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Found 195 results

  1. Yes, in prime time, with over 10K players on the server, you can get an MM in which it is 4v4 DDs and one side has no radar. Not much point in playing that one out. Our team was awful, to boot. I kept the star with only 83K damage and game was over in 9:01. If the game has to have radar, it has to be balanced in Ranked. That simple. Meanwhile, instead of fixing the MM as players have asked for -- for two years -- we have... Vanguard. And emblems.
  2. Sigh, I just wish that...

    ...when I'm doing good or in a good/strong ship, something wouldn't always go wrong to throw the match or my performance in it. I mean, it seems that every time I'm doing well and having fun, or plan to at least, the meta changes slightly in a flash and all the sudden there is a flood of my counters, AND constant bottom-tiering. When both decide to be nice, but something in WoWS is still against me, I'll get perfect set-ups(even the rest of the team are in perfect ships for defeating the enemy team's line-up) TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, AND UTTERLY RUINED BY TOMATO TEAMS SO BAD, THEY CAN'T KILL spotted 100 HP DDs, and THEY SHOW BROADSIDE IN EVERYTHING, meanwhile COMPLETELY MISSING THE OPEN BROADSIDE OF EQUALLY TOMATO ENEMIES AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, UNTIL THE TOMATO ENEMIES STOP MISSING OR FINALLY ANGLE. OH, DO I SOUND LIKE I'M ANGRY? THAT'S BECAUSE I AM! Oh, and that's not all, actually. Sometimes there will be clusters of enemy ships stopped or going very slow at one place or another, but instead of feasting and farming torpedo hits on said clusters of enemy ships(no radar in them, by the way), my allied DDs will be deleted because they were so inept that that they were brought down to EXTREMELY LOW health by(OF ALL THINGS) A MUTSUKI FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Sigh. I am so glad when these battles are over, but then when I jump into another ship for another battle, back I am into a match with floods of my counters and I am bottom tier. Oh, and there are MUCH better(read: higher-tier) ships on both my team and the enemy team, but my team's top-tier ships of my class are gone within minutes of the opening of the match, while the only thing gone from the enemy team's top tier ships of my class is any trace of doubt or fear as they farm damage, medals, and Devastating Strikes off my team. I do my best, but it's just not enough. The enemy team's ships are too powerful,their captains are just as undefeatable, and what damage they don't manage to deal to me my counters do. Inevitably, I go down too, and it's a loss by steamroll for my team. If this kind of crap were uncommon, I'd be fine with it, and just dismiss it as a fluke, but it is quite common for me. Also, when I am doing reasonably well against one or two enemy ships that would only be much of a threat if I was on low hp, in come allied torps, aimed miles away from where the enemy ships are, to deliver me as a boxed, gift-wrapped, and set under the tree easy kill for the enemy ships. Does anyone else see this kind of thing happen a lot?(or at all?) If so, please tell me in the poll. Honestly, I try to ignore it and have fun anyway, but constant defeats are anything but fun for me. - Regards, Legoboy0401
  3. Tier 8 Match Making

    Is WG listening to our complaints about tier 8 ships routinely and constantly be up-tiered by tier 10s? Just to let you know WG, most of my fun tier 8 ships are being dedicated CO-OP ships because of your broken match maker. I will gladly sacrifice a few minutes of my time to wait for a better match in match maker, than to waste 20 minutes in a game that is not enjoyable with tier 10s. It is no longer fun being a T8 vs T10s.
  4. Hi, I believe I have come across a solution to a serious problem that has been brought up MULTIPLE times but nothing has ever been done to resolve it. The queue system seems to have a few modes but mainly two: Tier 1-5 seem to be 2-tier games. Tier 6-10 seems to 3 tier games. Once you hit games, in the 6-10 range, have the OPTION both temporary/permanent to enable the 2-tier queue for Tier 6-10 games. The frustration level beyond T6 games is destroying the morale of a lot of lower level players in my clan as well the higher level players. No one wants to play T8 and T9 as the uptier to T10 is considered extremely unbalanced as although this is less at T7 uptiered to T9 but the frustration still exists. There seems to be more than enough players to fill a game with T9/T10 ships and T8/T9 ships all the way back down to T6. Please consider this a request for enhancement to the game play. PCBSD2
  5. Disclaimers: First of all, this is not a rant or whine in any form, merely some observations on my part Yes I am aware of Lert’s Tier 8 experiment, in fact it proves some of the points I am trying to make. (https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/163474-lerts-t8-experiment-conclusions/) Because of my very limited experience at tiers IX-X I will not be talking stats or performance, basing some of my claims on tier VIII instead. Everybody has seen these topics pop up, about Tier VIII MM constantly seeing Tier X etc etc. To a certain extent I can relate, I play Tier VIII far more often than I used to. As a result there are times where RNJesus rolls a 1 for me on the D20 and puts me in streaks of Tier X battles. As a DD and cruiser main, I don’t really care for MM, especially in a DD. However that is not always the case with the rest of the playerbase. There is some outcry about it. Many people believe that Tier VIII at the moment is the least fun tier and instead stick to Tier VII. I don’t think most can deny this. The question persists however, why does this happen, and is there any way to “fix” any existing issue to streamline the average player experience? What I believe is the issue with high tier matchmaking, is the way Wargaming has relegated roles to specific tiers. Tier VIII is your moneymaking tier, with most of the premiums that can turn up high profits existing there. This is where people spend quite a bit of time earning credits (if they don’t have any Tier IX premium) or grinding. In addition all Campaigns require at least Tier VIII ships. Then, Tier X is regarded as the end game content and the focus of Clan Battles. Tier Xs represent the ultimate a line can offer. It is therefore logical to assume people would play that tier Last, both tiers are part of Ranked Battles. It is safe to consider these tiers are pretty popular. Then, we come to the factor creating the uptiering many people complain about. @Lertdid a random solo Tier VIII experiment to see the matchmaking he would get in 100 battles. While as he said this is not a big sample size, it is definitely an indicator. I believe that “18% tier 9 battles” to be the core of the problem. Tier IX is often seen as just a stepping stone. Of course, some of the Tier IX ships are pretty strong and keepers, no question about it. When it comes to certain ships however, it is often considered a gatekeeper tier for the glory of Tier X. The way Wargaming structures the game, with a moneymaking Tier (Tier VIII), then a stepping stone tier, and finally the end game/Clan Battles Tier (Tier X) shafts Tier IX basically. Granted, there are Tier IX premiums, but they are few in number and variety to really shift the situation. In order to “fix” Tier VIII MM we don’t need to look at strengthening Tier VIIIs to be more competitive or nerfing Tier Xs, but rather increasing the Tier IX population and providing incentives to play this specific tier. I believe in an ideal environment MM could be 30%/40%/30%, but I feel this is almost impossible to accomplish. A good first step would be to make some improvements to ships that are considered gatekeepers. Izumo recently got a buff, maybe other ships should follow suit like, F. De Grosse. Another way would be give more incentives for people to play Tier IX in the form of events. I don’t know how Tier IX Ranked would turn out, but it could be some food for thought. A different route would be for WG to print out as many Tier IX premiums as possible. I believe this would do more harm than good on the long run. Finally, permanent camouflage could be more beneficial to Tier IX ships, in order to promote more games in these ships. As it is now, Tier IX permacamo offers for 4000 gold: -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -20% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +100% to experience earned in the battle. Tier X permacamo offers for 5000, so just 1000 gold more -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +20% credits earned in the battle. +100% to experience earned in the battle. I believe a 10% to credits earned in battle for Tier IX permacamo would be useful. Bottom line, I fear the lack of attention in certain aspects of Tier IX will affect high tiers negatively. The feeling of Tier VIII constant uptiering is but a symptom of it. Hope we can get some good discussion out of this, disagreements/opinions/additions welcome! Thanks for reading.
  6. Clan Battles Variety

    Question: Due to the tightening of MM in Clan Battles, has the variety of teams that one consistently plays against dwindled to such a small pool that teams across the board are only facing the same teams over and over again? I'm not in favor of swapping up tiers for clan battles. T10 is so well balanced. We do however need to relax the MM restrictions that were put in place this season. It has become so brutally repetitive in who we play that it's sucking the fun out of it all. Without the variety, it's become a game of back and forth. We all know each other so well at this point, we all just keep winning and losing pretty evenly. Without being able to see a larger variety of playstyles, it's become such drudgery. The population seems to still be there. When I look at the list of teams I don't seem surprised at how many or few there are. I just never see 99% of those teams. It's just the same ones over and over again. Am I delusional? Am I right? Idk... but I do know that I'm just so bored of the same fights over and over again. Beat them, then lose to them, vice versa, back and forth... same teams... forever and ever... over and over. No more "Oh snap it's those high end guys we never see!" Or the "Oh wow we never see this group comp! They're gale? Craaaaaap... we really can't lose to these guys..." No more excitement... just drudgery.
  7. So I get home for the night and log onto Warships ready to continue my grind. I ready up the Essex and press Battle. I immediately get into a game. With 8 people total. And 2 CV. Yeah. So, what are we to do about this? Well, the absolute gentleman in their Essex suggested an honorable CV duel. No planes. Just secondaries. Assides from a Mogami that almost ruined the fun but thankfully figured out what was going on, and the fight was on! I pulled out the win despite my handicap, and wrapped up what was certainly the strangest battle I've ever fought. I included the results in the spoiler.
  8. People claim there's an XP bonus when a lower tier ship damages an upper tier one. The simple fact of the matter is that a bonus doesn't exist unless it's clearly apparent to the players. There is no reason being undertiered in a match should be something people beshrew. It could easily be changed to seem like an opportunity rather than a curse. In the battle results screen, add an XP and credits bonus for ships that are 1 or 2 tiers down in a battle. Maybe +10% for 1 tier, +20% for 2. (modified, of course, by premium) This would definitely help damper a bit of the MM complaints we see so much and it's trivial to do. If there's an economy concern, just take the "hidden" xp bonus and make it unhidden so people can see it.
  9. (Place tongue firmly in cheek before proceeding. And remember: Irony is Truth) Invisible ships that whine about radar and battleship AP Big fat clumsy ships that whine about invisible ships, fires and walls of torps Floating citadels that win by hiding behind cover and lobbing lameness onto hapless targets that can’t fire back at them Smoke, smoke, smoke and some more smoke Fire-spitting smoke clouds featured prominently in the naval battles of the early to mid-20th Century Overpenetrations: 16” shells go right through a canoe, you know, for only 10% damage The Dispersion Slot Machine---feeling lucky? Well, are you, punk? Hair-pulling and rage incumbent upon the attempt to get a few digital stars next to one’s name through “competitive play” (mark you: there is no monetary compensation for this) Wailing, frustration and rage about the matchmaker Wailing, frustration and rage about “having a bad team” Wailing, frustration and rage about “losing 10 games in a row and it’s not my fault” Cyclones: “Well, Yuri Ivanovich, you have to encourage people to close the distance somehow.” “Great idea, Igor Semyonovich, let’s implement it!” (leaked conversation from WG St. Petersburg office, circa 2016). Angling: Because 2700 lb shells aren’t that dangerous if they hit you at 65 degrees. To borrow a phrase from WoT: "Bounced off!" Overmatch: The number 14.3 is extremely important in naval combat (who knew? I’ll tell you: The designers of 460mm Japanese naval guns. Smart!) One of the greatest innovations in naval strategy in this period involved pointing the bow of the ship toward the enemy and slowly reversing. Don’t you dare cross the T, noob. What do you think this is, a historical game? British battleships: Because to heck with your angling Great Naval Battles in bodies of water full of large masses of strangely-shaped land An aircraft carrier? Never seen one of those. Deep Water torps: Because battleship players are stupid and there are too many of them Radar: Because if your own DDs die, how will you ever see the little buggers? Egos and Tempers the size of the USS Midway Who knew the Soviet Navy boasted such a formidable surface fleet with artillery more accurate than anything any capitalist pig-navy could ever devise? “Destroyers in World War II primarily performed fleet and convoy escort, as well as antisubmarine warfare duties” Oh wait…. Detonations: “We at Wargaming.net believe in fun and engaging gameplay!” Detonations: “Buy this piece of striped cloth and hoist it up the mainmast. It will prevent the unlimited supply of torpedoes in your hull from going off when hit.” Fires: Because how else can a 127mm gun sink a 60,000 ton ship? 33% Skill, 67% Luck. Want to change that? Carry harder and git gud, scrub. “I play World of Warships because it helps me relax.” “I play World of Warships because of the friendly, welcoming and helpful community.” Losing credits? “May I interest you in a premium account, dear sir?” Armor penetration mechanics more Byzantine than organic chemistry Soviet Battleships: The End of the World is Coming
  10. +2/-2 MM is OK.

    I'm ok with the spread. Nations fought with whatever ships they had, so you had WW1 ships in WW2. I can actually top the list with a low-tier ship. Four-stacker DDs fought, Tenryu fought and did well, Katori fought Iowa. It would limit the experience to advantage-me if you were top tier all the time. You had a pretty good spread within formations IRL.
  11. I know, it's a dead horse but I'm going to beat it some more The uptiering of T8 boats into T10 matches seems the norm now, and it's really not fair to the players that are grinding out T8's to get T9's. Why can't T10's battle with 9 or 10 boats? Or give an option to be uptiered if the player wishes too otherwise they can just wait to fill a T8 battle. Both my kids have stopped playing because after T5 they felt like the game was against them, they stopped having fun and we're killed so fast that they learned nothing. There has to be a way to keep the game fun for new players, uptiered in a new boat with limited experience isn't good for the player base. The "old" player base doesn't want potatoes in the higher tiers, then why does the game uptier them into tiers they don't even have boats for?
  12. The MM has shown a sense of humor in this match: So..what is wrong with this picture? What are the tactical challenges? Here's a bit of conversation we had at the start: So...who do you think would win?
  13. It is time to call it a day

    When you have to carry 2x in a row: I already used up my luck for this weekend, so I'm deciding to call it quits for the rest of the weekend.
  14. I'm noticing an excessive number of games where I'm on the bottom tier of 3. Ex. I play a tier 5 and wind up with 7's. Yesterday alone, every battle except for 2, where it was 6's instead of 7's I was bottom tier. It is expected that we should find ourselves bottom tier a certain amount. It would seem to be reasonable. However, when the vast majority of battles have this scenario, something is either wrong or it's intended to be that way. First question, is this intentional? If so, why? This is becoming no fun at this point. If the game is no longer fun, why play? [rhetorical] Lastly, if this is not intentional, how about fixing it? This really does suck. ~ thanks
  15. I've seen crap MM dumps, but this is a complete joke. Worst I have seen since I joined in 2015.
  16. Really enjoy the game overall...the graphics and realism that WG has created are impressive. I am a 44.5% winner and three month player so I guess that makes me a Potato as I learn the various ship types and map positions, etc.. I got above 45% and was feeling like I was progressing.....and then the last week. Even as my damage has started to rise and I feel like I understand the strengths of the Kagero and the Bismarck in particular, I have been in battle after battle lately where my side doesn't just lose...we get crushed. And over the last couple of days, it has gotten worse. Tried dropping down to level 3 and 4 ships, figuring maybe I wasn't ready for tier 8 though my Kagero has a 60% win rate on less than 50 battles...but same thing. Just did a game where at tier 3, we had SIX destroyers per side. Three or four were premium ships...not sure about the Russian one...on red team...none on our side. Within five minutes....all six of ours were sunk....before 10 minutes....they had 2 of the three caps...third was still open...WG mercifully just stopped the match and declared a winner. Same thing on the previous match.......three of us left..me on my British BB ...within 10 minutes in standard...WG stops the match though the cap had not yet been taken....defeat. Last night....what is the Stalingrad....what is the Worcester.....on the red team......in both cases....5 min into the match.....we are down to four ships...and one of the red team has seven kills.... then i read on the forums today that those are "test" ships allowed into random matches......I just happened to be selected as an opponent in both cases. As a three month player...it doesn't seem fair.....the MM is picking winners based on some criteria that is giving one side a HUGE advantage. I have jokingly called it the halo effect....WG sends angels to help the red team and my spot on hits do no damage ..or they suddenly, in clear open water disappear from view..not an island close by or a smoke screen in the vicinity. People on the forums are constantly dissing radar..but on my Kagero, I understand it and try to account for it in my game play. I can't do that for targets that just disappear from view for no apparent reason. I read that the the win rate doesn't matter...and I have tried hard not to focus on it and counseled others to not worry about it....just keep gettin better...your day will come. But on these forums..people are constantly either boasting about theirs or trashing 45%'ers/potatoes. I have just kept playing.....but now with all these lopsided matches with me on the crushed team.....not sure it is worth the time and effort. I don't mind losing...I see the game as a challenge and fun and when I lose, I try to figure out what I could have done better or didn't do right. But if the MM puts the "dot" on you and makes full teams of "potatoes" and loads the other side with premium and "test" ships.....what's the use? It is no longer a challenge..you are just fodder for an analytic that favors others... and it damn sure isn't fun. Anyway.....had to vent.....and gonna go find somethin else to do..
  17. All-Cruiser-Match

    Thank you MM!
  18. Well lets see a 72 percent winrate enemy saipan vs a 49 percent winrate needs to practice in coop for about 10 years ranger. enemy didn't need anyother ships other then the Colorado he was dived with . This CRAP is utter [edited].
  19. Match making... sounds like a gambling term, doesn't it... I suppose some of you think more like "match fixing" rather than "match making". I wanted to title it "match fixing" but that's so... derogatory. So tier/type/class/nation is the current flavors, yes? From high to low, in that order? Even if that's not the proper order I was thinking - dangerous i know - of some additional parameters. Lots of folks want to use win rate to balance it out... but as ranked shows us, you can get a good win rate by just "going along" with the team, not getting sunk. Maybe that's worth considering? I was thinking more of a lower level parameter... like average damage in the tier/type/class/nation (TTCN) the player is attempting to engage in battle. Meaning after the TTCN is applied, one last thing to check might be performance against the TTCN server average in oh, damage to the reds? This would be applied to scatter the players between the two teams about as evenly as possible. IOW, you would do the TTCN selection first with the last thing being a swap between the two teams in an attempt to balance the average damage. The purpose would be trying to reduce the number of steam rolls. Given, they will always happen, but would this balance the match even more, tweaking it? ps: The server average damage for TTCN could be applied to every ship disregarding player stats if you wanted; but it might work better if that value was only used when the player had oh, less then ten matches in the TTCN ship? tiafyc

    I'm having a bad ranked season and the attached screenshot of the team matchmaking is one of the major reasons why. My understanding is that a player's rank determines his/her skill, so why the heck would matchmaking put five rank 10 players together vs a team with only one rank 10? The other team is ridiculously stacked so no wonder we got steamrolled. This isn't the first time, as I'm mostly on the team that gets steamrolled with the occasional lucky placement onto a team that does the steamrolling. I'd rather just have a nicely balanced and fun match of two teams of equal skill. Why can't MM evenly distribute rank levels between teams???
  21. Supposedly, the ranked mode matchmaker takes into account player skill, but I still experienced this nightmare game against 4 MIA's coordinating on TeamSpeak plus Notser. (Crov... is also MIA I'm told) I'm very flattered that WG thinks I'm good enough to counterbalance five unicums on the other team, but OMGRLY? When I sent the screenshot to support, saying that the matchmaking clearly did not balance player skill, here was their (form) response: Wow. Thanks for not even reading the ticket I sent, which specifically questioned player skill balance in Ranked. I already knew you didn't care. Does anyone else get the impression that Ranked has better player skill balance than Randoms? Seems utterly broken to me. The MM could have easily mixed players better in the above example.
  22. e 13 DDs On Epicenter. Stupid beyond belief. The MM couldn't have waited a bit longer? A total waste of time. And when, WG, can we expect this godawful and widely hated map to be retired?
  23. Kicked off a new ranked season with a CV cancer game. Kicker, CV on the allied side is a 30% win rater. "Ohwellllll". Immediately followed by 4 BBs ignoring broad siding cruisers at 12 kms, FOR THE ENTIRE 15 MIN OF THE GAME. 13/10 matches...
  24. Clearly the average quality of the player base has gone downhill, steam, vacation, weekend, whatever... Clearly not my fault because reasons.