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Found 1 result

  1. Just a heads up, but unless you have every T2-T8 ship that can drop from the crates (the crates are a mirror of the Christmas short list for those tiers) you can't do this. Please check, I'm, not responsible it you're unable to read. So we already have Missouri, but we want to exploit the fact we are a big dirty whale and get unreasonable amounts of dragon flags, camos, and the special camo for the least cost. Enter the Casino. Farm the free missions for 1K Missouri casino chips. There's the Almirante Abreu buried in the T2 crate, and unless you were in on that single Brazilian stream, you don't have it. Accept your fate and enjoy your T2 BR Albany that plays a national anthem or something for a horn. OK welcome to the flavor zone. If at any time you get the Missouri drop, STOP. There's no further goal. T5 container: Cost 6000 doubloons, return 4000 doubloons, and appx. 40 dragon flags or less with some camos. 2000 doubloons expended T6 container: Cost 8000 doubloons, return 5500 doubloons, and appx. 80 dragon flags or less with some camos. 2500 doubloons expended T8 container: Cost 15,000 doubloons, return 8500 doubloons, and appx. 100 dragon flags or less with some camos. 6500 doubloons expended Total costs will be roughly around 12,000 doubloons so far (It depends on if you did the combat missions, and wait to complete them all. We're not going to split hairs over this). Here's the kicker, and the carefully crafted wargaming plan. To whale the last bundles after the T8 container costs roughly 19,200.. which is conveniently the refunded value of Missouri. So, if you don't already have the Missouri by the purchase of the T8 container, there's literally no reason to not farm out the final bundles to the ship, as you will get back the doubloons. If at any time you get the Missouri drop, STOP. There's no further goal. If at any time you get the Missouri drop, STOP. There's no further goal. What does this deliver? Approximately 120 dragon flags or less with some camos. Zero doubloons expended. This is the whale reward. We will have a bajillion of the Missouri tokens. Buy the camouflage for 3K tokens. You're going to have a large amount of spare tokens that will get sadly give you ZERO value. 12 point captains with no special skills, plus they have fictional sound alike names of real captains. The only thing left is to get the silver, something like 17+ million silver when you convert left over tokens. If you're insane and don't get the camouflage, you can add another 17+ million silver (but why, you already own Missouri and can print silver) SUMMARY We spent roughly 11,000 doubloons (can be more if you don't care about the missions), or $40 USD using the Visa doubloon bonus bundles x 4 We in turn received approximately 340 dragon flags or less with some camos. The exclusive T9 Missouri camouflage, 17 million silver or three of the 12 point captains and some silver. This is under 12 cents a dragon flag (depending on how many camos you rolled). The next cheapest way to get dragon flags is to buy the admiral Yamamoto containers at the rate of 25 casino boxes for $60, which gets you 300+ dragon flags. As a player, I always want dragon flags as it saves time and money, as the millions of FXP I bank gets me free ships. Below is one game, using dragon flags. The average player random game gives you 300-1500 FXP, so I basically played 100 games at one time with the flags. Pay to progress! Not Pay 2 win! ;-) $40 is not a lot to spend for all those flags and camos, plus the exclusive Missouri camouflage to make everyone know you swing the big [edited] wallet around. TLDR; If you are already a full 5 year whale, you have nothing to lose. If you are a not at that level, I would get the free T2 ship, and then spend $10 or so to get a T5 ship. It's well worth spending $10 on the event. I'm sure there's some minor cost variance, but if you're here you're not really caring about 3k dubs here or there. -Cit_the_bed