles Martel goes 32.5 knt.
  2. Attention: This topic was move to All new contents will be updated there. I won't update here anymore. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jkqpqp4panlplpa/HP_bar_-_Azur_Lane.7z/file It's a mod which replaces the original ship's HP bar. For example, You also can find other style images for the same ship in other folder, like "same class", "party" and "wedding". Other optional theme: 1.Halloween 2.New year (Include Christmas) 3.Party 4.Same class 5.School 6.Summer (swimsuit) 7.Wedding 8.Other Now I list all I've already done. Japan 鳳翔 Hosho New year 瑞鳳 Zuiho Shouhou alternative Halloween 飛龍 Hiryu School Same class,Souryuu New year School 翔鶴 Shokaku Same class,Zuikaku 大鳳 Taiho Party 加賀 Kaga Wedding New year Summer 扶桑 Fuso New year Same class,Yamashiro Party,Yamashiro New year Summer 金剛、海霧金剛 Kongo / ARP Kongo 長門 Nagato Wedding 三笠 Mikasa School 天城 Amagi Akagi alternative Wedding New year Summer 出雲 Izumo 陸奧 Mutsu 海霧霧島 ARP Kirishima School 海霧榛名 ARP Haruna School 海霧比叡 ARP Hiei Other 夕張 Yubari 古鷹 Furutaka Same class,Kako 青葉 Aoba 妙高、海霧妙高 Myoko / ARP Myoko 最上 Mogami 伊吹 Ibuki 愛宕 Atago New year Summer 海霧高雄 ARP Takao Wedding New year Summer 海霧那智 ARP Nachi 神風、神風R Kamikaze / Kamikaze R 睦月 Mutsuki New year 吹雪 Fubuki Party School Other 曉 Akatsuki Other 秋月 Akitsuki Niizuki alternative 初春 Hatsuharu 白露 Shiratsuyu Yuudachi alternative Wedding,Yuudachi New year Same class, Shiratsuyu Other 陽炎 Kagero Yukikaze alternative Other Same class,,Kagero Halloween 朝潮 Asashio School USA Bogue Langley Ranger Lexington Saratoga alternative Summer Same class, Lexington Enterprise Wedding New year Colorado North Carolina Same class,Washington Arizona West Virginia Alabama / Alabama ST South Dakota alternative Party Massachusetts St. Louis In azur lane she is belong Brooklyn class, and differs from WoWs. New year Omaha Atlanta San Diego alternative New year Same class, Atlanta Phoenix In azur lane she is belong Brooklyn class, and differs from WoWs. New Orleand Quincy alternative Summer School, Astoria Other, Vincennes Helena Cleveland Party Halloween Indianapolis Same class, Portland Wichita Benson Laffey alternative New year Other Same class,Benson Nicholas In azur lane she is belong Fletcher class, and differs from WoWs. Other Fletcher Bush alternative Same class,Fletcher Sims Hammann alternative Summer Same class,Sims Mahan Cassin alternative British Warspite Queen Elizabeth Party Monarch Party Duke of York Hood Wedding Summer Nelson Halloween Same class,Rodney Summer Leander Ajax alternative Same class,Leander Party Fiji Edinburgh Neptune Belfast Wedding 小貝爾 Acasta School Jervis Javelin alternative Summer Other Gallent Glow worm alternative Germany Graf Zeppelin Summer Tirpiz Summer Gneisenau Bismark Scharnhorst Karlsruhe Königsberg Admiral Hipper Roon Admiral Graf Spee / HSF Admiral Graf Spee Other Same class, Deutschland Summer Halloween Prinz Eugen Wedding New year Summer Z-1 Leberecht Maass School Z-23 Other Z-46 Summer Pan-Asia 撫順 Fushun 鞍山 Anshan 黃河 Huanghe UK Aurora=Huanghe New year Same class,use Royal flag. Party 洛陽 Lo Yang Use Eastern Radiance flag, Benson France Saint-Louis Émile Bertin Summer Le Terrible Le Triomphant alternative Dunkerque Summer Jean Bart Richelieu USSR Avrora Commonwealth Vampire Other How to use: Extract and put "gui" folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\
  3. Hola Colegas ¿Cómo están espero? Espero que estés bien. Hace algún tiempo con la ayuda de varios amigos logre incluir un trabajo de pintura o camuflaje dentro del Modpack Oficial de Wargaming. Y actualmente se encuentra en el nuevo Paquete de Mods o como los Rusos lo llamaron "ModStation". Aquí esta el link para descargarlo https://world-warships.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/WorldOfWarships.ModStation.Setup.exe Foto del trabajo dentro del Paquete Oficial de Mods para WoWs: Me gustaría saber a quién puedo escribir para incluirlo en el juego. Mi idea es que se implemente a travez de una serie de misiones o que WG venda el camuflaje y el dinero recaudado se dona a la Fundación Battleship Texas como si hizo algún tiempo atras o tambien se puede donar a los Veteranos. ¿Qué piensas sobre esto? o ¿A quién debería dirigirme?. Comparto algunas imágenes del Camuflaje. In honor of veterans: Más fotos: Video dentro del juego: Agradecimientos a: