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Found 55 results

  1. Mermaid's Wrath is a total overhaul of the English language voices of World of Warships. 880 voice lines covering everything from Quick Commands and Torpedo Warnings to PvE Operations and even the Tutorial~! Love the aesthetic of the Haifuri/ARP characters but can't understand Japanese? Do you just want a soft, feminine voice warning you about your ship being on fire? Or do you just want to replace the hammy acting of the PvE Operations? Then this is your one-stop-shop for all your voice-y needs! I started this mod back on 0.6.5, and lemme tell ya, it's been a real pain in the aft to get this far, between herding cats actresses and juggling several file types while they worked on .MP3 support. It's been a rough project, but I think the end result is worth it~ I'll be keeping this up-to-date with new voice lines as they're added to the game and endeavour to keep the oceans sounding sublime~! But enough about that, you're here for your mod! Changelog: 1.00 - Initial Release, 481 lines replacing all vanilla dialogue 1.01 - Edited 3 lines relating to Raptor Rescue PvE Operation 1.15 - Edited 97 lines for Received Quick Commands and Aegis Operation, and added an additional 165 Received Quick Commands! 1.16 - Edited 5 lines relating to Aegis PvE Operation, and fixed one that was misplaced 1.50 - Massive overhaul and recoding due to the 0.6.13 update, includes test of the new sound formatting and compression for enhanced quality 1.60 - Added 235 lines to Received Quick Commands~! 1.61 - Aessaya derped the last patch, fixed now~! Silly programmer, no snacks for you! Future Plans: Variety Update 2: Electric Boogaloo! Fix up the PvE lines in every mission so they all sound as professional as possible~! New Gagreel! Mod Showcase Videos Panic that Wargaming might screw up all my hard work with each new update and I'd have to start all over again... Oh hey, that finally happened! But Aessaya pulled me outta the drink~! See this right here? Clicky! Mermaid's Wrath v1.61 Also available via Aslain's and Hakabase's Modpacks! Okay, so now that you've got you new vocal chords plugged in, you're going to want to navigate to your WoWS mods folder, by default, it should look like this: [ C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\ ] Once you're in there, find the latest version of the game [Currently:] and just unpack the "Banks" folder in the zip right into it. Whenever the game updates to a new version, just cut-paste that banks folder into the latest version of the game. Optimum Settings (These are only my personal preferences for settings, but I feel they bring out the best in the mod): SPECIAL THANKS BONUS ROUND! @NikoPower & @Pigeon_of_War - For answering my game-related questions during development @MajorRenegade , @GoldPile & @Zakuul - For advice and expertise with sound mods and whose words of wisdom got this project off the ground BLOOPER BONUS ROUND! Even professionals aren't above failure~! (Contains an occasional expletive)
  2. Updated for! I changed the Alpha, Beta, and Beta Weekend flags to their equivalent Greek letters: α, β, and...with some artistic license for the Beta Weekend flag...βω ¹ There are two versions: "SD", using the same dimensions as the stock flags (2048x2048), and "HD", with four times the pixles (4096x4096). SD version: flags SD.7z HD version: Soon ¹ The "w" in βω is actually the lowercase letter omega (Ω). The /w/ phoneme (technically, the voiced labio-velar approximant) used to be represented in Greek by the letter digamma (Ϝ, ϝ, ϛ), which was pronounced like "wau". In Greek, the letter (and the sound) went extinct something like 2500 years ago (6th-7th century B.C.,), although the glyph lives on as the Latin letter F. In modern Greek, the sound can be represented by the digraph οὐ or the trigraph οὐα
  3. Hakabase Modpack Installer for WoWS ( This little istaller is mostly about my own works for WOWS, also contains some nice mods made by other authors. ) ( Aslain's installer inspired me a lot, thank you, Aslain ) Preview Download [click here] Install 1. Select folder where is your WoWS installed 2. Select mod what you need from the mod list 3. click next.... then Install UninstallingUse uninstaller from the windows options ( My English is not good, please advise with simple words. ) Change Log
  4. Current Version: Link to original EU thread: Hello, if you're familiar with another game - War Thunder and use the live site there you might recognise me from my skinning work there. In this thread I'll be sharing the skins I make with you guys, I'll try to keep them all updated as fast as possible! I plan on doing as many historical skins as I can, I hope you like them! Individual skins will be inside the spoilers in order to save space, just looks nicer. Primarily based on the EU server I decided that I would share my work with you guys as well, I will try to keep this thread as up-to-date as possible for you guys! To download simply click the download image below the preview picture which will take you to a direct puush download in a new tab. I have included installation instructions inside the zip file. If you like my work that much feel free to follow this topic (button at the very top right) and you will be notified whenever I post something new or update a mod instantly! All Premium ship skins come with a camouflages file that disables the visual effect of all camouflages ingame. The actual bonuses are still active, the camouflage is just invisible. Thanks go out to MasaruKondera of Wo-Era Mods for the script in the Historical Naval Ensign and Signal Flags mod. It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. If you wish to add any of my skins/mods to a modpack, mod website or whatever please ask me here first if that is ok and if I say no for whatever reason please respect that. Historical Naval Ensign and Signal Flags: Shōkaku-class Aircraft Carrier: Kuma-class Cruiser: Hull A: Hull B: Wickes-class Destroyer: Town-class Destroyer: Dresden-class Cruiser: Hull A: Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship:
  5. I am looking for a mod I used to use. It converted the gun caliber from mm to inches on the in port stat card. Please help and thank you
  6. Yeah I finally decided to use him and now understand how terrible he is. I've tried a few forum posts here, and so far nothing has worked right. I saw one in the ashland's mod pack? But I don't want to download that mod pack for his voice changes. I tried an earlier version of it and it sort of worked? But not completely and had some audio bugs with it since it was an older version. Nor do I want to do the other changes that remove my ARRP voices, since I like those. So I have done some searches, and trial and error over 6 battles restarting my game each time to go for full effect.
  7. Hola a toda la comunidad de World of Warships Latino America. Este es mi primer post y les vengo acompartir un Skin de un barco que estuvo en la ARM (Marina Armada de México) el Arm Cuitlahuac un Clase Fletcher, este skin muesta como lo tuvo México en sus años de servicio siendo el ultimo barco de esta clase en estar en operacion hasta el 2001. Aqui en link!4F9WBbZA!DrcxKPXAEvR1WJN7KKX61Gmwo-d8jfLydZOwQYGjYTk Me gstaria saber su opinion y espero que les guste, vere en hacer otros skin clasicos para barcos dentro del juego.
  8. Probably posted at some point, but missed during my break, but the work-around to disable the Seagal's voice appears to not be working. The original trick was to rename his directory in the res folder to anything but the default. Regardless of what I rename it, it persists with the new patches, implying they have new sound files elsewhere? They do sound of slightly higher quality, but I still can't stand the utter disinterest with which he speaks and reports. What must I do to put a stake through this digital vampire's heart?
  9. Surveillance Radar Modification 1 does not mount to the Chapayev cruiser at this time. I submitted the issue to customer service and I was told it should be fixed on a future update. This Surveillance Radar works fine. The Mod upgrade just does show up available on the ship when the Surveillance Radar Modification 1 is in inventory.
  10. If you built your own navy with your own Capital ships, or were in charge of your country's navy, what naming scheme would you use? Also, what would you name your flagship? There's a lot of different methods: places, Capitals, Famous Persons, Famous Battles, Ideals, Mythological Figures. Different nations have erred in different directions; RN going for Ideals more often than not (Revenge, Warspite, Indefatigable ect), USN Places (State Names for Capital ships, emphasizing the "State" part of United States), Germany (Nazi), seemed to favor Famous people (Tirpitz, Bismarck). But what would you do? Amd what would your flagship be called? Don't be afraid of using existing names, it's harder than I thought to come up with a Capital ship name that feels worthy. I like the Ideals/Concepts and Mythological Figures style: Repulse, Ajax, Adjudicator, Fury, Defiant, Orion, Implacable, Warspite and of course, 'Fear Nothing, and Dreadnought." For a flagship? I might lean toward Invictus, or Viribus. Imperium could be fun too (latin reference, not WH40k). I do love Warspite as a name though, always have. I'm curious what others would go with, as it says a lot about the values at play and ideas you strive for/nation strives for in what you name your biggest, most expensive, most important war machine.
  11. *deleted for derp syndrome Mods can Delete this one.
  12. I am a Fan of Freespace 2 Scp, I must admit I do enjoy that fighter pilot experience in a game. But then I got introduced to the much desired and needed World of Warships game. Where one gets the experience of combat with warships. Now I do not play world of tanks, but I do follow the Mighty Jingles. And I do find it entertaining. Maybe one day I will give it a go. However I have found this gem by TheRayRayGGG:- Homeworld 2 FREESPACE 2 Terrans vs Shivans EXTREME Fleet Battle HD 60fps (on youtube...(/watch?v=hKxkVrxDHNY)) And I cant help but think, If only WG could get the rights to FreeSpace, here is a unique experience combat from either side in the same battle. Well you can watch and judge for yourself.
  13. ADVERTENCIA: Este mod contiene lenguaje vulgar, se recomienda discreción. Un mod con algunas de las voces del Equipo delta ( y aun mas por venir) "Me c@"#$ en la p#%@ M%@" como lo instalo? Metodo 1: extrae la carpeta GoW del archivo .rar mueve (o copia) la carpeta GoW a: worldofwarships>res>Banks>OfficialMods abre el juego, luego ve a configuraciones>audio>Modificación de la voz, búscalo en la lista y le das a aplicar ahora disfruta del equipo Delta Metodo 2: copia la carpeta worldofwarships>res>Banks ​(aprox. 1.6GB) pegala en worldofwarships>res_mods>x.x.x.x ​​mueve (o copia) la carpeta GoW a: worldofwarships>res_mods>x.x.x.x>banks>OfficialMods abre el juego, luego ve a configuraciones>audio>Modificación de la voz, búscalo en la lista y le das a aplicar Link de descarga: Si el link de descarga no funciona, avísenme sugerencias son bienvenidas. (todavía es un trabajo en progreso, con el tiempo le iré agregando más voces)
  14. Was watching a stream, saw this mod. What is it? Thanks.
  15. Prehistoric's Dirty No Chat Mod WoWS EditionCompatible WoWS version: 0.4.xMod function:Disables Chat in Battle Mode. Messages can still be sent to team or map.Install:Create folders in bold if needed.World_of_Warships\res_mods\VERSION\gui\ Add XML file to GUI folder. Notes:"So until WG gives the option we will continue to achieve harmony and peace so we may focus on the kill." 2.09K 0.4.xPrehistorics_Dirty_No_Chat_Mod_WoWS_Edition.rar 1.87K 0.4.xPrehistorics_Dirty_No_Chat_Mod_WoWS_Edition.rar
  16. 29 OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE: Please go here for the latest version. The linked pictures in these post are not valid anymore. Back in February I posted a topic requesting advice on how to make a custom gameloading screen. Since then, using trial and error, I have made a few of them. How did I made them? Please read on. Disclaimer: This assumes you have downloaded the Kancolle Enchant (or similar) mod so you can copy the gameloading.swf file found inside it. (You can download the Kancolle enchant mod using Aslain's handy Mod Installer, or, download it from Pravda Team's website.) I don't know how to make those SWF files from scratch. Also, that you know how to use an image editor like GIMP, Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. And... This section is for educational purposes only! By utilizing the information in this guide, you understand that you are utilizing this information out of your own accord, and you agree that you will NOT hold me liable for any and all damages that may directly or indirectly arise from such usage! And that's it. This is my first time posting a "How-To" guide. I hope it's easy to understand. Corrections/suggestions are welcome. Thank You. Save
  17. Olá pessoal, fórum RUSSO já atualizou seu MODPACK EXPRESS para a versão mais recente, segue o link do BLOG DOCA WOWS: [Hello everyone, Russian forum has already updated their MODPACK EXPRESS to the latest version, access through the link DOCA WOWS BLOG]
  18. Greetings, captains! From the ashes of ♦ Team 20.3cm ♦ (One of the most famous and followed modding group dedicated to Kantai Collection modifications on World of Warships) ♦ Rising Sun Modding Team ♦ arise. I decided it was time to come back but with a focus on making standard GUI or simple flash modifications and maybe sound too about Kantai Collection, Warship Girls and Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio. A very chilling activity that isn't heavily affected by updates! (Unlike what I've personally done in the past year with the game) Additionally, ♦ Rising Sun Modding Team ♦ is recruiting members to expand the lineup of content we can deliver to the community. If interested send me a PM or leave a comment below. «Social Links» «Important notes» If you want to share these modifications in the forums of different regions, that we didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT US in said post. Re-upload is strictly FORBIDDEN. «Mods List» Link to the first post within ♦ Rising Sun Modding Team ♦ thread at WoWs EU forum. Click here! OR Please, follow the thread and BROWSE THROUGH THE POSTS in order to keep track of the new stuff. Hope you enjoy once again my work!
  19. Olá pessoal, fórum RUSSO já atualizou seu MODPACK EXPRESS para a versão mais recente, segue o link do BLOG DOCA WOWS: [Hello everyone, forum RUSSO has already updated their MODPACK EXPRESS to the latest version, access through the link DOCA WOWS BLOG]
  20. Olá pessoal, fórum RUSSO já atualizou seu MODPACK EXPRESS para a versão mais recente, segue o link do BLOG DOCA WOWS: [Hello everyone, forum RUSSO has already updated their MODPACK EXPRESS to the latest version, access through the link DOCA WOWS BLOG]
  21. Olá pessoal, fórum RUSSO já atualizou seu MODPACK EXPRESS para a versão mais recente do pacote, segue o link do BLOG DOCA WOWS: Posteriormente iremos postar o mod europeu, caso haja atualização por parte do fórum, completo e em inglês!
  22. Olá pessoal, fórum RUSSO já atualizou seu MODPACK EXPRESS para a versão mais recente do pacote, segue o link do BLOG DOCA WOWS:
  23. Hello all! I am looking for the folder for ARP Takao in-game, to edit the skin mod I use for my Atago. (To make it glow. And yes I am grinding for the Takao in the mean time but I just cannot wait XD) However I looked in res folder first then then searched in the entire game folder, but I am unable to find Takao's texture files in it. Is there anyone more experienced in creating skin mods or more familiar with the game folder that can tell me where I can go find the texture files for ARP Takao? Thanks in advance!
  24. am i the only one excited for this? i took a break myself from creating mods because they completely destryed the system some time ago, maybe now i might end up going back to do some things
  25. So as i'm finishing up Haifuri (great anime btw, is essentially GuP but with warships) I just couldn't help but notice that the music is awesome, I even play with the music in the background sometimes. Someone really ought to mod the tracks into the game. Here's several good ones, I especially dig the one at 10:00 and the one immediately after it.