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Found 85 results

  1. If you grind out a ship from a mission, can you subsequently get a mission for one you already have and do it again for credits? I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the official or unofficial posts/threads/news. @Radar_X @Femennenly <--- I saw you in a Conqueror in ranked today. Sacrilege. @Gneisenau013 EDIT: Enjoy my torpedo beats from ranked earlier today, he eventually got me anyway, @WindRun
  2. After unlocking my first tier X (Shimakaze) I got a personal mission for it. Do you get one of these for every tier X ship you unlock or buy?
  3. I keep reading about earning 48 guineas for the "royal navy" missions. I cannot see how this is possible. You get a total of one guinea per day for completing 4 or 5 of the total days missions. I can't see any other guinea rewards. The news article says you can earn 48. Am I missing something? Also there are references to 10 guineas for $1 is not what I see. For me, both on the web or in game store it's $1 for 1 guinea. I wouldn't mind spending $5 for a ship but not $50.
  4. In-Game Missions

    Hey WG, bring back those little in-game missions you were running there for a little while. Like hit the citadel of an enemy ship x number of times, spot x number of torpedoes, etc. Those were one of your better ideas. They helped turn otherwise same-old random battles into something a bit more interesting. I can sorta understand why you might want to save something like that to spice up a special event, but I am so, so, so tired of all the grinding and the same daily chain missions that I barely notice them anymore, and genuinely miss the anticipation of hoping for a little one-off challenge, being a tad disappointed not to get one, and just having fun for a change. Know what I mean? Think about bringing those back, even if the rate of occurrence is reduced, the possibility alone makes the game more interesting for myself and maybe some others.
  5. y, Mission is HIT CITADEL THREE TIMES. As you can see, three cit hits are there, but the mission was not completed. They were 3 HE cits on a Bogue. Does the game not count CVs? Does it not count HE citadels? Or what?
  6. No doubt I'll get a ton of incoming over this but I'd like to suggest a change in these long term, "Win a ship" contests, specifically those tasks that require a "win" to complete it. As an example, the trigger for this post is the "Win a battle, get a Hits to Citadel ribbon and destroy one ship" combat mission. I have done two out of three of those in FIVE matches straight. This morning, when I got sunk in my bama, we had 3 minutes remaining, outnumbered the reds six ships to three and were leading. Yup, pretty solid odds of a win. Nope, we lost. One guy ran away, at the SAME TIME telling people "my internet went down". LMBO on that one... but yea, we lost. I think what I'm suggesting is they be turned more towards the individual player than the team obtaining a win. The team is not winning a ship - the players, individually, are working their way to a ship. Random is not operations - there, it's expected the team wins/loses the "prizes/rewards" as a team. So I do hope any such future missions for ships will remove the requirement of a win cause dammit Jim, I'm just a doctor, not a coach. tiafyc
  7. Come back missions

    Just recieved a mail that says if I log in i can get 100k free xp, 7.5m credits, 5 boxes and a mission to earn the USS Texas but it doesn't say what the mission is, does anyone know? Just started summer vacations so will be playing again so would be nice to know what's the mission goal.
  8. Nazire Combat Missions

    I would have thought a mission would be plowing your Campelltown DD into one of the little ports on some of the maps. O
  9. We have the Yamamoto Containers as a permanent fixture in the Premium Shop. So... Where are the Admiral 'Bull' Halsey containers for purchase? Where is the Halsey Campaign items like Yamamoto? (Afterall, it was Halsey who gave the order to the P 38's to intercept and destroy the plane that was carrying Admiral Yamamoto to review his troops)
  10. Memory of Midway Mission

    Do I need to first complete "Battle of Midway" and "Glory Of Midway" in order to have the "Memory of Midway" mission show up? I am used to when the missions would have multiple parts and you would unlock them in order until you finished all the missions. I have "Battle of Midway" and "Glory of Midway" as daily challenges, but I can't find the "Memory of Midway" mission when I am in port.
  11. Elite Commander XP Mission

    Hello everyone! In the rush of getting new ships and such, I thought I heard from Notser that there would be a mission for 190k Elite Commander XP so we could re-spec our old Cleveland captains for free. Is this something that will come during the following days? Any information on it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I don't know about other players but from my point of view tier 1 to 4 ships are under used. They seem only played when player is grinding up a new line of ships. There is very few or no missions given the you need tier 1 to 4 ships for. Wargaming puts out mission where you can earn low tier ships but they don't get played because there is little to get most player to play low tier. Then there is the low tier premium ships that Wargaming sells that people go and buy but rarely play because low tier games are not what people play. I loved to play low tier tanks into World of Tanks and they made it worth while to play low tier in tanks, however I don't see the same in Warships. It is clear they actively want people to play tier 5 and up in Warships by the mission requires. I see the reasons why Wargaming does so but it does change my mind that they should make it more inviting to play low tiers. Have low tier only mission give extra Commander XP, flags, etc. This would equalize the player tier spread instead for have most everybody playing tiers 5-6-7. I looked for stats to back up my personal experience but could not find any.
  13. May/June Missions Preview

    From WOWS twitter: (sorry if this already has been posted) June 1 - July 16: Indianapolis Marathon. May 18 - 28: John Doe Returns

    Just a noob question: Recently, some of the ships being offered in bundles have a 'mission unlock' feature that will allow players who buy the bundles to play the ships and get bonus stuff. Question: If you already own the Premium Ship, can you get the 'mission unlock' by itself? Currently, there is a mission for ROMA, which I have, so do I get the mission just by playing Roma or am I out of luck with getting that mission? Thanks in advance.
  15. Title says it all. Just wanted to give the feedback. But to add, thank you also including Operations/Scenarios as well -- my favorite mode in this game.
  16. Super thanks to WG. I had saved credits and XP and prepared 3 19 point captains and piled up elite captain points for a long time, looking forward to the French BBs, and WHAM got a reward. 1. The French battleships are both good and fun, for the most part. I kept Normandie which I have a sneaking fondness for, love the Lyon, hated Richeliu at first but have now like it, and just got Alsace (seems whee fun!). Great ships all. That was good work. 2. The loot handouts were excellent. Plenty of stuff in the challenges and missions. Many thanks for that. 3. The Glory of France campaign was also pretty darn good. I have a stockpile of French mission camos for grinding stuff in the future, and got a ton of useful signals. Thanks. 4. The Hermes Operation is also really good. It's possible to lose even if you make it through to the end with the Rouan undamaged because some bot DD might still hit torps. Balanced on a knife-edge, and thus, tense til the end. I've gone in there with 6 experienced division buddies and cleaned up five stars, only to do it the next game and not get a single star. That's great work by the devs. Kudos. Can't thank you all enough. Excellent job with the French BBs. Keep up the good work!
  17. Just wondering if i buy more can i still get the richelieu quest?
  18. Not buying it Wargaming...

    I've got three Captains ready to go. I've got 7 port slots. I've got 20 million silver in the bank I've got 105k free XP in the same bank I've got $150.00 cash American on a Karma coin.... But I don't want to buy a crate. I want to buy a French BB. I don't want to grind a mission. Just put them in the damn tree. Sincerely, A BB lover...
  19. French BB Missions

    Hey, a question for everyone. I've spent a good deal of money on the premium containers and dont want to spend anymore if not possible but has anyone seen or gotten Lyon or Richalieu in this Viva La France part 1. I have talked to quite a few people and everyone seems to have gotten Bretagne and Normandie, but no sight of the other two. Is it even possible to get them in this part? Wargaming left it a little ambiguous.
  20. WG devs, I thought that after the ARP mission fiasco of 2016, you had learned your lesson about making missions with completion criteria that cause players to play in dumb, farmy, or otherwise suboptimal ways. But I'm beginning to think you've forgotten. So here's a reminder. Nobody wants a teammate who chain yolos in British CLs because they need to complete this silly thing... And nobody wants a teammate who spends 100 games farming damage in destroyers instead of capping and spotting in order to get this... So PLEASE. Stop. Making. Missions. With requirements to play stupidly!
  21. So today im trying to finish both campaings but I just realice the campaings keep saying "Time till end 2 days" today is Jan 15 so that means it will finish at Jan 17, but in the main page of World of Warship the time was extended to Jan 19 because of the bugged missions, and some people are just keep rushing with all his soul to try to finish before 17. Give then a little rest and please fix the time before is to late. With love. Santa.
  22. Oh Myoko...

    Quite awhile ago I unlocked her, but lost interest in the IJN line... But the new Mission needs a Tier 7...dusted her off, and ended up with a top of the scoreboard run: Yeah, bot smashing, but dang, did she kick @$$. 5 point captain, LOL..
  23. Yes Fellow Captains, It's Over

    The missions are over, I can find my sanity again. Shoutout to my clan-mates from RNG that helped me along the way.
  24. Every month we get the briefing for monthly missions yet I don't think WG really gets what the player base wants in terms of "more variety". PVP is fun and all but we have Scenarios as part of the playable scene now. Why are none of the challenges/campaigns/missions available for Scenarios? I get that the scenarios can be pretty easy but if you give individual challenges to each one instead of just making it a normal/hard mode the scenarios would seem more playable since once you hit 5 stars you are basically done with them. Adding a scenario challenge to the monthly missions would get me to play them more often and feel less like WG is ignoring a part of the game that is actually a team effort instead of PVP repetitiveness.