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Found 2 results

  1. Now that the auction is over and winners determined, it's time to figure out the minimum winning bid. Will start with mine as I lost, so it can be a decent start. Let's see how high we have to go in order to get a winning bid. As you see I went for 50mil, double the starting price. At least that's what felt comfortable for me. Update: Lowest confirmed minimum bid at 82 million credits.
  2. After I've been deleted or else lost my ship in a hard-fought battle, and my frustration level is astronomical, I just want to leave the battle (or even the game itself) immediately! I would SO appreciate this option for the less-timid, definitive player: ☑ Disable Confirmations And while I'm suggesting (begging)... The spam-friendly F-Key clutter that saturates chat like flatulence in an elevator... Please, oh please, might I also lobby for this option, too: ☑ Disable F-Key Messages And a "Never-in-a-million-years-will-this-ever-be-an-option" option: ☑ No Matches with Less Than 10 Human Players Thank you for considering. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questlove requested these serious additions: ☑ Disable Windows key when in battle ☑ Disable "Ship Spotted" voice while in battle