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Found 1 result

  1. Daily missions, and event missions are huge parts of the game and in both cases you need a T5+ ship. I'm grinding Italian cruisers, and despite the long queue for low tier Randoms I like it. The only problem is while I was playing with my Italian Cruisers I wasn't getting any of the event missions/directives done for Italian Cruisers Part 2. First of all, come on WG... seriously?! If you're not going to remove the tier requirements for all ships, at least remove them for players grinding whatever new ships you've released. Second of all, why even have this restriction? Aren't you guys supposed to be trying to attract new players? Doesn't this make newbies feel left out because they don't have any T5s (or they only have one T5 they've decided they don't even like playing). I bet more people would play low tier games (especially PVP games) if they knew it counted for their daily missions, and low tier gameplay is distinctively different than mid or high tier gameplay, which means if more people play low tier games they won't get bored / burned out from the game as easily and they'll want to play even more