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Found 36 results

  1. Wow, as in exclamation, not World Of Warships. But, man, I wish I had pulled the trigger on this earlier. My first tier 10 ship was the Großer Kurfürst, and want to talk about a 180 degree turn from that ship? The Minotaur... Every 2.8 seconds each of the 10 152mm guns spits out some nasty stuff in these high arcs near 15km ranges. These shells float so long one can stop shooting and the hits still land for 3 seconds after I stopped pushing the left mouse button. What a beast. I took the smoke off of my Neptune and used the Radar module: 49 seconds of radar. Good for teams; crap for solo work. For my Minotaur, I have the Hydroacoustic module installed: 120 seconds of hydro! The reload is 120 seconds! I only have a 10 point captain on this thing; I cannot WAIT to put an Admiral in this fiend! Consider me sold. I DO see why one buys the 5,000 doubloon camo. Even in THAT nice match, I lost (a small amount of) credits. And, I never even thought to use my torpedoes. I wonder... Yep, I cannot wait to play this more. ~Beorn (the pleased)
  2. Linked below is a replay for a match on Tears of the Desert using the Minotaur where I got 189,000 damage, confederate, High Caliber, Kraken Unleashed and 3300 base XP. This replay is a good example of why you shouldn't let a Minotaur run around unchecked. The enemy North Carolina was tunnel visioning and did not engage me while spotted and moving between B and A caps, thereby allowing me to recapture A. At the end of the match, the enemy Kagero engaged a friendly Kagero while less than 7 Km from me, but farther than his detection range. This is a replay file, so if you want to watch it, you need to download the file, and associate it with the WoWS.exe file to watch the replay. Minotaur replay
  3. Working over inventory, selling stuff off... encounter the Surveillance Radar Modification 1 in my inventory. Hmm... 40% to the action time of the ship's radar. Good for tier ix/x cruisers/destroyers. Starting from the top down, I visit the Minotaur. Yup. Mountable. Say..... I have the hydro upgrade mounted... 20% boost to hydro's active time. The SRM1 upgrade boosts radar active as well... So you guys play your mino with both since the smoke change - or - keep hydro and smoke? Just curious.
  4. Not my best Minotaur game but..
  5. HMCS Ontario

    Would Wargaming ever introduce a Canadian premium cruiser (HMCS Ontario: Minotaur Class). I'm Canadian and would defiantly like to see one ship from the north.
  6. There are several modules that raise the reload time 5% and even 12%. That said, the stock reload is 3.2 secs - can't really beat that. My sense is that I'm better served using those slots for things other than enhancing reload - extending range, etc. NORMALLY, i would definitely opt for faster reload, but this is the Minotaur. Is my thinking correct - or am I missing something in not using these mods?
  7. The stars were finally in alignment. Hot spot standard map. 1. The ships with radar (Mo and Baltimore) ended up dying early..and I got the kills 2. They dd's were on the west side of the map and I was on the east side 3. I got greedy on the Kurfurst. I should had vamosed when the smoke screen cleared, but he was only 5k HP left and I was 1 ship away from a kraken. Red tm was down to 2 ships and we had 6, so we were ahead. Mutual destruction. Not sure if the circumstance will be favorable again with the smoke nerf.
  8. Its a transferred captain from Neptune and if it is useless, I would respec for something else. Help anyone?
  9. So I had a rather intense match in the Minotaur and I felt that it was worth sharing. During the game I had some serious network issues that is easily noticeable in the replay and kinda added to the intensity of the game especially when it came down to a 1 v 1 over c cap. (Worth noting that the game may not have been as close if i didn't accidentally team torp our Missouri, still very sorry MO!!! ) Ended the game with 203k damage, 7 kills, Kraken, Hi-Cal, Confed, and Dreadnought. (Unfortunately I didn't get any screenshots) Replay here -> Mino Game Also just found out World of Warships Replays now creates youtube videos out of submitted replays which is pretty epic of them. Not sure when they did that but it helps alot showing some of my better games . Also worth noting I got reported twice for some reason.....
  10. Since playing the Minotaur on the PT server I have notice something weird with the rear turret rotations. If the guns are off the port bow, when rotating to starboard. the rear turrets rotate 180 to 270 degrees to port instead of the 60 to 90 degrees to starboard. It takes like an extra 3 to 4 seconds before the rear turrets are starboard to the new aim point. Why are the turrets reacting like a regular rear turrets on a battleship where the superstructure is blocking the gun barrels. It is not in this case with the Minotaur. The rear gun turrets have no obstruction. Is this a bug, designed this way, or an overlooked programming configuration?
  11. Clear Sky Achievement

    So last game I got an awesome game in my Minotaur, I thought it would be my first Clear sky but in the end it was just a moment like this; And here are the results; I really enjoyed the battle and my team did it really great but in this battle I should have gotten my first Clear Sky in over 4000 battles (yeah I know the requirements for a Clear Sky)
  12. Predict 101 I'll never be able to do this again lol
  13. So, I played a game in Minotaur tonight where I am pretty sure I should have gotten Dreadnought achievement and I didn't. I received well over the 120% damage received threshold (finished game with 125hp out of 47000 and all 4 repair parties used....took 88k damage) and survived the game to win. Didn't know if there was a bug or what happened. I had already achieved Dreadnought once today (in Missouri), but I thought you still could get the achievement multiple times a day even though you only get the flag reward once per day... No big deal, just didn't know if it was some sort of weird bug y'all didn't know about. Various screenshots below showing survival, damage received, etc.
  14. So the question of the day is: can a Minotaur citadel a Montana? The answer is... Btw, I'd already seen and targeted the Monty before firing, even though the first pic seems to be me firing into nowhere
  15. Minotaur Premium Cammo

    I love the Minotaur. My only major major issue is credits. 4 out of 5 games I either loose credits or part each match evenly in credits. Is it worth the premium cammo for her? Premium cammo while it comes at a hefty 5000 babl ($30), it lower the service cost by 50% and raises her income by 20%. What have others done? I stopped playing the Mino lately because of the credits. I love the ship, but 95% of the games, my service costs on the Mino is always 180k, which really kills my desire to play it. I restarted again and I'm bleeding credits a bit, or not make enough.
  16. Worth the Grind (Minotaur)

    Well, I will tell you all this. If you are grinding (which I'm assuming you are, since this is a British Cruiser Sub-Forum), the RN CL line, its worth it. The Minotaur is an incredible ship. While she is VERY VERY VERY soft and will get destroyed even by the DDs with AP, if you play it right, you will decimate most ships (unless there is radar, then just careful or you will go BOOM in 1 min of the game). I had to sell my Gne and my Neptune and 2 other ships to get the 20M Credits, but was worth it. The guns, fast fast fast. The turrets, fast fast fast. The ship turns fast(ish). But I just cant get over the guns. Only played 1 game so far, that's all the time I had, but damn them guns. Ran into a Tirpz, took 30k HP from him in like 40-50s, while he took a lucky shot within my smoke and took about 10k HP from me, worth it. But its not just the amount of damage you can do, its just the ship itself, feels great, guns just get on target faster then the target moves. And of course that 8.9k concealment is just incredible. I made a mistake and re-started to grind the JP CN Line after I got the Minotaur, and damn, played 1 game with my Minotaur and then I went and played w the Aoba and the Hipper. Jeeeez, what I mistake I made lol. Once you play the Minotaur, you really don't want to play any other ship. Going from shelling out a salvo every 3s to shelling out a salvo every 10s-15s really really sucks. Anyways, guys that are going for the Minotaur, stick with it, its really worth the grind. Use Premium if you can, add Commander Flags and XP Flags. That's what I did and was able to get to the Minotaur quicker. Now, what to grind next, JP Line, German or US. I have all the CN Lines at T7-T8. I have a good commander on my Hipper and a decent one on my Clev, but I hear the Zao is incredible, so I might go for the JP Line.
  17. I think this one picture says it all: Over 650 ribbons in one game that contribute to the Ribbons and Achievements category in Clash of the Elements. Not too bad. What is your highest ribbon count? Post it below! Replay link: https://wowreplays.com/Replay/35206-Destroyer_Buster-Minotaur-Tears-of-the-Desert
  18. Minotaur on Ship Comrade

    PSA: Someone - 24 people as of this writing, actually - is/are having a little bit of fun with the community on Ship Comrade. This is currently the leading Minotaur build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0000100000100010100010001000100019?sid=4179539920 I like the subtlety. DE, IFHE, and some aircraft carrier skills would be too obvious, but DCCA, EM, and manual secondaries...the unwary could actually fall for that.
  19. It's Time to Nerf Minotaur

    Minotaur is overpowered beyond anything I have ever seen. Quite possibly the most overpowered ship in the game. Nerf reload to 6 seconds from 3.2 seconds Nerf concealment 11.52 km to 12.9 km Nerf AA somehow, I don't care how The heal that RN CLs get is beyond stupid. That needs to be be removed and replaced with the normal heal but on a reduced cooldown. Not this "get hit to 20% HP and heal it all back in 5 seconds" garbage we have now. Why this ship is allowed to exist in its current state baffles me. Minotaur ruins games by merely existing.
  20. From the time I came around the island, it took me 4 min to kill 5 ships. I also got 328k dmg in this game:
  21. Minotaur is flat out overpowered

    I'm sure this is going to catch so much hate from all you loving and adoring Minotaur players, but this seems like it is an undeniable fact to me. The Minotaur seems ridiculously overpowered. This is mostly because the rate of fire the Minotaur enjoys currently is obscene and it needs to be nerfed. Even the Gearing with the fastest firing 127mm (3 second reload base stat) is barely matching a Minotaur's base 3.2 second reload and rate of fire with its larger guns. And I really couldn't care less about how small they are compared to 203. Its a rather poor argument to justify such a rate of fire just because they are a little bit smaller and I'm not sure the lack of armor makes up for it either. it seems ridiculous that this ship can fire so much faster than the Des Moines which uses auto-loading guns and to my knowledge the Minotaur doesn't use auto-loaders to achieve its rate of fire. The rate of fire on this ship is unreal and I mean that in both respects of unrealistically, unbelievably good and unbelievably ridiculous. As it stands now the ship is absurdly over powered because of that rate of fire. Compared to the other tier ten cruisers and battleships the Minotaur is vastly outstripping them all in damage per minute. 110 thousand to 152 thousand more potential damage than the next best DPS ship. Dealing with the other T10 ships can be difficult as is but dealing with this thing is a bloody nightmare and it is fairly apparent why. TIER 10 SHIP DMG POTENTIAL DMG POTENTIAL w/ GUN MOD 3 & 1% HP ADRENALINE RUSH BUFF Minotaur 600,000 872,727 Des Moines 490,909 720,000 Hindenburg 482,727 708,000 Zao 283,295 415,828 Montana 324,000 483,582 Großer Kurfürst 303,750 441,818 Yamato 266,400 397,611 Since I forgot to make a slot for the Moskva it stands at 301,153 and 441,126 PDPM.
  22. After a long grind I have the tier 10 Minotaur. I may not be that good at her yet but she is a fun ship. I have a lot to learn in order to stay alive.
  23. 530 hits for (just!) 155K Damage. So many hits, so much pew pew... Was there anything I could have done different to get more damage?