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Found 19 results

  1. Can u make it so we can play all tier ships in weekly missions? in randoms we are up / downed tiered, shouldn’t this be same for missions? i enjoy relaxing playing missions after work. It’s a nice way for me to relax before ending my day this would be much appreciated when you make this improvement to our wonderful game thank you in advance
  2. Where are these daily missions for the Shipbuilding tokens I keep hearing about? How many days does it last? When does it start when does it end? What's the reward for just one day? Are they as "cancerous" as the directives? Need to know for my PR approach. Thanks All!
  3. Wow WG Thank you so much for the excellent Hunt for Black Containers Mission. I thoroughly enjoyed and the awards just for playing were outstanding. Thousands of Free XP, a few 24 hour Premium time awards and of course the highly sought after Shadow Lurker camos. Outstanding job. Perhaps next time you could double the requirements so getting FREE STUFF is a bit more of a challenge. I suggest a new battle mode. Teams should be 12 v 12 and there would be only 1 victory condition and only 1. The winner is the team that eliminates all of the opponents before time expires. If any enemy ship is surviving when time expires both teams lose. Go ahead and be bored, angry, confused or amused Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge McGrinch. May the raisins in your oatmeal be fly carcasses.
  4. Stage 1: No problem in understanding Stage 2: Tough, but no problem. You want it tough going in understanding the capabilities of Italian CAs. Stage 3: WTH?? Why did you guys pick that number? Did the mission monkey used a dart board to come up with that number? Why no significant number related to any Italian historical event? Or am I missing the insider joke? I ask these questions, because to me it seems that you guys (Devs) are having a hard time coming up with mission parameters. Have you tried asking the WoWS community for ideas on the Twitch missions? Because sometimes these missions do not seem logical. Do you guys (Devs) play these missions BTW when they are designed for practicability? I ask because I want to understand. BTW, I like the WG Twitch streams. The Evil Twins and their substitutes are great in giving information to the WoWS community.
  5. Never been on the forum until now but feel I need to ask a question. I pay for premium and after each game I often take a wee look at how I've done and what I earned. Today I noticed that although base xp is listed in the scoring, on one side without premium and on the other with premium, you do not receive the credited base xp stated in the premium column when playing personal missions. Why not? I have 5 ships at T10 all chasing 40k base xp for the final stage and I wondered why we don't receive the higher premium level that essentially we pay for. Hope I made this clear enough to follow.
  6. I am curious to know what the purpose of the combat missions were on the Beta Sub Test. Why were we trying to earn signals and containers for what appeared to be our "Main Account on Line Server", which to me meant our regular account with WoW? Yet, all of the signals and stuff appeared in the inventory of the test signals, which were already way more than enough for testing submarines (which cannot mount anything) and the other warships available for testing. Was all of that a waste of time? I ask because this was my first daily participation in a Beta test and I want to know if I should just ignore all that stuff next time and only concentrate on testing the new ships. Thanks to anyone who can answer my question.
  7. Except for public test time I have been going through my US lines and so far have 26 of the 1000 wins and 4 of those are top 2 scores. I know the mission details I am only stating my progress. I wasn't about to try for 1000 wins and at least 2nd place score. The wins can be co op or random the other has to be done in random. The goal is to win all you can to score points for the chance to get camos or a premium ship. I doubt my score will be very high but at least it got ne playing random again.
  8. I'm pretty new to warships and set up my account on June 30th. I didn't get those first 3 levels of Rogue Wave Destroyers until early last night on the 7th. I thought they would show up when I downloaded the game, since it included the new update. Maybe it didn't trigger since it was set to be applied during the actual update. A friend joined up a day or so after me and he hasn't received them, so maybe there is a one week limit or something? Just curious. It's too bad I missed out on that first week, but I can't complain. The game mode is super fun and I'm glad I get to play it now. I played warships briefly years ago, but was and am a World of Tanks player that decided to try it again and it seems so much more approachable for a new player. It's like night and day compared to WOT and how they do it. They should be taking notes and making some changes. Just simple things like how much faster you can retrain your Captain when moving him up the line. Being able to upgrade equipment quickly and not having 3 to 4 levels of guns that are miles apart in performance and power. It takes way to many games to research compared to here, and the fun fades quickly for new players I'm sure. And you actually can use battle mechanics here, and things like angling and knowing the gun values can help you. In WOT anyone can spend money and buy "gold" rounds and pen things pretty easily. Even the players seem a bit more mellow and less toxic. Or I've just had too many bots on my teams so it just seems like it That is the only negative thing to me. Playing late especially, it's usually 2 v 2 humans with the rest of the team being bots. There has been a lot of games that my platoon mate and I are winning the fight against the enemy teams humans by a good margin. Only to realize that their bots rolled our bots and we're taking up the yizzy from the bots surrounding us. I can understand the need for them, but no one should win a battle because they had "better bots". So far, I can find humor in it, but I can see how it could be a bitter subject with some long term players.
  9. A list of suggestions that would make things better in port, with missions, and with ships. Port: Display current ping in port, next to "players online" in the ESC menu if a spot is needed. Change "Combat Missions" button to a dropdown or popup menu, instead of going straight to "Events" -- no one needs to see Events dozens of times every time they play. Eliminate the "jump to far left" behavior in the ship carousel that occurs when marking or unmarking a ship Primary, coming out of some mission screens, etc -- it doesn't serve any purpose. Missions: Give players the ability to dismiss missions they have no interest in. This would eliminate the need for "opt in" missions, and would allow players to remove clutter and noise if they're not interested in things like the "Ships for Clan Battles" missions, Space Battles missions, other events and specials, etc. Ships: "Send to Scrapyard" option on special event ships like Space, Clan Battles "temps", etc, for those players who have no interest in those ships or events -- would just remove those ships. "Mothball fleet" for ships the player wants to keep but doesn't want in their main carousel -- see, the Dreadnought. I don't want to sell it and end up with another one later, but I don't want to see the useless hulk every time I play. Anyone else have suggestions along these lines? I'm sure I'm forgetting something I intended to add to this list.
  10. I will post PSAs and Dev blog stuff here and try to catch all of it. If you want to see the latest changes and what has been going on since Dec 2018, here is the place. This post is current events and past events will be in post 7. Important PSAs not related to events will be in post 2 and past ones in post 8. Dev blog stuff will be in post 3 and past Dev blogs (after patch has been out) will be in post 9. I will also post them as the next item, to bring up the notification that something was added. Here are the event PSAs with the latest ones first. Jan 28th Jan 17th When Events are over, they will move to a post a few posts down. Events will stay here until the last bit is done, so for events with temporary currencies, they can stay long after the event is over until when the temp currency is converted to credits. ================================================================================================================================ PvE Clan News & Discussion thread for my fellow clan members so they can find it easy.
  11. WOW - There should be a way of earning Doubloons in the game, either through daily missions or inviting friends to join the game. Even if it is a small amount (10, 20, 30 doubloons per mission) it would be a great way to increase player activity. Each battle played should also include opportunities to earn Doubloons. Top three scoring members on winning team win small amount of doubloons.
  12. When on a Personal Mission for legendary mods and Premium account, I am only getting non-premium base XP for games play. In screen shots I start with 30897, play a game at receive 1735 for without Premium and 2603 for Premium. Checked mission progress and I have 32632 a difference of 1735. Is this working as intended? Does this happen with all base XP missions? Feel kinda cheap with Premium game time. Please fix.
  13. With the start of December, the new month of daily missions rolled around, and I was happily surprised to see a Dreadnought mission available. I was less happy when I saw the requirements. 40 daily missions. Granted I'm sure many people will breeze through this, but I just don't have the time, or drive, to push through two daily missions. I can generally do all the flag requirements, but even if I managed to do a mission a day, that brings me a total of 9 short. And with the holidays and lack of internet on some days... yeah that's not happening. So Dreadnought will be available for individual purchase, I hope?
  14. Hey WG, can we have a way to dismiss missions? I have zero interest in any of the Twilight games, really hate them. Also, missions involving CVs I dont want either, I don't play them. They are just clutter I have to scroll through to find my progress on missions that I like. Can we just put a button on them to dismiss them?
  15. IcyThor

    Ring of Fire

    I have been playing the T7 CV Ranger this week and I sometimes acquire Potential Damage which creates a scoring update on something called The Ring of Fire. I can't find any info about it other than it requires 7,400,000 Potential Damage points. When I tried playing my T5 CL Omaha to acquire more Potential Damage points it did not create a scoring update. Can anyone tell me what the full criteria are for this "mission" and when it ends? Icy
  16. If you grind out a ship from a mission, can you subsequently get a mission for one you already have and do it again for credits? I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the official or unofficial posts/threads/news. @Radar_X @Femennenly <--- I saw you in a Conqueror in ranked today. Sacrilege. @Gneisenau013 EDIT: Enjoy my torpedo beats from ranked earlier today, he eventually got me anyway, @WindRun
  17. _Starbuck

    In-Game Missions

    Hey WG, bring back those little in-game missions you were running there for a little while. Like hit the citadel of an enemy ship x number of times, spot x number of torpedoes, etc. Those were one of your better ideas. They helped turn otherwise same-old random battles into something a bit more interesting. I can sorta understand why you might want to save something like that to spice up a special event, but I am so, so, so tired of all the grinding and the same daily chain missions that I barely notice them anymore, and genuinely miss the anticipation of hoping for a little one-off challenge, being a tad disappointed not to get one, and just having fun for a change. Know what I mean? Think about bringing those back, even if the rate of occurrence is reduced, the possibility alone makes the game more interesting for myself and maybe some others.
  18. y, Mission is HIT CITADEL THREE TIMES. As you can see, three cit hits are there, but the mission was not completed. They were 3 HE cits on a Bogue. Does the game not count CVs? Does it not count HE citadels? Or what?
  19. No doubt I'll get a ton of incoming over this but I'd like to suggest a change in these long term, "Win a ship" contests, specifically those tasks that require a "win" to complete it. As an example, the trigger for this post is the "Win a battle, get a Hits to Citadel ribbon and destroy one ship" combat mission. I have done two out of three of those in FIVE matches straight. This morning, when I got sunk in my bama, we had 3 minutes remaining, outnumbered the reds six ships to three and were leading. Yup, pretty solid odds of a win. Nope, we lost. One guy ran away, at the SAME TIME telling people "my internet went down". LMBO on that one... but yea, we lost. I think what I'm suggesting is they be turned more towards the individual player than the team obtaining a win. The team is not winning a ship - the players, individually, are working their way to a ship. Random is not operations - there, it's expected the team wins/loses the "prizes/rewards" as a team. So I do hope any such future missions for ships will remove the requirement of a win cause dammit Jim, I'm just a doctor, not a coach. tiafyc