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Found 67 results

  1. Not buying it Wargaming...

    I've got three Captains ready to go. I've got 7 port slots. I've got 20 million silver in the bank I've got 105k free XP in the same bank I've got $150.00 cash American on a Karma coin.... But I don't want to buy a crate. I want to buy a French BB. I don't want to grind a mission. Just put them in the damn tree. Sincerely, A BB lover...
  2. French BB Missions

    Hey, a question for everyone. I've spent a good deal of money on the premium containers and dont want to spend anymore if not possible but has anyone seen or gotten Lyon or Richalieu in this Viva La France part 1. I have talked to quite a few people and everyone seems to have gotten Bretagne and Normandie, but no sight of the other two. Is it even possible to get them in this part? Wargaming left it a little ambiguous.
  3. WG devs, I thought that after the ARP mission fiasco of 2016, you had learned your lesson about making missions with completion criteria that cause players to play in dumb, farmy, or otherwise suboptimal ways. But I'm beginning to think you've forgotten. So here's a reminder. Nobody wants a teammate who chain yolos in British CLs because they need to complete this silly thing... And nobody wants a teammate who spends 100 games farming damage in destroyers instead of capping and spotting in order to get this... So PLEASE. Stop. Making. Missions. With requirements to play stupidly!
  4. So today im trying to finish both campaings but I just realice the campaings keep saying "Time till end 2 days" today is Jan 15 so that means it will finish at Jan 17, but in the main page of World of Warship the time was extended to Jan 19 because of the bugged missions, and some people are just keep rushing with all his soul to try to finish before 17. Give then a little rest and please fix the time before is to late. With love. Santa.
  5. Oh Myoko...

    Quite awhile ago I unlocked her, but lost interest in the IJN line... But the new Mission needs a Tier 7...dusted her off, and ended up with a top of the scoreboard run: Yeah, bot smashing, but dang, did she kick @$$. 5 point captain, LOL..
  6. Yes Fellow Captains, It's Over

    The missions are over, I can find my sanity again. Shoutout to my clan-mates from RNG that helped me along the way.
  7. Every month we get the briefing for monthly missions yet I don't think WG really gets what the player base wants in terms of "more variety". PVP is fun and all but we have Scenarios as part of the playable scene now. Why are none of the challenges/campaigns/missions available for Scenarios? I get that the scenarios can be pretty easy but if you give individual challenges to each one instead of just making it a normal/hard mode the scenarios would seem more playable since once you hit 5 stars you are basically done with them. Adding a scenario challenge to the monthly missions would get me to play them more often and feel less like WG is ignoring a part of the game that is actually a team effort instead of PVP repetitiveness.
  8. So few battles... Sooooooooo many carriers... Ah Welll !! Hahahahahahahaha...
  9. suggested change to missions

    I love the idea of doing missions. I have zoomed through the first 4 or 5 missions in each major campaign right now. I'm stuck as a DD player. I think it is really lame that it forces you to play other classes to finish certain objectives. I don't want to play a CV, I don't want to play a cruiser or battleship. You should be able to complete campaigns in the class of ship of your choosing.
  10. Win a battle fine, I am okay with that, but I am sick and tired of meeting the battle requirements of the missions and you did well, you tried hard and the team? Just fails you. Again, and again, and again, and when you win? Can't get the requirements for the life of you. I know I am not the only one with this problem. So please STOP the requirements that ALSO include win a battle. It really sucks out the fun when you do well yet, you see that the team on the other half of the map was 7vs. 4 and you were fighting against the odds on your side, and the next thing you know, the enemy still has their 4, and your team has only 1-2 ships left alive over there and quickly running away.
  11. Could you enhance the after mission reporting in the "Info" sidebar? For example - I completed the "Get Ready For Pan Asia" with the 2000 flooding, 20000 torp damage. When looking at the after battle screen itself there's no information as to what I received for that completion. Oh sure I know, I'm supposed to know that from reading about the mission beforehand, right? Back in port there's the info "button", lower right. It has a tab for notifications. I propose one of two things here... First option is to ensure the mission/challenge rewards be injected into the notifications with good textual explanations so we dumb as a rock can grasp what we received. Or two, add another tab, call it "Rewards" and list only the rewards received for completion of the missions/challenges. Thanks for your consideration.
  12. Thanks guys. Tons of loot, not very difficult. Much appreciated!
  13. So, it appears Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya will be available on October 4. BUT, you can also win her for free by completing all phases of the mission. Very nice. Of course WG wants you to break out the pocket book, however, so they offer something for those who do: It appears to me that from Oct 4-Oct 25 if you win a battle in Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya you will win a nice "crimson container" with 1 of 3 possible rewards: 1 day premium time, 5,000 Free XP, -or- 250-2,500 doubloons. And, it looks like you can win one of these containers every day during this event. WG, that is how you convince players to pay for a ship rather than wait to earn it for free. All details here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/one-ping-only/
  14. Loot galore! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/presents-for-your-presence/
  15. Halloween 2017!?

    Hi, Just was wondering about the upcoming Halloween Missions 2017! I still remember the last year Halloween mission "Saving Transylvania" & rewards. I am wondering about 2017 Halloween Mode, rewards & achievements! My birthday is 31st of october lol its Halloween!
  16. Events Page

    Has anyone else had their Events/Challenges/Combat Missions pages completely blanked out? Never seen that before. Part of the upgrade? I thought the 5-fire challenge still had a few days left at least. But yesterday there were two ongoing events, and there's always SOMETHING going on. Today, nothing.
  17. Y'know, I got a survey recently about this game, and I can not remember if I brought it up among my various issues with the game, but I'm sure as hell bringing it up again and now. I get things like Yamamoto - he's got a ton of points and super skills that can seriously change a game, I get things like the tier 9-10 tanks from the campaign there along with the female crew, These things can have some challenging missions and requirements. Understandable, these are some pretty big rewards. But seriously, some of this stuff for UK BB qualifies for wth. And I bring up Tanks because this has been an issue in ALL THREE of your "World of" Games, even if you try and distance yourself from Warplanes. Graf Spee had a fair amount of time for a tier 6 ship that you otherwise had to pay money for and was more of a grind. A couple shots at ARP ships, giving us 10 point commanders in one. Aside from total freebies at lowest tiers, the bit of work for Mikasa, and the ships given away on forum contests which, honestly, maybe depending on the contest type and person, requires minimal work, that are tier 7 and 8. But some of these missions for a tier 3, currently 4, and next week, or rather, a couple days, to jump to tier 5, tech tree ship, are insanely frustrating. to get a ship that I could grind XP for or go through, except I'd like to try and save my free XP for a change and 2,3, and 4 can be boring as hell. But, assuming the way you have worded it is off, I'm currently stuck at "Sink a DD and win" to get the flag and unlock the tier 4 because I've sunk 1 DD in a loss and every win I'm getting, someone else kills it, it survives, or there was never one in the first place, even in prime time. If the way I read it was right on the site the first time,I still have to then, in one match, cause 30k fire damage to BB's, and only BB's count, and be in the top 3. THEN I have to deal 150k damage, in a match my team wins, AND I have to survive. This stuff is not worth a tier 4 ship, it's not even with a day of premium, something you have given out for free just to log in a certain day or win a battle. If these were part of the Yamamoto campaign, I'd still think they were overkill, but hey, what your getting, makes some sense, at the end you get him, every mission end is 2 super containers that could have a free premium, dubloons, etc. This is a tech tree ship skip and a day of premium you may or may not get to use. A low level tech tree ship skip, one most people skip. And Yamamoto campaign missions are EASIER and have MORE TIME. Those last two are the kind of things I pull out my tier 8 ships and/or Essex to complete, in missions rated 4 and above, for a tier 4 tech tree ship. The Yamamoto tasks, sure, 1-3 that require tier 9-10 cruisers are a bit insane, have some pretty solid payout though and just get you through faster. That's a choice because you have 4-6 which are get 40 Citadels using a cruiser, get it overtime shooting at cruisers, incapacitate or destroy 250 modules, with any ship type,again, just takes times and playing, cause 500k damage to enemy ships, over any number of battles. oh right, and the final mission to get the 2 super containers is earn 30k xp after multipliers which because I threw on a bunch of stuff and happen to have a couple days premium cause seemingly tanks is having issues, knocked out nearly a third in one match because it happened to be a good one on par with what is need for the freaking UK BB missions here. How is it 2 shots at a premium ship I may never be able to buy because it is off the sale list, dubloons, premium time or worst case a ton of flags I can use or credits for ships, worth that much less than a tier 4 tech tree ship? I don't want easy mode like some would, I actually enjoy a challenge, especially when it's the type of "you can't use that that way" and I go "Watch me". But I expect a reward worthy of the challenge. Maybe the blueberries and plums/grapes here have no issue racking up 150k damage and a win while surviving, good for them, most likely got a freaking Missouri already and have the XP to skip these ships anyway. What about us average players? The guys who are maybe a little above or below 50% depending on the week, the guys that have time for maybe a couple matches per day, or just the ones with luck. I'm not sure who tests these missions after you come up with them, seeing things like this, I question if you test them at all, or made the mistake the tanks guys made with their campaigns that they had elite, top tier players say they were fine and too easy, and then when released to the public and average players that the tank that was just short of a gimme and the one that required a little work but any Joe should get were near impossible for them to get because they designed for the best, not the average. If I need to win a match, kill a DD, that's fine. I need to deal 30k in fire damage, be top 3 in the team, fine. It's when you start adding and these become an issue, or "in one match". Any of these missions, broken up to be over more matches, not just a single, would not be an issue, If they were all "win x number of games", "kill x ship type that isn't a CV", deal x amount of damage" over any number of games, I'd have no issue, no second thoughts. Make sure I kill a DD and pray my team wins, Deal 30k in fire damage just to BB's and be top 3 of the team overall in a match, deal 150k damage, while surviving, and praying your team wins. to skip to a tier 4 tech tree ship? Rewards equal to the requirements wargaming. Figure.It.Out.
  18. British BB Missions

    Besides me, who here is going for it all? And what strategy do you intend to use to get them?
  19. WOW - There should be a way of earning Doubloons in the game, either through daily missions or inviting friends to join the game. Even if it is a small amount (10, 20, 30 doubloons per mission) it would be a great way to increase player activity. Each battle played should also include opportunities to earn Doubloons. Top three scoring members on winning team win small amount of doubloons.
  20. Hi All! - Hangglide42 here with a heads up for new players who start with a Standard Account and the F2P download of 9 port slots. As you move up thru the Tiers of the ships you play and move up in Player Level, more and more of the game features are unlocked for you giving you more opportunities to participate in fun game modes and unlock reward goodies for completing Missions, Campaigns, participating in Ranked Battles, etc. Since almost everyone has to make a trade-off with spending some of their precious real-life time on playing this game, most of us would like to be able to complete missions, campaigns, etc. in the minimum time possible. This post is intended as a "heads up" on what to be prepared for when collecting your fleet given (for many) a limited number of port slots you have, so you can still maximize your preparation for all the in-game goodies. The Prime Rule of Thumb is: "Have whatever ships in your port you have the most fun with!" ...BUT...if you want to participate in a lot of the in-game extras, keep in mind... Getting More Slots If you decide to keep playing in free mode, you can get additional port slots in the daily containers subject to RNG chance. If you play the game for a while, you will find that you occasionally will get a container that contains a port slot and 4 captains slots (I've found this typically selecting the "more credits" type of container - tho I don't think the probability is any different from the other container types, other than "try your luck"). Fortunately, Port Slots also go on sale quite frequently at a 50% discount (150 gold instead of 300), but this will require you to have (or purchase) some in-game gold for real currency. Advantages of Premium Ships Premium Ships allow you to move any captain in your fleet (on a nation aligned basis) to a Premium w/o having to pay a retraining cost (in silver or gold or time to retrain depending on Captains Skills) to accelerate training or earn more credits w/ a more experienced captain. If the Premium has a Commander XP bonus attached to it (most have a 50% bonus), you can train a new captain for a tech tree ship a lot quicker, if you have a premium. When you start expanding your fleet (and if you're willing/able to outlay some real currency), you may want to consider adding a Premium ship to your fleet to speed up earning or training. Another thing to keep in mind is that when planning for a Premium for retraining Captains, you may want to consider the type of ship you most likely will be playing (and retraining Captains for) in the Tech-tree line. The primary distinction comes into play wrt DD captains vs. BB/CA/CL captains (w/ CVs, this also goes w/o saying). While it may not be optimal, you can usually put a CL captain for retraining in a BB or vice versa, vs. putting a BB captain for retraining in a Premium DD which will not be much fun in a lot of circumstances. Retraining speed (w/o spending gold) is useful when you want to put higher tier captains into (temporarily), whatever ships you want to use if you participate in a Ranked Battle season. In-Game Features to Participate in WOWS features a number of features that offer differing rewards for intermediate and final goals in the features. There is usually a Tier requirement, but where relevant, I've added suggestions on what what may be more efficient (but by no means the only solution). The Tier levels are also noted so that you can also prepare ships for the upcoming feature (e.g. Ranked Season), if you are not yet playing ships of that Tier. Feature Description Requirements Challenges Specific reward tasks, usually tied to the events calendar that offers rewards such as flags, XP bonuses, silver, etc. Usually Tier IV or Higher Ships, tho some tasks are type specific or may involve low Tiers Combat Missions One or more (sometimes) phased sequence of tasks that result in intermediate and final rewards such as flags, silver, consummables. Tier IV or Higher Ships Campaigns Lengthy series of tasks - 40 or more which are grouped in to missions of 5-10 tasks. The object is to collect pins/stars to unlock a final task in the mission and progress thru the missions until the final Campaign is complete. Tasks are repeatable, tho the rewards for the task are only awarded once. Each task, mission and campaign completion offers a reward proportional to the effort required to complete them. - Task completion offers flags, consummables, containers - Mission Completion offers more valuable rewards such as larger flag pools, module upgrades, gold, silver, etc. - Campaign Completion offers rewards such as a Ship w/ Special Cammo, Premium Time, etc. Campaigns can be either permanent (e.g. Science of Victory & Honorable Service) or time limited (e.g. Hunt for Bismarck, Graf Spee, Santas Convoy). Tier V or Higher Ships - Honorable Service Requires Tier VIII or higher Ranked Battle A 22-Rank Competitive 7 vs 7 format that rewards players for advancing to each Tiers. Currently Season 7 is pending. In previous seasons, as players advanced, increasingly valuable rewards in terms of large numbers of signal flags, a Premium Day were awarded. With Season 6 the Rank 10 -2 awards largely consisted of the Special Upgrade items. Achieving Rank 1 allowed access to a special game mode for Rank 1 players, 3 Consecutive Rank 1s earns a USS Flint, 5 Consecutieve Rank 1s earns a USS Black Tier Specific per Ranked Season but spans Tier V-TierVIII ships depending on the particular season. In the past, split ranks were also played depending on your rank: Tier V & Tier VII, Tier VI & Tier VIII. The most recent Ranked season was held at Tier VII Scenarios [ WIP Prelim: based on PTS & yet to be released w/ 0.6.6 Patch ] PVE Mode Co-op Missions (4 currently in PTS) which require players to cooperatively accomplish a stated goal of the mission. The nature of the missions are along the lines of ship escort or base defense. The mission rewards completion but value of the rewards increase with the number of secondary objectives which are accomplished along with the base mission. Tier V or VI Ships When participating in Campaigns, you can greatly speed up task completion if you pipeline your tasks and have ships available that can reduce the time required to accomplish the task. Certains tasks, also, fall into the "deterministic" (i.e. whatever your existing stats are, this should fall into a predictable number of games you have to play using avg stats divided into the goal number) or "non-deterministic" (e.g. tasks that involve circumstance, RNG or opportunity - like spot N ships or kill a certain number of a certain type of ship, get a Dreadhaught or get 5 citadels in 1 game) - non-deterministic tasks should be avoided if other tasks are available (or repeatable) if you are time sensitive in wanting to complete the Campaign. If you have time left after the Campaign has awarded you the final rewards, you can always go back and pick up the smaller reward for some of the non-deterministic tasks. To save time, you should also try to execute as many of the required tasks in a pipelined fashion (i.e. overlapping in parallel). By the way, the recent Bismarck Campaign's huge population of BB players were partially attributable to players doing this. The table below outlines various ship types that are useful for more efficiently achieving the task goal. Tasks Ship Suggestions Non-Deterministic Win & Survive N Battles Pick your favorite ship N Hits w Main Batteries / Get N Ribbons High rate of fire ship - CLs, Russian DDs/Gunships N Hits w Secondaries Brawling BBs - particularly German BBs N Hits - to DDs High rate of fire ship - CL (Cleveland, Russian CLs) Y N Hits - to CL/Cas High rate of fire CL - Russian CLs (BBs have too slow ROF, DDs take a risk w/ Cruisers N Hits - to BBs High rate of fire ship - CLs, Russian DDs/Gunships N-K Damage Strike CVs, BBs, Fire Spamming CLs (Russian CLs) N-K Damage to DDs Strike CVs, High rate of fire CLs, Gunfighting DDs Y N-K Damage to CL/CAs BBs N-K Damage to BBs Strike CVs (except on high AA BBs), BBs, Fire Spamming CLs, Gunfighting Russian DDs Destroy N Ships BBs, Fire Spamming CLs Destroy N DDs CLs Y Destroy N CL/Cas BBs Destroy N BBs BBs, Fire Spamming CLs Get N Citadels (sometimes per game) BBs Y Get N Module Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs - easiest to get firing on DDs w/ propulsion/steering or firing at Myoko or French Cruisers Y Get N Steering Gear Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs - easiest to get firing on DDs w/ propulsion/steering or firing at Myoko or French Cruisers Y Get N Propulsion Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs - easiest to get firing on DDs w/ propulsion/steering or firing at Myoko or French Cruisers Y Get N Main Battery Incapacitations BBs or CAs (firing on anything smaller) Y Get N Secondary Battery Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs Y Cause N Floodings DDs, CV TBs - (torp enabled cruisers are too situational) Cause N Fires CV Bombers - Fire Spamming CLs/CAs, Fire Gunship DDs w/ Demo Expert Land N Torpedoes CV TBs, DDs - (torp enabled cruisers are too situational) 1st to Spot N Ships DDs, CVs Y (except for CVs - usually 1st spotters) Earn a Dreadnaught BBs, high heal ships (e.g. British CLs) Y N Base XP Pick your favorite, good performing ship - Higher Tiers get more XP N Total XP (after Modifiers) Pick your favorite, good performing ship - Higher Tiers get more XP Addendum: For Missions requiring you to shoot down "N aircraft" - the ideal vessel is a CV. If you do not play a CV, the next best is an AA spec'd CL or BB. BBs in particular are prime targets for CV aircraft, so even if your BB is not AA spec, it's likely that if you have CVs in your game, they will be trying to attack you giving you an opportunity to rack up plane kills. If you are new to the game, hope this gives you an idea of what may help you participate in more of the game events, missions, campaigns - reaping their rewards a lot quicker. A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides.
  21. So, this weekend's missions were posted, and I fired up the game client to check out how they're represented in the game and, surprise surprise, NONE of the missions are, in fact, doable in Co-op. This despite the news item on the main game site specifically stating that they are available to do in Co-op. Please, WGNA marketing, or whoever is responsible for this, please get your **** wired. I'm not complaining that these missions aren't available in Co-op, but I am rather indignant that the website and the game are so often at odds with each other. This needs to be fixed.
  22. Okay, I'm trying to complete the Final Task for the first mission group on the Graf Spee. I've met (I think) the requirements (play a game from 28 December, Tier V-X ship), but still no completion notification. Anyone else having trouble? Thanks,
  23. Raid Santas Convoy

    This may or may not have been asked. Sorry I don't have the patience to weed through all the posts about this mission. I am doing some planning and have some questions. As for the Raid part, after you own the Graf Spee, do they have to be completed in order, or can you pick and choose the missions you want? Do I have to do the mission for the Graf Spee commander before I do the missions for, say the Bayern? Or can I do one mission from the commander set, one from the leander set, and one from the Bayern set? I know it states that once the final task is accomplished, you can move on to the next mission, but I just want to make sure. Also, I am correct in assuming that, like all other campaigns, only 3 missions can be active at any given time?
  24. I saw in the text wall of the main portal you could repeat individual tasks you had already completed. I thought "Nah, no way". But you can. You just don't collect the reward more than once. So now I know... I can wrack up pins without having to complete all the tasks in a given mission. Duh.