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Found 17 results

  1. You_Are_Maidenless

    Crazy idea

    I am of the opinion that Wargaming should add Missouri and Musashi back into the tech trees as freexp ships again. Now before everyone loses their minds, let me explain. Iirc Missouri was removed because of her insane economy gains, but unless I'm mistaken, I'm fairly confident that that issue was addressed when Missouri was re-added in the mission chain a while back. So if economy supposedly isn't a problem anymore, then there shouldn't be any issue with adding her back as a freexp ship. Her performance certainly shouldn't be a problem, as she's basically an Iowa with a radar. Sure the radar is powerful but the Iowa hull hasn't exactly even been meta in ranked. I'm not saying Iowa is bad mind you, I'm just saying Missouri/Iowa aren't exactly OP ships, so Missouri's performance shouldn't be a problem either. If worse comes to worse, if Missouri's economy is still somehow oVeRpOwErEd, then adjust it so it's in-line with the rest of the tier 9 premium/freexp ships. I realize re-adding Missouri as a freexp ship might be somehow seen as insulting to people who already have Missouri, but I honestly don't think this should be an issue either. After all, they did just re-add Puerto Rico into the dockyard after the first dockyard, so that shouldn't be an issue either. Besides, Missouri is a freexp ship, not a dockyard ship, which in my opinion are easier to get. On the contrary, I think it's unfair for players who didn't have the time (or money) back in the day to grind out Missouri. All in all, I think Missouri shouldn't be an issue to re-add to the tech tree as a freexp ship, especially seeing that USN doesn't currently even have a freexp ship. As for Musashi, iirc her reason for removal was because of her power. Being the only ship being able to overmatch 32mm at tier 9, on top of being a Yamato hull at tier 9, as well as having her insane 9 460mm gun broadside. While I think this was understandable back in the day, I think a case can be made today that these perks aren't as big of a deal as they were back then. My main reason for this claim is that the state of the game has changed so much since when she was removed that I think re-adding her would be almost a non-issue. For example, I think there are many many ships at tier 9 currently that as just as if not more impactful that Musashi is/was. The obvious examples being ships like Soyuz, Black, Riga, and Kitakaze. These ships, each for their own reasons, are very good if not broken in tier 9, especially in a ranked match. To add to this, it seems like Wargaming's new pattern of development is adding icebreaker hulls to almost all new high tier ships that release, (even when it makes no sense for them to have an icebreaker but whatever) with this in mind, paired with Musashi's mediocre accuracy, I think her 32mm overmatch capability (while still powerful mind you) is nowhere near as good as it was when she was first added. This, combined with the fact that her broadside weight is much more comparable to other tier 9 ships, and even being beaten by ships with 4x3 or 3x4 layouts I think her power is much more in line with other ships at the tier these days. As for the Yamato hull at tier 9, yes it's still powerful, she still does, unless I'm mistaken, have the most HP at tier 9. However her armor isn't as good as it was back in the day either, with many ships having more tanky armor layouts. Lastly, some people may have an issue with Musashi being spammed at tier 9 ranked, but I mean come on. Musashi has been prevalent in tier 9 ranked ever since her release and unless she's nerfed or changed that fact will always remain. Sure Musashi will be more numerous but Wargaming made their bed when they designed Musashi the way they did. Musashi is already popular in ranked, more people having access to her isn't going to change that. I mean come on, everyone and their mother knows about the Yamato-class cheek citadel weakness at this point. If Musashi is really such a massive deal, then they can disable her for ranked or something. In conclusion, same with Missouri, I think re-adding Musashi really won't be a big deal. More people will get to play these ships and be able to enjoy the game more. Speaking personally, I would play the game a lot more if I had the option for grind for one of these ships, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment. I don't think there's any major downside to re-adding these ships as freexp, and if the community as a whole or Wargaming has an issue with it, then changes can be made, whether it be to random battles, ranked, clan battles, or whatever. I think this would be a positive move for Wargaming to make and it would overall make the community slightly happier, But hey, what do I know? If you agree with this post at all, share it around and try to get the word out, maybe it'll gain some traction and we might see a positive change for the game.
  2. Just a heads up, but unless you have every T2-T8 ship that can drop from the crates (the crates are a mirror of the Christmas short list for those tiers) you can't do this. Please check, I'm, not responsible it you're unable to read. So we already have Missouri, but we want to exploit the fact we are a big dirty whale and get unreasonable amounts of dragon flags, camos, and the special camo for the least cost. Enter the Casino. Farm the free missions for 1K Missouri casino chips. There's the Almirante Abreu buried in the T2 crate, and unless you were in on that single Brazilian stream, you don't have it. Accept your fate and enjoy your T2 BR Albany that plays a national anthem or something for a horn. OK welcome to the flavor zone. If at any time you get the Missouri drop, STOP. There's no further goal. T5 container: Cost 6000 doubloons, return 4000 doubloons, and appx. 40 dragon flags or less with some camos. 2000 doubloons expended T6 container: Cost 8000 doubloons, return 5500 doubloons, and appx. 80 dragon flags or less with some camos. 2500 doubloons expended T8 container: Cost 15,000 doubloons, return 8500 doubloons, and appx. 100 dragon flags or less with some camos. 6500 doubloons expended Total costs will be roughly around 12,000 doubloons so far (It depends on if you did the combat missions, and wait to complete them all. We're not going to split hairs over this). Here's the kicker, and the carefully crafted wargaming plan. To whale the last bundles after the T8 container costs roughly 19,200.. which is conveniently the refunded value of Missouri. So, if you don't already have the Missouri by the purchase of the T8 container, there's literally no reason to not farm out the final bundles to the ship, as you will get back the doubloons. If at any time you get the Missouri drop, STOP. There's no further goal. If at any time you get the Missouri drop, STOP. There's no further goal. What does this deliver? Approximately 120 dragon flags or less with some camos. Zero doubloons expended. This is the whale reward. We will have a bajillion of the Missouri tokens. Buy the camouflage for 3K tokens. You're going to have a large amount of spare tokens that will get sadly give you ZERO value. 12 point captains with no special skills, plus they have fictional sound alike names of real captains. The only thing left is to get the silver, something like 17+ million silver when you convert left over tokens. If you're insane and don't get the camouflage, you can add another 17+ million silver (but why, you already own Missouri and can print silver) SUMMARY We spent roughly 11,000 doubloons (can be more if you don't care about the missions), or $40 USD using the Visa doubloon bonus bundles x 4 We in turn received approximately 340 dragon flags or less with some camos. The exclusive T9 Missouri camouflage, 17 million silver or three of the 12 point captains and some silver. This is under 12 cents a dragon flag (depending on how many camos you rolled). The next cheapest way to get dragon flags is to buy the admiral Yamamoto containers at the rate of 25 casino boxes for $60, which gets you 300+ dragon flags. As a player, I always want dragon flags as it saves time and money, as the millions of FXP I bank gets me free ships. Below is one game, using dragon flags. The average player random game gives you 300-1500 FXP, so I basically played 100 games at one time with the flags. Pay to progress! Not Pay 2 win! ;-) $40 is not a lot to spend for all those flags and camos, plus the exclusive Missouri camouflage to make everyone know you swing the big [edited] wallet around. TLDR; If you are already a full 5 year whale, you have nothing to lose. If you are a not at that level, I would get the free T2 ship, and then spend $10 or so to get a T5 ship. It's well worth spending $10 on the event. I'm sure there's some minor cost variance, but if you're here you're not really caring about 3k dubs here or there. -Cit_the_bed
  3. As the title says, I started a game and this happened, I made it into a video cause why not. https://youtu.be/jYdG07dcWLU https://replayswows.com/replay/139471#teams 20210831_102711_PASB509-Missouri_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  4. Mizzerys_Fate

    TY WG for my 2nd Missouri

    This morning I was poking around in the armory and found I had 250 of some tokens from Missouri event. Already owning the credit queen, I wasn't looking for her. However, I have all but 1 tier 2 to 4 premium ship. So I decided to buy enough pulls (2) to get the premium crate. What pops up on the screen after my 2nd buy, but that bad beautiful mighty mo herself. No brainer... ..... So for a total of 4500 dubs I got: 19,200 dubs for duplicate ship. 1 10 point America captain. 1 port slot. Diana Lima. 1 10 point Russian captain. 1 port slot. A few flags.... ..... YES BOYS N GIRLS SOMETIMES YOU BEAT THE HOUSE. .... Note: tokens to get a duplicate tier 5 and get the 1 tier 6 I don't have cost more than buying it in the store. So I'm done with that event. Big THANK YOU to WG for the 14,700 profit in dubs.
  5. Another question i was trying to find an answer but couldnt find by my own. I woud like to understand if those ships are just premium temporary ships. I see a guy playing almost everyday his JEan Bart and he is still grinding from t5... He got it some time ago. I see some ruling the seas but i dont know how to get it. I saw news regarding 2018 about getting for coal. 1-Is there another way? 2-WG sold it for dobloons? 3-what happens to Missouri? same case? Musashi? 4-Which ones are the premium ships T8 or above removed from premium shop? what was their currency? 5-Are they like Black Friday ships? I seek enterprise and already beeing told she comes on Christmas crates, those too? 6- Are there more ships like these?
  6. I thought this ship was suppose to be bad? I did have the Zulu and India Bravo Terra three signals. It seems OK to me. This was a tier 8 battle BTW.
  7. I just thought it might be interesting to see if anyone actually get these ships that are dangeled in front of us to tease us to buy any of the Christmas containers. Of the whole list I choosen these four (Missouri, Musashi, Benham and Belfast) since imho I think these are what the mayority of the playerbase would consider the "Jackpot win" out of them all. Many of these are considered really rare and in some cases a bit OP. For instance I didnt include Kutuzov since its not really that OP/broken any more with likes of Colberts and Smolensks in the game. So I just wanna know, in the name of transparancy, who if any have actually gotten these mighty four out of the boxes. And I would like to see either a picture of when you got the ship (im guessing many would take a screenshot of a thing like that) or atleast a screenshot from the ship in your port with close to none XP on it. Thanks!
  8. So, as you guys may have seen, Wargaming will be holding a 24-hour Charity Stream for Save the Children beginning on Thursday 19th at 12 PM EST. Now, if you donate a certain amount of money you get to choose a reward package. These include posters, torpedo plushies , commemorative flags, mousepads and of course most of the "Banned/OP" ships. Bare in mind, there are only 3 "packages" available and they unlock at a specific time. This means that only 3 people will be walking away with each ship For $100 USD you can choose Fujin, Giulio Cesare, Imperator Nikolai, and Kamikaze For $200 USD you can choose Musashi, Kutuzov, Kronshtadt, Missouri and Belfast. Aside from ships you can also pay for Camouflages, Clan Doubloons and Divisions with Jingles and AtotheK101. So, What I'm getting down to is what do you guys think about this package system? Is it crappy of WG to yet again put these ships through a large pay wall with only a few people being able to get them, or do you think that this is a good idea for getting as much money donated to the charity . Please put your opinions down in the comments below! Here's the link to donating, you can view the rewards and prices after entering an email: https://donate.tiltify.com/+world-of-warships-community/charity-ship/rewards
  9. Sgtchopsticks

    Missouri Issue

    Okay guys, I know a lot of us want to see the Missouri available again (other than Christmas crates and special events), that being said I think Wargaming and the community could at least find some middle ground. Meaning people would be satisfied to see another sister ship of the Iowa (USS New Jersey). I've heard the money-printing machine can't be taken out somehow, so introducing another sister ship with very small changes but nothing that would overall change in-game performance, would be nice but maybe that's just me getting desperate. On a personal note, when the Missouri came out at first by free XP, I was in middle school and didn't have enough time to grind out those points due to me sucking and homework but I've known one thing for sure after these past years. I still want to play that ship and not for it's credit making.
  10. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    The MIssouri...

    Why did they change the gun sounds on Big Mo? They need to revert this ASAP. Who decided this was ok?
  11. MM_and_RNG_are_Rigged

    Missouri? Who needs it for Credits?

    Given that I basically wasted 750k free exp on the Missouri, I can't ever get her to work like everyone else seems to be able to do as far as printing credits. This is despite loading her up with credit flags and credit paint which ends up becoming utterly wasted in randoms. I find it ironic no one ever posts about Narai. Seriously, if you know what targets to shoot at, you can farm hellacious credits at tier 7 where ship repair/resupply costs are negligible. 1.5mil is my new current personal record for credits earned in a single Narai match. And heck, that's not even my highest damage MATCH of Narai either. Just my best target selection one in a Lolanta! To with the Crapssouri. If I'm needing credits, I just go to Narai for a week. Anyone else farmed credits in tier 7 ops, especially Narai? If so, what's the most you've ever earned and does it compare at all to the amount of work you have to put in to get the same with a Missouri? Narai is repeatable easy-mode with almost guaranteed wins. Randoms? Pfffft! Not likely.
  12. Does anyone, including WG, have any idea if the Missouri will be coming back to the tech tree for purchase with free xp? I have almost enough free xp to get the Nelson but I was saving up for the Missouri when they went and put in the Musashi, I am not complaining I just would really have liked to get the Missouri instead.
  13. You can now buy flags with credits at the Arsenal. You have in your possession a ship that is a credit making machine, win or lose. You know what that means right?
  14. A promoção dos baús de natal induz o jogador a pensar que tem a mesma chance de conseguir um Missouri que o outros navios listados. Menciona que a chance é aleatória sem dizer quais probabilidades foram programadas para cada navio. Ocorre que os navios que chamam atenção e são usados como chamariz na página, com direito à aparições animadas em destaque junto ao anúncio do produto não tem saído para os compradores conforme queixas de consumidores nas redes sociais. Por dever de clareza e em respeito ao Código de Defesa do Consumidor, que na documentação legal, cujo link está no site a Wargaming se compromete a respeitar, o consumidor não pode ser induzido ao erro por uma propaganda que seja "enganosa" e aqui abro um parêntese que a imagem de dois dados a rolarem também implica no raciocínio de chances iguais, porque a alea no jogo de dados é a mesma pra qualquer número. É a mesma para os navios? Não saabemos. Tal confusão pode levar a empresa ao incômodo com uma chuva de pequenos processos nos Juizados Especiais em todo Brasil , ou reclamações nos Procons, o que imagino, ninguém deseja. Por isso peço que informem exatamente quais as probabilidades foram programadas no jogo para o recebimento de cada navio, inclusive os chamados de raros, para que a compra dos baús de natal seja consciente sem engano ao consumidor que vai daí saber exatamente as chances que tem.
  15. Was Belfast, Kutuzov, etc. given away after they were discontinued? Seems odd Missouri's were given away despite being removed from the game.
  16. Last night, breaking the 50% win rate in the Misery. Up from 30%. Key lesson is patience, with 30 sec between reloads and engine acceleration of glaciers BBs really need to be in the hands of the zen masters.
  17. Nice ending to the night.