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Found 8 results

  1. Tomorrow, the fourth and final part of the Prinz Eitel Freiderich missions are available. Four million credits per nation, and I have mostly tier 6 ships for each nation (or something equivalent) for almost each nation. I have no Italian, Polish, or Commonwealth ships of equivalent tier. I do, however, have the Graf Spee, Aigle, and October Revolution. For those ships, which of them are my best chances of earning 4 million credits before the missions end?
  2. I've completed This directive 3 times in my Hindenburg, the bar has not moved. 2 wins and a loss. Mission reads "Earn 10,000 base XP. Must be completed in a Random, Co-op, Ranked, Clan, or Scenario Battle. Cruisers of Tier V or higher." These were random battles. Am I missing something? Edit: I went back and looked and I did finish the mission and get credit, HOWEVER the directive list in the UI did not update. This appears to be a directive "quest" bug, and not a ship specific one. I rebooted the client (I had been logged in about 5 hours) and it is now properly updated.
  3. The hall of fame ended last night. I made it to the top 5%. I was supposed to have earned 3 RN containers and a some flags but don't see anything in my game. Am I missing something? Are they being given out at a different time?
  4. This glitch happened just now, but I'm not sure how or when it appeared. I have already completed the pin-up patch missions, but if you look closely, you can see that the personal combat missions. Restarting the game client fixed it.
  5. John_the_Impaler

    Dasha's Eagles mission

    So, I (and hope most of the people in the server) will switch to Eagles on Aug 10th (Day 16 of the event) so in theory I will just have the time (and only if enough people does this), to achieve 3 Eagles wins to get the extra 20 eagles tokens. At least that's what I understood from the video, so I was thinking: will there be enough people switching to Eagles that same day to turn the tide of the competition and let the Eagles get their first win? Because if the response is negative, no one will be getting their extra 20 tokens. Sorry in advance for the poor grammar, English is not my native language.
  6. A few times now, the points for the completion of a sharks(and I would assume eagles too) missions have not been added to the final tally of reward points, if they are completed in the last moments of the game. e.g. the latest time this has happened was on the get 3 citadel hits in a co-op match, the 3rd citadel I get was killing the final ship, thus completing the match, however the mission didn’t complete despite meeting the criteria in principle before the match ended. Given the logic of events that the citadel and the final ship destruction must have occurred before the end of the match logically speaking, so should have been added. times on images etc UTC/GMT +1 (i.e. WEST/BST) - no mods used. attached files: 20180804_081523_PFSB110-France_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay World of Warships 04_08_2018 08_25_49.mp4 (showing the results) two png images showing the results 20180804_081523_PFSB110-France_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay World of Warships 04_08_2018 08_25_49.mp4
  7. Howdy! Realizing that all of these Indianapolis missions, were actually all completed in vain, makes me a bit spicy. This is due to the apparent deadline on 07/16/18. As far as I know, there are only at most four missions left to be released this week & weekend. I am currently 16/21 missions. This really sucks if I won't be able to acquired the final one or two missions. I was unable to complete the first few due to not being able to play early on, as I was out of town a lot for work. I wonder if this post will fall on deaf ears or if there is a possibility for more missions to be released / have an extension. Thought I'd at least try. Thanks. :-)