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Found 2 results

  1. Asym_KS

    Has Anyone Seen This Yet>?

    Oh-Kay, this is a record for me ! Count the smoke screens !!! It looked like San Francisco in the morning. has anyone else ever had a one cruiser only game? The rest DD's and Sub's? There were even more smoke screens behind me!!!
  2. Impitoyable_5929_x

    The number of DDs in a match

    At first, I am open to criticizing opinions. Does anyone think there should be a restriction of DD numbers in a single match (such as that of CV)? I've recently gone through so many games that end very fast or are totally irreversible just because of the rapid evaporation of DDs at the beginning, where most other ships can't have that much fun and that many credits they may have. It seems that the more the difference in DDs' performance in the game, the more likely it is to end in 10 minutes, while short and sleepy games should not be the essence of WOWS. Landslide victories aren't interesting at all. As cruisers (of all types) are still relatively rare due to Dead Eye's influence, causing DDs to emerge, however, it's inevitable DDs decide the direction of the whole game, similar to CV's role. Since the number of CVs are restricted, IMHO there is thus supposed to be some restrictions on DDs as well (e.g., ≤ 3 DDs in T8+ matches of dominance; ≤ 2 DDs in standard T8+ matches).