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Found 7 results

  1. Was Belfast, Kutuzov, etc. given away after they were discontinued? Seems odd Missouri's were given away despite being removed from the game.
  2. I know many have had better games in the Missouri, but I had the good fortune of hitting a really productive game when I was loaded for bear on the silver front. Missouri Zulu, Wyvern, and the three new credit flags (+20%, +50%. +30%, +20% +20%) Gamescon camo (+50%) Premium time I think this is the highest possible silver configuration. This was the result. It's probably about 1M higher than I've ever done since I really lucked out with the loadout (this was for one of the RN missions). There must be some 3M games out there with the new flags. Can 4M be done in a 20 minute battle?
  3. Last night, breaking the 50% win rate in the Misery. Up from 30%. Key lesson is patience, with 30 sec between reloads and engine acceleration of glaciers BBs really need to be in the hands of the zen masters.
  4. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Get down Mr.President!

    Shoutout to @speedee_bob for the save.
  5. Nice ending to the night.
  6. I've noticed an odd pattern, for some reason whenever I use the USS Missouri it is very rare/almost non-existent for me to be matched up in a carrier game. I run an AA build but rarely do I face CVs. However, it's quite the opposite when I use the IJN Musashi (which is not an AA capable ship). Matches with carriers in Musashi is very common and almost happens every game. Can someone explain this to me? Is there a hidden system that makes CV games rare for ships with good AA defense, or does this only happen to me?
  7. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    Where did the Missouri go? I was saving my free xp forever to get one and then when I got close, it disappeared. Are there any plans to bring it back? I really want to get the Missouri even though I mostly play DD's. Mainly for the historical value that ship has.