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Found 25 results

  1. Cmon people. you make the minimap twice as large as it needs to be and don't scale the damn ship icons? it looks horrible. ps: your milk in the water "foam" needs work.
  2. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pt072/ Other Improvements The Campaigns interface is now even more comfortable! Pop-up hints for a campaign's tasks now inform players of the possibility to complete tasks again (anew). Good news for 4K fans! We’ve added additional Minimap zooming steps for the 3840x2160 Resolution. The Long needed fix, it finally arrived. Finally I can look at the minimap without a microscope. Players that Play on 4k, it's time to celebrate!
  3. Three simple improvements

    1. How about including the MAP NAME at the bottom of the minimap? 2. Add 5 seconds to the "Who sunk who" line over the minimap when a ship is sunk. 3. Add Subtitles for the Japanese chatter on High School Fleet Ships. With the renewed interest in HSF it sure would be helpful to have English subtitles for all the Japanese comments. What the hell are they saying?
  4. So I learned something about how I play DDs. Was running my Benson and having a pretty good game going. Then some damn windows notification pops up covering my minimap. Well I was in a running gunfight when this happened and it wouldn't go away. This prevented me from manually closing it. Well my playing went to absolute crap. I felt blind. I finally managed to escape and was able to close the notification. Man I hadn't realized how much I drive and play by that minimap until I didn't have it. Anyone else have something strange just show them how much they rely or use something they didn't realize?
  5. Hi guys! Small update from the Dev blog today: Hydro and Radar range will now be on the minimap, I know that was a much anticipated update, and it'll be nice to have that visual indicator for it. Thanks to @renegadestatuz for notifying me about the article. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  6. I have gotten a 4K monitor and your game looks fantastic with it however the mini-map and the lower right of the screen only goes up so large and it's far from large on the 4K monitor. What is the chance of allowing for a larger mini-map? Thanks in advance! Brad
  7. How many times I've gone aground because I could not see some stupid, tiny chunk of an island on the minimap I cannot tell you. I just ran my GK aground. I'm like what the?! I proceed to die with only 85K given to the reds. Fine. Stupid driving.. so let's zoom that puppy up and see what island I rammed. Crying out loud guys! Even on FULL ZOOM it is barely visible and it's not a tiny island. So please, PLEASE do us older folks a favor and choose some NEON BRIGHT color as a border around these impediments to game play, would ya? Cause it's one thing if you can see them and run into them anyhow, but an entirely different thing if you can't seem them at all! tia
  8. So what mod is this - that shows the target direction - and can you get it as a standalone mod. TIA
  9. So I got banned from chat for 24 Hours, and decided I have had a bit too much Salt in my Random Battle Sea water due to the 'learning curve' of some ship captains. As a result, I decided I should open a few Scharnhorst portals to get some fresh air, and I shut down the chat. With the Chat disabled, F-Key commands F3-F11 (F11 is the best one for 'Stoning the Crows' that want to mess up your ship) still work as they were intended to. However, in disabling the chat I could not use my cursor to manually double click the minimap to announce a grid location in the chat. I can only assume this is broken? If the F-Keys work with the chat disabled, so should the Minimap Grid location announcement. *(Also I really really hate that I have to manually disable chat EVERY match. There may be pro's and con's about adding it as a setting, but if you don't add it someday soon, some of us are going to end up with PTSD from other people's 'learning curves'.)
  10. Recently I have obtained the New Orleans and played some RU Cruisers in the PT server. Since I use radar now I have been thinking about the range of radar and about its effective range. My New Orleans detect ability is 9.5 so i guess radar is within that range and that's how I've been dealing with the range guessing. Can Wargaming developers add a circle for radar range in the mini map options bar? If there is already a feature or a mod that I'm not familiar that can do that please tell how ingame or a link to the mod
  11. How do you pull the minimap settings for individual ships? seeing as how they added the feature with the latest patch. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do, and the searching I've done has left me empty handed.
  12. When commanding planes thru minimap the controls occasionally take it as attempting to ping the map. Not only it is annoying (possibly not only the carrier player but other players as well), but it also delays the plane's commands. Is this a bug...or yet another attempt to evict carrier player?
  13. As a new rule to myself, whenever I get mad at teammates, I'm just going to type in very, VERY brief and concise things I want them to look at, before they try something that doesn't lead to winning. "minimap!" "points!" "clock!" That's it, that's all I'm going to type when I'm mad (and possibly sunk already).
  14. Somehow, the Main Battery range ring option for the minimap has disappeared. It is not available on any of my ships. The label is there in the list when clicking on the gear at top right of the minimap; but the check box is not there. The Torpedo Range ring (for ships so armed) is there and that box cannot be UNchecked. Have tried disabling the show both reloads in settings to no avail. Any suggestions? GG
  15. My Main Battery Range Circle disappeared

    Pretty much the title of the thread. A few days ago my main battery range circle on the minimap disappeared, and there is no option I know of to turn it on or off. All of the other range circles are working if turned on.
  16. Having played 0.5.6 today, the most glaring issue I have noticed is the clutter on the minimap. I've always used the minimap for situational awareness of the battlespace, and found it much more important to know where an enemy ship is and what it is doing, rather than my own weapons' ranges and detection range (all of which any minimally-competent shipdriver should already know by heart before they enter Random battles). Now, however, I am forced to have the range rings for my main guns and torpedoes, and more importantly, giant numbers floating over the them, on the map I am relying to keep track of enemy shipping, with no way to disable either so I can see the enemy or friendly ships, or terrain, beneath them. I recommend a checkbox be added to disable both of these range rings as with other range rings, as well as a separate checkbox to disable the numbers for all range rings (which serve no purpose when you have a range ring to -see- if a target is in range...the number is simple clutter and nothing else).
  17. When i was testing PT 0.0.5 already noticed the minimap rotation was working as it used to, and now after the patch came out on Live client i found the same issue. Before you just needed to rotate your camera or guns at a certain direction and the minimap rotates as well. But now it just take so long to make it turn the way you need, sometimes you can do a lot crazy moves and it wont move at all. Please fix this issue WG, it's very annoying! If you guys have the same trouble just comment below. Greetings!
  18. "Fading Transparent Minimap MOD for WoWS" helps players expand the minimap in low-resolution screens. This MOD will be useful when stream/post gameplay video. ●Download WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0730.zip (14,958,479 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image Please watch this video for details. (Please pardon my poor English.) ●Change Log (2018) ●Change Log (2016-2017) ●for MOD pack editors _
  19. Please be honest with your answers, do not post until you confirm your warships.today win rate. Yes I understand that perception is everything and how often we use the minimap as primary view in relation to time can be skewed greatly from reality. My wife reminds me of that when my showers leave her with no hot water. But give it your best estimate and we'll see what the results look like, if anything for amusement.
  20. Link : Download Download → 7ZIP → X:\Games\World_of_Warships\ ocean transparency 90% terrain transparency 40%
  21. Minimap bug?

    Observe the difference between the appearance of cap B on the minimap and the full map. (The minimap was the correct one.) This is new to me.
  22. Smoke Screen on Mini-Map

    We need to have smoke screens appear on the Mini-Map. A DD's lays down a smoke screen and nobody has any way of know the boundaries of that smoke. The boundaries of the fog bank is super clearly visible from far away, but not visible to those who are actually trying to hide in it and use it. This is especially important on the open ocean map where smoke screens create temporary 'islands' to hide behind. Also, there is no way to know when the smoke is actually effective or when it will become in-effective....but this is secondary to being able to find out the actually boundaries of the smoke.
  23. Like the title says, I'm looking for a mod that draws a circle on the map showing my surface detection range. I tried some searches in this forum but either there isn't a mod for it or I couldn't find the right words to search for. Anyone know of one ? Thanks.
  24. Once in a while I see a red blip on the minimap at A1 or dead center of minimap. No biggy but it flashes.
  25. I Have an issue of when I want to click on the minimap to get attention to a sector it will never do anything. I have friends with the same issue, is it known?