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Found 2 results

  1. *pictured - HMS Sutherland pulls into Port Jackson on her visit to Sydney, Australia on 3/9/2018* Which warship did you sail into battle the most this past weekend? Whether it was random battles, coop, twilight, or clan battles, we all had our go-to ship(s) to take the fight to the enemy fleet. These ships were not just used because of the XP/credit grind but because they are genuinely fun ships to take command of and lay down gunfire or launch torpedoes. Of all of the ships in your fleet, which ones got the call this past weekend to defend your honor on the high seas? "When you're in command, command." - Chester Nimitz, US Navy #missionbriefingmonday #anchorsaweigh
  2. *pictured - Sailors and Marines of Amphibious Group 5 study the map of Betio Island prior to the invasion of the Gilbert Islands, November 20, 1943* What current missions are you working on and what is your progress? From working on daily challenges/combat missions, personal missions, or directives for the Royal Navy, there are a variety of missions and tasks that can be accomplished. The rewards for these tasks can include consumables, containers, a special captain for your Fleet, or a unique equipment upgrade but often require various stages prior to completing them. Which missions are you undergoing and what is your situation report? "In order to accomplish the mission you have to keep moving forward." - Kurt Chew-Een Lee, US Marine Corps #missionbriefingmonday #anchorsaweigh