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Found 1 result

  1. Paladin_15

    Torpedo Aiming

    I've been playing for some years. I've got 2800 games under my belt which in my view is enough to be getting on with. I've got a question about torpedos. Using the aiming system, basically 9 times out of 10 the spread will miss behind the enemy ship. 1 out of 10 times, one of the torpedos will hit. Yes, I understand that players speed up, slow down, turn right, turn left and the aiming guide only represents an instant in time. And that's why I have waited so long to post this question. I figured I'd figure it out eventually. But there are mechanics, and then there is the law of averages. Out of thousands of torpedo launches, some number of these should be full strikes. In the case of the Kagero, a full 4 torpedo spread should hit every so often. It's inconceivable that every ship is going slower than full speed when I launch torps only to have sped up by the time my torps get there. Some number out of thousands of launches should be going the same speed the whole time. And yet, 90% of my strikes miss behind the ship. They don't mist ahead of the ship, always behind. And 10% of the time, the right or left most torpedo is the one that will hit, meaning the spread only just barely hit the target. My torps are 74 knots, which is pretty dang fast all considered. I have tried every distance between 10 km and 6 km. Getting closer should definitely reduce the ability of a BB to make any kind of adjustments especially when I haven't been spotted. Yet there is no discernible difference. I'm as likely to miss behind the ship at 6 km as I am at 10. So, I could simply start aiming ahead and this seems to actually produce some results, though its not as good as one might think. But compensating by aiming ahead isn't the point of this question. The question is why do aimed shots basically always miss behind a target? Mathematically, this doesn't make any sense. Some percentage of strikes should be dead on. It's inconceivable that a ship is always going from slow to fast which is the only way I could be missing them behind after thousands of launches. Again, simply aiming ahead seems to be more effective, though I haven't worked out exactly how much further ahead I should be aiming. This may have more to do with how the enemy player is controlling their ship , but again, that's not the point. It feels and looks like the aiming guide is deliberately set by WG to guide your aim short. I don't know how else to explain the extreme consistency of missing behind a ship Any tips would be useful, but really, I'm looking for people to opine on this. I'm not looking for a magical answer,,,, or maybe even an answer of any kind at all. I'd just like to get peoples opinions on what's going on. It just can't be all down to the enemy player always speeding up after I launch. Statistically this makes no sense.